Fed up with Head Pressure & Drunk feeling

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Helloo Friends.

How r u all ?

I am feeling very depressed today...fed up with this peri symptoms ..😭😭

Every day new problem.

Worst feeling is drunk feeling...feel unbalance sometimes.......i have strange feeling in head ...Head Pressure make my life worst.

Struggling with all this from more than year ...Peri change my life fully...

Friends of my age enjoying life..and me in home with all these symptoms....this make me depress and sad .

Anyone here facing same problem Dizziness ,head pressure, week legs and drunk feeling every day???

Any remedy to get over it ?

Any post meno friend who face head pressure and off balance issues in peri and now ok ?? I need motivation from u.

I was soo much social and love to go out ... but NOW i donot want to go out of home.....always postpone imp thing ...even donot want to go for shopping and salon which was my fav things earlier.....make excuses to all.

I myself always think i change alot now...No interest in my fav hobbies .....Donot want to go out...i become introvert ...less social..home bound ...my confidence level become too low....earlier i travel alone..even in abroad but now i search for company even to go near by....

Dr donot understand our problems.... gave me antidepressants ....i refuse to take...Gynecologist told ur too young for peri....my blood test donot show any sign of peri...but i have more than 50 symptoms of peri ...from last year i am suffering...No one understand us in this stage of life .

Feel upset today so i share my views with u all .




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    me everyday for 4 years and counting the head symptoms is my worst symptom it never ends always with me i have no answer to all this and seems drs dont take this seriously so i still suffer. im homebound no life im basically here just breathing and suffering all this crap. i cant understand how someone can be suffering symptoms and no cause found there is always a reason for everything but apparently hard to get a answer and relief. hang in there your definitely not alone in what your dealing with.

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      Yeah, me too with the head pressure and my confidence/ clarity. This is my worst symptom! My head gets really hot at times and the fog and pressure has been daily all day since May although some days are better than others. I too don't understand why the dr's can't figure out what to do to help all of us. I put my faith in God, take my supplements and I pray, pray and pray some more. I am thankful for this forum and my great friend Lisa who is going through this crap as well and who knows more than the doctors do. Lol! She really does. I continue to pray that we all get better.

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    i get where your at. although im in menopause now but have stabbing head pain on one side and today so dizzy felt totally off balance very scarey. doc said to me was migraine,

    try ignoring it all its hard but it may just go away, im going to try that somehow.xx

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      im sorry but i have to ask how does one just ignore not having their balance? seems if that was possible we would all that has this horrible symptom would do just that and get on with living. i honestly dont think many know how disabling this truly is and how bad it truly is for some thats dealing with this. its been so long for me that the normal population of people make me sick im even jealous of them i know its not their fault but its so unfair to have your life literally taken from you cause off balance dizziness,head pressure drunk without the alcohol. and no answers or relief so you can get to living again its all BS!

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      hello Pamela, i agree with you i too feel so envious of women our age going about their normal day and all i want in life is to feel better and normal.

      this is robbing us of living and no doctors appear to give a dam, the last one i saw who was a lady said she couldn't think of anything it was and as id been in before with the same symptoms im obviously still here (still alive) so i just need to get on with it. i just wanted to cry and feel theres no support anymore.

      i know you started this in 2010 and i imagine like me feel you are trapped in your own little world. Icant take HRT and have a hormonal disorder so feel iv got it double, iv done so much research on the balance issue and do sometimes feel it may be related to silent migraine but i really dont know.

      wishing us all our life back soon

      sending love & hope

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      Thanks for ur reply mam

      ohh ur also suffering. Sorry to hear .

      me too having knocking pain in right side of head sometimes.

      Its difficult to believe its because of Hormones .

      Me try to ignore mam but they interfer in my daily routine...not feel comfortable on going out even for imp work.

      From 2 months i thinking to go hair dresser my hair become soo long..but i donot feel like going..not feel good in my own body ...its hard to work in home also

      anyways hoping for good days


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      i can understand ur feeling dear

      me too feeling same .

      Yes ur right its difficult to ignore..if u donot feel good...not able to stand for long time because of Off balance issues.

      Because of head pressure i feel i am lifting weight in my head..sometimes its so much that difficult to cook food also..not able to do normal day to day work..Very Difficult to ignore .😭😭

      me too feel sad that y all other people r enjoying and me only suffering.....its human tendency..its not our fault .....

      Dr gave us antidepression and sleeping pills..mt Dr u have lot of stress in ur head..stop thinking sooo much.

      Hang is there dear


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    i was about to add to the forum but you have put every word im feeling and its getting me down today. Iv been in menopause for 4yrs but lately the head pressure and off balance drunk feeling seems to be daily. iv come home from work today really angry with myself which is not like me but i couldn't even manage to stand a while talking to a college as i felt i would pass out with the pressure in my head and my legs turned to jelly.

    I did have this at the start of peri then it went away but its back with vengeance. Today i am so down im just thinking diagnoise me with something and give me a year to live then i know whats happening ( sorry im just feeling sorry for myself today).

    like you and the other ladies say its taken what little confidence i had and i now live in a small bubble , home and work and really struggle through that most days. So sorry iv no solution but just

    letting you know your not alone .

    keep in touch hun

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    i struggled really bad last year with not been able to socialise, headaches, itching to my wrists aching joints and anxiety which i never had before since losing weight end of march this year i do feel alot better not 100% but now i feel i can go out. i know how you feel and hope you can get through this ❀

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      Thanks alot for reply mam

      thanks for motivational words

      happy to know ur doing good now .

      thanks alot dear for positive words.

      Every morning i told my self its hormones....like mantra i repeat myself it will go..but still sometimes get upset .


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    I'm so sorry you're feeling sad and depressed because of these horrible hormones.. I've been experiencing head pressure and light headedness for a few weeks now. I take sinus meds and nasal spray for some relief. I'm just like you, no social life, can't recognize the person I've become. Hang in there, we got to be close to the end with this perimenopause mess...

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