Extremely tired post rectocele/cystocele repair

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Hello fellow ladies.

I’m 8 days post op. All going ok but after consult yesterday - an hours drive away I slept for five hours! I feel tired anyway but I could just sleep for a week.

Apart from yesterday I lay on my bed most of the time as more comfortable than sitting, much more comfortable. I don’t even get dressed. Shower and clean nightwear. Is this normal or am I being lazy? Others experience would be useful thank you in advance.

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    I’m currently just over 3 weeks post op and I get so tired so easily. I guess our bodies are working harder to heal. If I overdo it at all I’m done in for days after. I’m trying not to do much at all. It’s hard to not just tidy round the house and pick up after the kids. Just habit isn’t it! And I’m trying to rest as much as I can. I just feel like such a burden on everyone who has to help with the kids and school runs. I was hoping to start driving again next week but my husband said no, and I hate to admit it but I think he’s right. 

    I think we just really need to listen to our bodies and give them time to heal. 

    The most I did in the first 2 weeks was shower and get changed into different pyjamas. Then go back to bed! 

    Just take it easy, you’re not on your own xx 

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      Thank you! Three weeks does seem rather early to be driving. I’ve read so much on this forum and the first weeks I know are crucial to long term recovery. It’s not worth compromising healing just to be ahead . I wouldn’t want to have this done again for sure.

      I hope you continue to do well and get the help you need  💜

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    Eight days is still very early days, be kind to yourself and your body, you've been through major surgery.

    You are definitely not being lazy, recovery is long and slow, be patient; something I was rubbish at!

    Rest, rest, rest and more rest. Zzzzz


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      Thanks Sheila.

      Why is it we women end up feeling guilty? My husband is amazing but seeing him keeping our business and home afloat and being so thoughtful is enough to make me feel bad. I am very grateful he is so understanding and caring though.

      Today I just want to sleep. I’ll probably feel brighter tomorrow.

      Have a good weekend everyone x

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      Hi Paddiwhack and fellow ladies post op.....

      I am 3 and half weeks post op and still get very very tired. As KP 1407 has said, the tiredness seems to continue for a while and you are only 8 days.

      I don't feel ready to drive yet as sitting for any length of time is still uncomfortable. I thought I could go completely pain relief free but by about 2pm I get so irritable with the dull ache and so give in and take a couple of Paracetamol.

      Although I am not sleeping in the day, by the time it gets to about 5pm I just really start to flake out and so now to keep myself rested try my best to find something to watch for 1-2 hours at about 4pm so I can stretch out otherwise I try and keep going and end up being in an overtired emotional state like a toddler by the time my other half gets home from work.

      The other strange thing that I didn't expect was I didn't have any external bruising that I could see immediately post op as some ladies have found......... but in the last few days I started to really ache down around my coccyx and had a look and now have green to yellow bruising along the perineum so the internal bruising which is unavoidable I suppose by the nature of the invasive surgery is working its way out....I hope that is a good sign!

      Good to hear Paddiwhack you have got some HRT to help you through. I was given Estrogen cream pre op and been able to use it at around 3 weeks post op which has made things more comfortable in the vagina and begged for HRT patches pre op too which have I think (unless its placebo effect) smoothed out considerably the menopausal curve balls I was dealing with. 

      Rest up ladies, it will be 2018 before we know it and we will back working, managing our households, picking  up with our busy lives all too soon. It seems it really does take several weeks/few months to bounce back from these procedures........

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      Thanks so much Redhead,

      I have the oestrogen cream but have been told not to use it yet but  have a a second post op check at week 3 so will find out.

      I am starting the HRT today tablets (ivrecon the patches would slide off 🤣wink and pray it may help me too.

      I have Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia too so feel a bit better knowing others feel tired  as well.

      I think I’m just having a bit of a negative day today. Tomorrow is a fresh start . X

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    Hello ladies,

    I have some good news to report to you.  I had a moderate grade three rectocele repair, a sling for bladder leakage, and perineal reconstruction from big baby vag deliveries, with one being a forceps delivery.  My surgery was mid July 2017, and I feel totally healed as of today, November 11th.  No more pain post op.   No more pads, no more splinting, and back to a healthy intimate relationship with my husband.  

    I felt such heaviness, discomfort and pressure for about three months off and on.  Gone now!  I think you do have to rest significantly.... definitely not overdo.  I am a workhorse, that was hard for me to not overdo, and it did cause a couple of setbacks.   

    I sincerely hope this message gives you some hope for great things to come.  



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      Sherry. So pleased your surgery has been such a success.  Can you tell me a bit more about the sling, for  bladder leakage please?

      I had an anterior and posterior repair, plus a vaginal hysterectomy and sacrospinous fixation in May 2017.  One of my problems was bladder leakage prior to the surgery.

      Six months on and this is still a problem, I wouldn't dare not wear a liner! I'm still not healed at the 'vaginal vault' , sex is painful. ??

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      Sherry thank you. Your experience is certainly good to read, so hopefully before I fly to attend a hen party in March it should be manageable and I’m going to be an Abuela (gran) for the first time in May. Got my op in just in time there! 

      So pleased you feel well. Take care too 😊

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    I'm  8 days post op too. I'm not particularly sleepy but then I'm not doing much!  I think you just have to do what your body tells you, don't feel guilty resting. I'm lucky and haven't taken many painkillers since leaving hospital just paracetamol now and again. It's a major operation and easily takes 3 months to recover (in some cases much longer). No driving for 4 weeks & no heavy lifting, ever. 

    Had my first bath today, it was so lovely to have a (brief) soak.

    I haven't ventured outside yet but might try a very short walk tomorrow.  You post op visit was very early mine isn't due until mid December.

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      Hi , thanks for your post. 

      Fortunately I’m not in pain either, uncomfortable more. I take ibuprofen daily and have anti inflammatory solution to soak with.

      My consultant wanted to see me one week on and I’m back in two weeks, more if needed. I guess you have a six week check?

      It sounds like you’re doing really well.

      I am not risking doing anything  either. My office is my bed as it’s the only really comfortable place to be.

      I walked round our courtyard each day but yesterday was a long one and I had to walk from the car park to the city centre at hospital had no parking. It was ok walking slowly .

      Wouldn’t want to do it every day though! 

      I hope you continue to recover well.

      Best wishes 😊

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      I assume your Consultant didn't do any sort of internal examination! Yes I have a 7 week check up with Consultant and a 4 week physio appointment.

      It feels quite heavy down below when I stand for longer than 10 mins so sitting most of day. Am taking 8 weeks off work, longer if necessary.  

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      It’s good to hear your experience. I agree feels heavy standing. Going to the bathroom and having a shower is long enough.

      Yes he did do an internal exam! He was extremely gentle actually. I thought OMG but it was ok. It’s my pero rum that feels more uncomfortable at the moment.

      Take care and keep getting well 😊

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