Eye floaters

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I've been reading through this forum (and a few others,) and have noticed that these seem to be a big cause for alarm and even triggering anxiety in those who otherwise do not suffer from being anxious.

I do suffer terribly from anxiety and my question is: can anxiety cause/make floaters worse?

I had an eye test a few months ago and was given the all clear (they tested everything,) so should I continue to worry that they are something awful, like a brain tumour? Or should I take comfort from my eye test.

I rang my opticians who said these are normal, she also checked my notes from my last visit and said that nothing was mentioned at any point through my test. She did say that I could go back to put my mind at ease.

I have been having awful trouble for nine months now with balance and dizzy/woozy issues which now seems to be effecting my vision.

I caught a virus in Feb which kicked this all off... I have been back in to much with my dr again (I have been back countless times,) and again I was told that nothing I said raised any alarm bells and that the issue (because I have crackling sensations and a feeling of water in my ear,) is with my ear...

I feel at my wits end anxiety wise. I'm convinced I have a tumour and I seem completely unable to stop my fear. My body feels riddled with fear and it's like I no longer 'trust' myself. Everything I experience I attribute to one factor, which doesn't allow for me to reason with myself like I used to.

I have started counciling and also have another GP appointment booked.

Could I really have something that EVERYONE is missing? It seems unlikely...but you read such horror stories on Google sad

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    Please stop going on Google !!!!!!!!

    When I questioned my eye doctor about floaters,she said anxiety does not cause them. It's because we have anxiety and we notice things others would not even take notice of. Makes sense right?

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      Yes this is true. My optician explained that your eye actually 'sheds' and can cause 'more' floaters.

      As you say, my heightened level of anxiety has caused me to focus on them. I actually go into bright settings expecting to see them...

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      Why? I do my best to wear dark glasses so that I don't have to see the stupid things. I know they're worrying you but any optician will tell you they're completely harmless.

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      Tess, when I have my monthly eye injection, it produces floaters like black wiggly worms and huge soap like bubbles....bubbles that change shape all the time, change colour. The Specialist told me ignore them but like you said, wear shades in bright lights or outdoors
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    Hi there,

    if you have had the eye tests be reassured. And if you cannot console yourself that your results were clear then take up the optician's offer of another test

    Eye tests are awesome for picking up abnormalities. Please believe that. They found I had a blood clot behind one eye. They found out my son  had an issue behind his eye. I doubt your test missed anything at all

    Floaters are quite common. The problem is once we notice them we literally "see" them all the time. Just accept they are there and hopefully there will come a time you don't notice them ( worked for me )

    Viruses are nasty and can leave residual unpleasant symptoms. Balance problems are linked to Anxiety Disorder. I suffer dreadfully with my balance. The woozy/ dizzy ocurs, I would think, from the anxiety over your balance. That's how it was with me. The dreadful feeling that any given moment I would topple over

    As for vision problems I used to have shimmering vision. The same as one experiences when you step off a plane into a hot country. Everything shimmers. It used to last for hours until I calmed down. Then I decided I'd time it, lol, see how long it lasted. Gradually it got less and less because I had lost my fear of it. Now I very rarely experience it and then only briefly during times of extreme stress

    If you're worried about the crackling in your ear, see the GP though I doubt it is anything to worry about. Ear noises, either due to anxiety, tinnitus/blocked eustachian tube are common.

    The manifestation of brain tumours give visible physical symptoms that due not match to your symptoms so you are frightening yourself unnecessarily

    Yes, it is hard to trust yourself. But going round in circles, thinking there is some life threatening illness where none exists, entrenches fear and only serves to make you miserable

    Unpleasant as Anxiety Disorder is, it will not kill you. Forget about googling. It takes a trained medic to produce a correct diagnosis. Google is anything but. If you look long and hard at google all you will find is scary illnesses which you will convice yourself, wrongly, that match your symptoms

    Deal with the Anxiety Disorder

    You'll be just fine smile


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      Thank you so much for your reply...you calmed me... It's awful needing reassurance but I do. Terribly.

      I felt myself relax as I read your reply...which I haven't done in a long while now.

      I hope that both you and your sons eyes are alright.

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      We all need reassurance at times

      That's the great thing about this Forum. Help is there as and when we need it. It's somewhere to go when we are scared

      Family/friends? We don't want to go on and on at them voicing our fears, do we? And sadly they don't understand, . not through lack of empathy. It takes an Anxiety Disorder sufferer to truly comprehend

      The saddest thing I see on the Forum is people apologizing! "Sorry it's me again "

      Makes me want to cry

      No one should apologize! It's an illness we all share. If we cannot reach out and help each other then it's a sorry state of affairs.

      If you ever, ever feel afraid, you just post. Everyone here will help, Me included., sweetie smile

      Hugs from Helen xx

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      Thank you smile

      Sometimes I feel terribly lonely. As you rightfully say, we can't keep putting things on friends and family. I see the strain it adds to them and that makes me feel incredibly guilty.

      Being anxious for me is like having a monster on my back; an invisible friend who is always there but never has my best interests at heart and is always only too willing to tell me that my greatest fears are true, or could be so.

      It is horrid, each day is like scaling a mountain and some days I don't know how I can continue. I think it's only because of the good people around me that i do.

      This year has been particularly horrible and the issue with my balance has proved all too much for me.

      When I had CBT it tried to teach me to accept anxiety, but I constantly want to push it away because I really don't want this...which only makes it worse.

      Having someone who understands is quite amazing. I am really grateful for your response smile

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      I appreciate that CBT works for some people.

      However, I found it alarming to be honest. It forces one, which to me is a form of fighting, to confront anxiety, as opposed to accepting it

      When I failed to meet the "demands" or the "expectations " the sense of personal failure merely added to my anxiety. Others could achieve the goals. I could not.

      But that was merely my own experience.

      If I have learned nothing else I have learned to pace myself. To be mentally and physically prepared to deal with my AD as opposed to forcing myself to do things to prove I was not afraid when in reality I was

      Little steps. Baby steps. In my own time. At my own pace. And the small victories achieved gave me, slowly but surely, confidence whereas CBT robbed me of confidence in the light of my perceived failures

      It was interesting that you said each day was like scaling a mountain

      Mind set is very important here.

      When you wake, don't immediately hone in on how you feel. Been there, done that. It entrenches the anxiety. Get up, get on with the day as best you can. It's important to do your hair, slap on a bit of lippy, mascara, perfume

      How we look dictates how we feel. Look good , feel good

      Keeping hydrated is vital. Stress sucks the fluids out of us.

      Keep moving to drain the excess adrenalin that stalks those with AD. This doesn't mean frantically occupying yourself as a diversion because you fear how you feel. It means gentlly occupying yourself.

      Pamper yourself. A nice soak in a scented bath. Lose yourself in a good book or nice music ( eyes closed whilst you listen )

      Make a cup of chamomile tea, sit at the window and watch the world go by. People watch, look at the sky, the surroundings and absorb them

      Practise Right Breathing as you go about your day. Right breathe when you lay in bed at night

      Practise, practise, practise until it all comes naturally

      Hugs Helen

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      I will add this for you...and for anyone else concerned an eye test "Missed " something"

      They found something of great concern behind my son's eye. Something the Specialist at the hospital,( where he was immediately sent for a CT Scan and a MRI, by the optician ) said he had never seen in all his years and might never see again. Such was the rarity

      So, if an optician can pick up a rare abnormality, despite not knowing what it was yet, realize something was amiss, then the likelihood of them missing something such as a brain tumour, which is more common in comparison, is zilch.


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      What everyone and anyone must realize at some point is the anxiety is intensified by you.

      This is not a "battle" you try and "fight" it it will stregnthen. Anything you give that much thought too is empowered not weakened. And then theres i will ignore it. Which is half okay but the not going to work. Ignorance is not bliss. What you you resist persists. So whats left to do? Accept it as is.  Acceot it, acknowledge but but but do not react to it. Just a accept it with no emotional attactchment. We have had many interesting convos on here and i beleive we all realize the worst scenario is living in a state of fear all time. Saying that and knowing thats the worst scenario should make it easier to lower the fear of it and accept the rushes, accept the thoughts but dont feed into it, dont react to it And empower it.  And Lord if you know you have "health Anxiety" do not use Dr. google. That would be like having brunch with your worst fears and enemy in,life and paying for the meal. 

      Helen got this one and is doing a fantabulous job i just wanted to add my two sense. 

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      And you, you are the one who helped me overcome much of my battle with AD/ Agoraphobia with your wise advice

      I stand on firmer ground because of you, Lisa, and am eternally grateful

      "What's the worst thing that can happen to you?"

      When you said that to me it was literally life changing. In that simple sentence you literally threw me a life belt when I was drowning in anxiety

      I always, always read your posts. They are always, always insightful, helpful, calming

      You're a wonderful woman!

      And I'm blessed to have you as a friend

      Hugs to you, honey, and lots of them

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      I'm so sorry to hear about your son, I can't imagine how terribly frightening that must have been and I hope he is doing well now.

      You are right... If I had something 'in there' causing pressure they would have spotted something. I deliberately even chose an optician who has a fantastic reputation in my town, just to be sure.

      I also made sure to try and see the same doctor and did so consistently since the beginning...when my fear subsides I feel a mixture of desperate relief and guilt/Shame. My mum is convinced that I have depression as well as anxiety, but I am really not sure.

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      Aw honey, never, ever feel ashamed. AD is an illness, no different from any other

      Just cos your leg isn't hanging off by a thread doesn't mean you are not deserving of comfort and sympathy!

      Yes, my son. I've never been so fightened in all my life. But he's going to be okay, thank you God!

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      You are a beautiful person Helen. You just are. And you give such compassiinate and heartful  advice you could almost feel the hug thru your responses. I am blessed to know you as well. 
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