Eyes, mouth and tongue problems

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Hi dear all.

I have been on Mirtazapine since February. Currently I have been on 7.5mg for almost 6 weeks. Past few weeks I struggle with burning/dry feeling eyes and sore tongue and mouth. Is this really what i could expect from Mirtazapine withdrawal? Or could it be anything else? Thank you for any reply!

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    Also I forgot to mention very strange taste in mouth (metallic/burning/simply strange)
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    I don't think it sounds like WD from mirtazapine to me. You should go back to your doctor and there are many conditions which can cause what you describe.
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      The point is that somebody on this forum already experienced something similar to this. Therefore I am looking for somebody here who can relate to my problems. I read something about histamine influence on all of what I mentioned above. And considering the fact that Mirtazapine influences Histamine receptors very much, it could maybe lead to the answer.
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      You asked if it could be to do with mirtazapine withdrawal, not if mirtazapine could cause it. A dry mouth, soreness and metalic taste are some of the listed side effects of mirtazapine, but not of mirtazapine WD. As you have owered your dose and were fine before that, then it seems unlikely that it is due to mirtazapine withdrawal as you are taking less of it and so side effects should be less. You need to be careful of mirt because it can lower your white blood cell count and this in turn can cause soreness in the mouth and throat. As I said above, you really need to get checked by yoour GP. 
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      Thank you for reply. I will visit my GP on Friday. I hope she will do some tests because since beginning of the year she did a lot of tests on me with no sign of problem :-(
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      Everyting that is a side effect can also be a withdrawal effect.  

      I have had dry eye and numb lips/tongue in WD from mirt.  Also, burning skin sensations and diarrhea.

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    Hi Neogenx,

    I do not know if it caused by wd but since i am on Mirt i have often a strange taste in my mouth, not all the time and not metallic or so but more a dirty taste.

    I hope you get more reply.


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      Yes, I feel the same ... likely we just have different subjective sensation of "that taste". Some days it is better ... today much more better. As well as eyes problems ... however I want to get off this drug as soon as possible ... I am going to start tapering from next Monday by 10% method
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    ​I hope today is feeling a little better.I've been tapering over the last few months and came off a week and a half ago. At every drop I had problems both with my eyes and mouth. With the eyes, I had eye itching, pressure and dryness. With my mouth, I had soreness, burning, itching, tingling and numbness inside my mouth, my toungue and lips. I had a chat with my doctor and he hadn't really heard about it but said that a lot of things could be going on as my body tried to adjust. At the most they lasted a few days, went away for a couple of days, came back again for another couple of days then stopped.

    ​I hope that can offer a little reassurance but also chat with your doctor about it, it might just help ease your mind a little.

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      Thank you Ness ... thank you so much for these words ... actually today it is much better so it seems exactly like your story. Unfortunatelly today also my anxiety and nausea is worse ... after more than 5 weeks after tapering from 15 to 7.5mg. Do you think it is normal? How did you taper? How you feel today? What dose where you on and for what time? Thank you so much!
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      Glad it helped 😊 I'm glad today it's better. What I found is that withdrawal seems to come in waves. One day can be relatively ok and the next not so great. Same goes for the symptoms you get. I don't think there is a normal when it comes to this. It just seems that your body is taking a little longer to rebalance itself out. Being at 7.5mg didn't agree with me that much but I was only on that dose for 2 weeks.

      I was on 45mg for about 6 years and on other meds for years before that. I tapered 45-30mg for a month. 30-15 for a month. 15-7.5mg for 2 weeks. I came off completely 9 days ago. Going to zero has been the easiest drop weirdly and I've had pretty much every wd symptom possibly over the last few months! I feel on the whole ok with a few minor issues but they're manageable. Anxiety is really high but it was before I started all this so for now just trying to deal with it.

      It does get easier. One of the most helpful things I've found is reminding myself that this is wd and as horrible as it can be, it's temporary. It will end!

      If you need any words then I'm around 😊

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      Thank you Ness.

      Well, actually I need to keep going to work, I have 9months old son and wife and I need to ensure the income. Are the WDs bearable to the point I can still work? Sorry for english as I am not native speaker.

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      I can see that might be a bit difficult. I've timed my last bit for when I had some time off as I expected to be non functioning. However it's not been that bad. Mildly annoying at times and occasionally challenging but not enough for me to have to cancel any daily plans. Try to be kind to yourself, rest when you can, keep hydrated and hopefully it'll be OK.

      Your English is absolutely fine.

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      Thank you once again Ness.

      Since I am experiencing a little worse WDs today I will try to stay on 7.5mg another week or two and will see. Than I have everything ready to taper more slowly (pill crusher, syringe, etc...). I would really like to be med-free ... Anyway I am still on 10mg of Lexapro (Cipralex here in Czech republic). It will be another challenge

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      No problem.

      Go at your own pace. I mostly felt stabilised in terms of symptoms for a few days before I took the next drop. I understand the desire to be med free and you'll get there. One thing at a time.

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