feel worse :'(

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i have been taking mirtazipine 15mg for 17days now. The first week was fine. No drowsiness just nightmares (now just crazy dreams) anyway things seem to have went down hill pretty fast and now im crying allday scared ive got somthing wrong with me im waking up in a cold sweat and panicking all day. Im also severely depressed and suicidal. I feel like im back to square one! Is this normal? Has anyone else had this? Should I increase or stop taking them? I have tried a few ssris and snri's and they make me way worse for side affects.im just fed up of nothing seeming to work.x

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    I wouldn't dream of telling you what to do, but my advice would be to try and hang on with mirtazapine for a bit longer if you can. All antidepressants can take several weeks to start working. Also my psychiatrist warned me not to expect a smooth recovery, there will always be good phases and bad phases, that is the nature of the illness and its treatment, but gradually the good phases should get longer. Your doctor is the one to advise you. There will always be people on this forum telling you not to take the drugs, but I'm like you - I need them, and now they are working for me and I can lead a normal life. Some suggestions - could your doctor give you a few tranquillisers in the short term to tide you over while the mirtazapine is getting up to speed? Everyone is different in their response to the medications, but it's hopeful that you say your first week was fine. Do everything to relax and be kind to yourself, distract yourself however you can (I used simple crosswords& trashy TV!) and trust that you WILL get through it. I hope that helps.
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      Hey. I cant distract myself at the moment it seems im far to overwhelmed at the minute. I do want to persevere if I know others have been through the same. I just dont want to feel this bad for nothing.

      Thank you.x

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    Hi iv been on mirtrazapine for 11 months.i felt like you when I first started taking it,I cried for nothing I was suicidal and I thought my depression was the worst it had ever been.i wanted to stop taking them but I didn't I just kept telling myself things would get better.it took about 4 months but I'm ok most of the time now.iv suffered from bouts of depression for 23 years so to find something that makes me feel better is difficult iv been on so many different drugs.i would say if you can stick with it then do we all know anti depressants can take a while to work.if it's unbearable then see about it getting changed.good luck
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      Hey.im not sure I can hang on for four months still feeling this way. Im not just sad im hysterical sad I cant function. I have children and i feel horrible being such a crap person at the minute.

      Thank you.

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    Hi Rochelle, nothing anyone says will make you feel better at the moment because you feel so dreadful.  What I will say is that we do know how you feel and it will get better.

    I have been on Mirtazapine for the last 5 months together with a high dose of another antidepressant.  I too have had suicidal thoughts since being on the medication which were truly awful at the time, but it did pass.  That's not to say that I won't get them again but they are few and far between.

    I have spells of ok/good days which are then followed by lots of horrible days but the ok ones keep me going, although it is very hard when you're in the middle of them.

    As Pixie says, give it some more time.  Don't lose hope because if I can have ok/good  days after 9 months of being severely depressed, then you can and will too.  Presently, you can't see that happening but that's the depression talking.  You will get better.

    Keep talking to your doctor and to people on this site.  We all want to help each other and I have found it a great comfort over the last few months.

    Take good care and be kind to yourself. You will get there xxx

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    Hey I would say hang in there. I have also been where u r at present. This is my third episode of depression and anxiety and was extremely ill last year. I also had bad mood swings and cried all day whilst on Mirt 30. However it got me better and I have now been depression and anxiety free for one year now. Life is good. It took about 3 months for side effects to really settle then the symptoms stopped it's a slow process. Can I ask manuel are u medically trained? I think that it's a bit unfair to say there is no such think as depression. I am medically trained and there is, and many types. U shld not b advising anyone on this situation based on ur own experiences. Yes while I agree meds are not the complete answer they do provide a crutch with talking therapy to get back on trak. To say this med should be prohibited is unfair as what works for one may not agree with another. Just my personal opinion. Hang in there to rochelle and be guided by ur health professional. Give the med time to kick in. I'm so well now that I forget to take my meds. Hope u get some relief and keep talking. X
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    Hi rochelle

    My experience with mirt was similar to yours , I could cry at the drop of a hat

    Music for some reason made me so emotional , I was sad constantly thinking about my 2 yr old daughter just a feeling of

    So much sadness it was unreal

    It also gave me side effects similar to that

    Of fibromyalgia every joint / bone in my body ached . I quit cold turkey after 2 months because in this case the side effects out weighed the benefits

    I'm now on fluoxetine and doing 10 times better every drug is different every persons

    Tolerance aswell but if it continues I would consider going back to your doc you can only give a med a certain amount of time

    And if that time is too long and it still hasn't

    Started working and / or the side effects haven't diminished I would move on

    Best of luck


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    Hi Rochelle,

    It sounds like you are having a difficult time. Is it possible that what you are feeling is the result of depression rather than a reaction to the Mirtazipine?  What you described sounds like anxiety / panic especially the cold sweats and  suidcidal ideation. Can you see a medical practioner to discuss this with? 

    Remember that some people starting an antidepressant can experience suicidal feelings. I've not heard of that in relation to Mirtzapine but it is an antidepressant.

    What has the medication been prescribed for? I take 15 mg at bedtime for a sleep disorder. The only side effects I've had over the years is sleepiness and weight gain.

     I hope that  are able to get some answers from the medical profession. Remember that it can take some time to find the right antidepressant - fortunately there are alot of them to choose from. The best of luck to you, the wrong ssri can  feel like a nightmare. Trust your body to find the right one and don't give up until you do.

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    I had a bad first few days but now am not having any significant side effects on them.

    I would go and see your GP and have a chat with him/her on Monday.

    All the best.

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      Thank you all.

      My gp is rubbish she doesn't care. I suffer severe depression and panic disorder. I know what I feel is probably the depression being made worse but I want to know if this normal on this med after a week of feeling better? Thank you all again x

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      hi Rochelle,

      I started taking Mirt the first of JAnuary this year...few short months but I tell ya... I was on a natural high of feeling fabulous the 2nd and 3rd week on Mirt, then I went down, yes it can happen. had about a month of manic crazy dreams, they were crazy! but the best part of my experience with Mirt is that I no longer suffer from Anxiety, and I can finally sleep!

      the dreams are still there, but not so intense or manic like in the beginning. I find my mood to be leveled out, if that makes sense.

      I used to get angry very quickly, like one minute i was perfectly fine, and then the next, something would p*ss me off or whatever and I would be in rage, anxiety would kick in and I would tremble, ..well since I started Mirt, I no longer feel those rages. I do not get upset much at all anymore...Like my mind is just content.

      know what I mean?

      I believe you will adjust to the Mirt....just give it the full 6-8 weeks girl...

      dont give in just yet,

      And dont give in to the power of the mind, its just thoughts....try replacing them with something else. controlling your thoughts instead of letting them control you.

      Mirtazapine is an amazing med for me and for many of us..

      Just hang on smile

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    Hi Rochelle,

    If you don't have a good relationship with your doctor is it possible to see someone else? Or get a referral to a mental health professional? I am not familiar with the healthcare system in the UK (assuming that is where you live).  It sounds like you are are difficult time and  I wish you the best.

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    Hi there I have really weird dreams too, some are quite scary and I remember everything when I wake up, I'm on 30mg and have been for 4months, getting weaned off them as they don't agree with me at all more side affects than helping x
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    HI rochelle, what time do you take your mirtazipine ?

    I suggest taking it 60 to 90 min before bed, it took me a few months to figure this out but I havnt looked back,

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      Thank you. I usually take mine a while before I go to bed as it doesn't make me drowsy anyway and never has. I think i might need an increas as 15 mg I dont suppose is going to help much. Thank you all x

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