Fed up of IBS but now a Diverticulitis sufferer!

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When I think back I suppose I've always had problems with my bowel. I remember, as a child, mum giving me sugar water to help me with my constipation. (not that I really think it helped). :!:

Having had my appendix removed as a teenager, then having three children and suffering from IBS for the last 20yrs. I find myself at the age of 46 being told I have Diverticulitis.

I was rushed into hospital this week, after suffering from recurrent diarrhoea for 10days, followed by vomiting and then passing blood from the bowel.

They sent me home with antibiotics and a goodbye message of, 'Sorry, there is nothing we can do for diverticulitis!' :x

I've taken the last week off work as I've been unable to move away from the bathroom.

I'm feeling a little fed up now with my lifelong tummy problems and praying that things will calm down soon.

I would love to hear how others cope with this condition. :D

Many thanks xx

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    sad i have had diverticulitus since 2003 (i am now 44 years old). When i was first diagnosed it was a complete shock as the hospital said that it was normally present in people over 60! I had two hospital admissions within a week of each other, with severe pain on the left hand side, bloating and generally feeling pretty damn crap! On the first instance they just kept me 3 days on a drip and sent me home without investigation, the 2 time they decided to do a scan etc, put me on metrodiazanol anti biotics and gave me a camera investigation (this is when the problem was diagnosed)

    i have to say that at times it is so uncomfortable and as soon as it starts i go to the GP for anti biotics. I also find that drinking actimel good bacteria drinks daily does seem to help with the condition. Certain food items definately make the condition worse (rice, tomatoe seeds), this is because they get trapped in the divicula and cause infection. Also, i went on to a high fibre diet but this is not always wise as too much fibre can block you up. I sympathise with you though as it is a very uncomfortable disease with no cure, it really is very painful when it kicks in and when you have had it a while you know as soon as you are going to get a bout of it. Try your healthy food store as they do have some tablets for the digestive system that if taken regularly do seem to keep the symptons at bay (called something like acydophalis tablets)

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      Aflorex is a new pill for IBS and diverticulitis helps with pain and bloating lot of of people have seen a difference I'm goin to try it myself I'm sick of pain and bloating with diverticulitis

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    Thank you Till, so very much for your suggestions and comforting advise. :D

    This whole bowel thing was really starting to get me down. It's good to know there are a few things, and people out there, that can help.

    I now intend to go shopping and make drastic changes to my diet as in your experience that appears to work.

    Unfortunatly, at the moment, I do actually feel like, and look like, an old women because it's so painful to walk properly I'm actually slightly stooped and slow to move.

    Just praying that I will be well enough to return to work tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your support. :lol: :lol:

    xx X xx

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    Hi - think of me as pickles! I have had diverticulitis and IBS for about 24 years. I am now 60. Try not to give up - find out for yourself what suits you as a person.

    Most definitely probiotics - but I feel that tablet form probiotics are likely to delivery the good bacteria where they are needed much more than liquid. Try PROBION - put it in your google bar and see what it gives you. Take them for at least 3 months before you decide. I also find a small aspirin helps - but that you would need to check out with your


    Also, forget about the BUSCOPAN look alikes, get hold of a really good peppermint oil capsule from a good chemist, ask the pharmacist or ask your doctor for a script for a good one. Ignore if it says take it two hours before meals - how do you know you are going to hurt then? I take it when it hurts, and to be honest, after 1 year of using it - I perhaps need it once a month now. But you have to do what you find works for you.

    Tum in first into a lovely bath, face down is boring, but the relief of the warm water is lovely. And, a small heat pad, electric like a small electric blanket - check out argos for this. I find this helps.

    Change of tap water - always keep a mental note or written if you go anywhere and the water doesnt appear to suit you - I find Manchester tap water dreadful for my tum and cant wait to get back to Somerset. In fact I use bottled water up there now when we visit. :roll: Its hard to stay cheerful, and you will understand when I say I blame our two dogs when its windy :oops: :!: I just look at them in :shock: Take care

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      Hello I don't know whether you still visit this site as your post is some years ago.  I was browing this group and came across your post.  I have had IBS for a few years and following a colonoscopy in April I was diagnosed with diverticular disease and hemmeroids.  The scope was done after a spell of constipation and blood in stool.  Thankfully apart from the above there was only one benign polyp.  What drew me to your post were your comments about Manchester water.  I lived in greater london all my life (age 69) until last year when we moved to be near to daughter and family.  We live in Greater Manchester because of various medication and the need to keep constipation at bay I have started drinking much more tap water that I would usually do I do also drink some bottled water.  I wonder how the Manchester water affected you as I often feel bloated after drinking water and wonder if I should keep to bottled water even though I would need to buy quite a lot.  Thanks

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    Hi there, gosh, I'm so glad I stumbled on this this morning!!

    I know exactly how you feel especially the hunched over like an old woman!!

    I had my first colonoscopy a few weeks ago and a diagnosis of multiple diveticuli. Deep joy! At least I know what it is now. I've had outbreaks of this for about 8 years on and off, it used to be about once or twice a year but for the last year it changed to almost every 6 weeks. Kept going to my doctor who kept saying \"well some people just have lots of stomach upsets\" Hmmm.... writhing in agony with colic and a fever having had to change the bed sheets and pyjamas 3 times in one night is hardly a stomach upset! It was only when I presented him with a detailed diary over the last year when I had yet another attack last october he finally relented and did a blood test and an ultrasound. My blood test came back with a CRP (c reactive protein which indicates inflammation) of 125 it should normally be less than 5! The ultrasound showed nothing quelle surprise!! Finally got the referal to a gastroenterologist and the colonoscopy.

    Went to see my doc yesterday as I stupidly assumed he would want to discuss the results but he seemed surprised and asked me why I was there!! The only advice from him was to make sure I don't get constipated but as I keep on telling him that is not the problem for me!! I am rarely constipated, it's usually the other way round.

    The only stuff I know about this disease is what I've found on the net!

    I've just spent all night without sleeping because of stomach pain and bloating but don't want to go to my doc! I must say it isn't at the colic stage yet so I'm praying it will pass. I've found that drinking a herbal tea (Dr stuarts botanical teas) made of apple and ginger helps. I cut up some raw ginger as well and infuse that with it. Seems to calm things down and I've read that ginger can act as an antiseptic.

    I also have something called meteospasmyl for the bloating and I sometimes use colpermin. When this is in full swing though there isn't much that helps. I've never had antibiotics for an attack so I can't say if they get it under control quickly or not.

    Sorry.. gone on for a while!!! I totally identify with being thoroughly hacked off with all this, I'm only 40 so where this idea comes from about only getting it in your 60s comes from I don't know!!! That and that it is caused by constipation and not enough fibre... I've always eaten loads of fibre, I have been a convert to Audrey Eatons F plan for the last 20 years!!!

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    Hi There

    I am a nurse and I have suffered from Diverticular Disease for 8+ years and I am a couple of years off 50!!!! I absolutely understand the pain and disability from needing to be near the loo. I either don't go for sometimes weeks - yes honestly or seem to live on the loo all day and often night. I have suffered all the indignity of the various tests and have had a number of courses of antibiotics and tried most prescribed medications over the years. Now the good news :D A friend of mine a trained Homeopath recommended Aloe Vera juice (has to be pure and not tablets) - almost a miracle take it x2 daily initially or when symptoms flare up and then 1 dose daily does the trick. You have to be persistent it can take 3 months to really work and it tastes vile!!!! Good luck please try it I promise it helps and at £10.00 for a litre bottle - not expensive. [/b]

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    hello everyone who is suffering from the diverticullar or diverticulitis, i am new to this complaint and do appreciate all the post that is coming in and it is so common,i ave terrible bowel spasms and the \"pooing\" all the timei have no appetite and looseing weight i feel so ill with it, seems to be out of my control, and hate the thought that i might have to live with it but also i'm getting these pains all over my body would that be because i might have an infection and really need some antibiotics? please let me know if anyone else is having these symtoms,ITS THE PAINS GOING OVER MY BODDY that doesn't help either.
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    While you are waiting to see your GP maybe some over the counter medicines will help control some of your symptoms, medicines like Imodium, Colofac and Buscopan can help (ask the Pharmacist). Maybe just a few Paracetamol will help with these body feelings. You need a proper examination and a blood test for various things. You are mentioning what are considered red flag symptoms, maybe you can see another Doctor at the GP practice who will recognize this fact smile
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    thank you eveyone that has reported their expieriences about diverticuller desease, i'v been told that i have diverticulitis, dont know if this is the same but have been sent a letter now to have a \"sigmoidoscopy,but i am feeling so ill at the moment and very weak would someone advise me if this would be helpfull to me, i dont know what to do!
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    A sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy is exactly what you need to check out what's going on. If you are really quite ill or sickened the best advice I can give is to fight the urge not to eat, not eating may help you feel better in the short term but it'll make you more ill in the long run. I would suggest some sort of easily digestible dietary supplement (like Nutrament) to sip may help to keep you going (though don't have too much as it might make you 'windy' or 'IBSy', but it depends how you feel). Yeah it tastes nice and it'll keep you alive (just) smile

    [quote:03d4bd4525=\"freddy \"]thank you eveyone that has reported their expieriences about diverticuller desease, i'v been told that i have diverticulitis, dont know if this is the same but have been sent a letter now to have a \"smoidoscopyig,but i am feeling so ill at the moment and very weak would someone advise me if this would be helpfull to me, i dont know what to do![/quote:03d4bd4525]

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    Hi there all

    I also sympathise with you all I am 27 yrs Old and have had the illness for 4 yrs !!!! gulp!!!!!!! I have a long road to walk I am now in constant pain with this disease and i am considering the idea of bowel surgery as I can no longer go on being hunched over and moving like im 95 yrs old already, for anyone who wants to get some real answers and advice on forward steps you need to head for Kings college hospital London they are the only hospital to have a dedicated Diverticular Disease clinic a News link on this site led me to this discovery for which I and hopefully others will be very grateful (only time will tell??) I will be trying some ideas I have read tonight so thanks for all the wise words shared.

    I have high concentration Aloe juice but it has remained unused up until now and also I think baked beans are good so beans on toast is on the menu again .

    I guess we all must remain positive and stay happy as hard as it is I too have had many stays in hospital in agony and have lost Three stone in weight , lifting weights was a keen hobby of mine until this all began I don't have much chance that at the moment as you can imagine

    Thank you all for advice and kind words its nice to finally know my doctor is an idiot as he has been telling me the pain is all in my head

    I hope everyone stays well


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      Adam it was a miracle finding your post. My family all said its as if I wrote that post myself.

      I have been suffering with pain that is just unbearable it I can't begin to describe it for over a year now. I have about 8 A&E visits and couple of admissions. I was laughed at by Drs saying to me that the pain was nothing more than anxiety. I fought for months with Drs who finally agreed to give me oxycodone tramadol tablets to use when required after trying other medications of course. (Yes I know all about addiction and constipation risk. I know a lot medications)

      I have nausea and vomiting weeks of constipation, and the unbearable pain its like an L shape on the left side. I finally had a CT scan 2 months ago after I ended up in hospital with 15 days of constipation.

      Drs said in passing that alk was well except for chronic thick diverticular disease and consultant said that doesn't cause the level of pain I have. Even after presenting them with countless patient forums showing people suffering near enough pain and symptoms as me. Got a new a Gp young man and he said to try ciprofloxacin and Metronidazole antibiotics combo. I finished 7 day course this morning. Im still in agony. I did get my Gp to refer me to Kings College but Gp had refused at first. (Thank you for mentioning them)

      Everything I eat causes me pain. I'm loosing my mind as we speak. I'm a nurse and so far been of work for 3 months and fear loosing my job :-(

      I bought Aloe Vera today so will see if it overs some relief.


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    I also had Diverticulitis for over 25 years with flareups from time to time. Just had one last week that ended with a Hospital stay of 4 days of Antibiotics. They wanted to operate, but I did not let them. It's a horrible

    surgery and I just can't fathom them tearing my guts apart. I heard a few people getting bad infections

    especially from my Hospital!

    My son-in-law suggested and sent me some Ginger tea. I also have a bad hip and since I have been

    drinking a few cups a day, no problem with my gut and my pain in my hip is gone! It's very good for the

    stomach and Intestines, gets rid of gas and makes you very regular. I also have been feeling so much


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    Hi Dargene,

    Sorry to hear you are really suffering with both IBS and now diverticulitis. I believe there is no such thing as 'there's nothing we can do.' In fact there are lots of dietary ways to help control diverticulitis attacks, ensuring you have regular bowel movements and eating soluble fibre and avoid constipating foods like cheeses and lots of meat, esp red meat.

    In addition, diverticulitis has an inflammatory component which can be made much worse by non-manages chronic stress, so common in our culture and most of us are not even aware of it!

    On this front, starting a simple 10 minute a day morning relaxation/meditation can really help, and also help you feel more in control again!smile

    Here's a suggestion for one to try:

    You can start with a really simple one called the Benson Technique:

    Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably and pick a word: if you are not religious or don't already meditate, you can use the word 'one.' If you have a short prayer or meditation phrase you can use this toowink

    Ok, so breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, making your exhale LONGER than your inhale. On the exhale, repeat your word over in your head. Sit comfortably and do this for at least 10 minutes each day. This simple technique will help you to turn on your Relaxation Response and start to help soothe your gut via the brain belly connection that is so important but often overlooked in IBS.

    Hope this helps you!

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