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Hello Everyone,

I started losing eyelashes about 4 months before I was diagnosed with blepharitis.  My doctor thought it was due to my anemia and put me on iron pills.  I have now been treating my blepharitis for the last 4 weeks with antibiotic ointment, warm compress/massage, tea tree oil/baby shampoo eyelash cleaning and upping my omega3’s.  Although my eyes feel a bit better and are also a little less swollen I am loosing even more eyelashes than before. 

I haven’t been able to find a lot of information about eyelash loss and blepharitis and I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar- where your eyes get better but your eyelashes fall out even more.  I wonder if maybe the eyelash loss and blepharitis are not related after all and I need to look at my iron levels again.

 Thank you for any help! 


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    Definitely think its from the bleph,mine started curving the wrong way and i was loseing quite a few,my upper ones have improved and i still lose a few now and then. They have started growing back in a more natural angle,dont lose hope. I doubt its from the iron.
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      Did you use the wet ones or what did you do to control the blepharitis and stop the eyelash loss?  I have both conditions and MGD.  


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    Dear Erin.

    I used the Wet Ones, antibacterial handwipes and killed the Bleph. One girl, Jill, lost her lashes and had bleph for 20 years and Dr did not think they would grow back.

    She used the wipes and her lashes grew back. It is a Staph infection and the Benzethonium Chloride kills Staph. 

    It does take over 3 months to kill it on the lash line. These wipes are sold in the US. The UK wipes are different and harsher some have said. 

    People said they bought them online. 

    Just make sure you are not allergic too detergents, fabric softeners, hand wipes or lanolin. 

    I had the terrible itching on my lashes. When  washing use 2 different wash cloths so as to not reinfect your eyes.

    Hope you give it a try as lashes can come back. 

    Hope this helps,


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      You are a darling. I will use your advice to Erin on two "different cloths"

      so that I won't reinfect eyes.

      Also I learned not to rub my eyelids with Wet Ones. Only to pat.

      How many times a day?

      Let's pray that Wet Ones are not discontinued. 

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      Dear Rita,

      I used the wipes 4 times a day for about a week then went down to 3 times then 2 times a day for last couple of months. I rubbed along the eyelash area. I tore the handwipe into 8 strips then  did each eyelash area twice.

      Some have used the wipes just 2 times a day and their lashes grew back. People work.

      I used mascara and killed it at the same time. That involves new mascara and throw away wands using 2 wands per time. Never double dip into clean mascara.

      Even though I do not have it now I still use throw away wands but only one wand on both eyes. I just never put a used wand into the mascara. Terrified of getting it again.

      I did rub as the Staph is in the lash area, deep I think. 

      Hope this helps,


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      Thank you, My Dear,

      I think my mistake was rubbing WO-s on the entire eyelid area instead just eyelash line. I will follow your advice. Of course. 


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      Thanks to you Lynda I am using Wet Wipes. I am also washing my eyes alternately with Dr Bonners tea tree oil soap and an over the counter wash. I also use ocusoft lid scrub plus. Yes, I have become obsessive! I also use hypochlor by ocusoft.

      Should i I just be using wet wipes? 

      I have had blepharitis for over a year but just recently found harden patches on my eyelids and missing lashes. I am also experiencing lash growth under the lid and on the outside edges of the lid both requiring plucking.


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      Dear Etio,

      You should use just the wipes as if you are allergic to something you will not know which one it is.

      Tea tree oil kills Staph too. It does have to be diluted. If someone is allergic to the wipes I suggest Tea Tree Oil.

      Some people use the wipes and have success and after a few weeks or so stop and then it comes back. This does take months. The girl, Jill, used  the wipes 2 times a day and her lashes grew back.

      I wrapped the small strip around my fingertip and rubbed the lash line. I used 8 strips each time so each lash got it twice.

      It takes a couple of weeks and you should notice a difference. It is over 3 months to kill this.

      Hope this helps,


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      Now all 3 of my children have eyelashes falling out and so do I.  I've been using the wet ones for 5 days and seems to be helping.  Would you recommend this on my kids?  ages 15, 13, and 10.  How did you find out it is staph?  I need something simpler for my family.  Just too much for all of us.  Have you heard of colloidal silver?  Do you think any doctor can help with the staph?  What do you recommend for me.

      Has your blepharitis returned?  Do you think some have it b/c of staph and others it's caused by something else and that is why the wet ones didn't work for them?  Just trying to decide course to take with all members in our family.

      Thank you so much.

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      Dear Hopeful,

      If you or children are not allergic to detergents, fabric softeners,hand wipes or lanolin or have sensitive skin you can give them a try.

      I do not have the Bleph any longer. Some use it for a while and think it is gone but it takes over 3 months to kill it. Twice it bothered me after I quit and I used the wipes a few days or a week and one more time it happened and then it was gone.

      It seems to go deep into the lashes and I did not miss a day as I was determined.

      You need to use 2 wash cloths to keep from contaminating your eyes. Actually, a Dr, online, mentioned that too.

      I can only comment on what I used to kill it and others are using Tea Tree Oil which kills Staph too.

      The wipes are torn into 8 sections. I wrapped 1 section around my finger tip and rubbed on the lash line. I did it again and used all 8 strips. If it gets in he eye just rinse with water. It takes 10 minutes for the Quat, Benzethonium Chloride, to work. You can rinse after that time. I did not rinse.

      Several people have mentioned that their lashes did grow back.

      Some think it is gone and don't continue if it comes back if they don't go long enough.

      An online Dr site mentioned using antibiotics on the lash line and called it "off label use" They put the meds where it belonged--on the problem.

      I asked my Dr and he said some gets on the lashes. I used antibiotics 3 times in the eye to no avail.

      My daughter used the wipes to kill her stye in a couple of days but she continued for 4 days she said using the wipes.

      Use white wash cloths so they can be bleached and perhaps towels too with the kids to keep from transfering infection.

      Hope this helps,


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    its very upsetting to loose eyelashes. Particularly for ladies. I've read a lot of literature on bleph. Yes, it's a symptom of this chronic awful disease. I had to forget about eyeliner. I use mascara on very special occasions keeping in my car eye makeup remover. I use it as soon as I return to my car after an event. 


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    |Hi Everyone! I have just joined this forum, my first ever forum because this resonated with me so much. I have a few questions that I am really hoping you/someone can help answer. I have experienced eyelash loss / bleph for over a year now and have tried everything! I even tried the wetwipes but felt they might be too strong, I think I will go back and try again. Has it worked for you? I dont really have any other symptoms other than the loss, sometimes a tiny itch and sometimes a small sty but I wouldn't think I had a problem without the lash loss. Sometimes it feels like it is under control and then it will suddenly 'flare' up again. No pattern. No idea why. Doctors don't take me seriously, but prob bc not all of my lashes have fallen out....yet! I use a strict cleaning routene and somethings work better than others. I see this thread is about a month old, how is everyone getting on? 

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      I also feel that WOnes are strong for me. Seems like it depends on the lid skin. Some have delicate skin - women. Men have thicker skin. They are happy w  Wet Ones. Seems like my Bleph behaves now. I apply warm compress every morning. Wipe eyelids w the solution of: 4oz. boiled water ,1tsp baking soda and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Then I gently rub erythro ointment into my lash line. Forgot one important element: After warm compress I massage upper lash line down and lower lash line up. Hope this will help you too. 

      Good luck. 

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      Both of my daughters now have lash loss with little itching.  I have lash loss with itching, dry eye, and MGD.  I'm trying the wet ones now.  I feel like the doctors can't help.  Do you have any discharge/goop in eye?  We do from time to time so I'm wondering about an anti-biotic cream or drop.  Going to ask next dr. visit.  Also, I read the colloidal silver helps.  I'm going to research it more.  Please stay in touch and tell me if you find anything helpful.  It is very upsetting for all of us.  Trying to stay calm.

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      Hi Rita,

      How do you apply the solution of water, baking soda and tea tree oil? your finger? What is the erythropoietin ointment and where do you get it? 

      All 3 of my children and myself have bleph with eye lashing falling out.  I'm very overwhelmed.

      Thank you so much.

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      Can you wipe your eyelashes with the solution of boiled water, baking soda and the tree? What do you use, a washcloth or cotton round? Do you have to do this everyday?


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      I apply the solution with cotton squares. Erythromycin, the antibacterial 0intment is a prescription drug.
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      I know this was a while ago but have you had any progress? I’m experiencing the same and I really want to fix my eyelash loss problems as I’ve had this for 6 months now ! 

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