Feel worse since quitting drinking

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Well, I decided to come back in hopes of some "positive" advice.  I'm 22 days clean.  The first week was actually tolerable.  Since then my days get worse.  I have this lump in my upper chest which is most likely acid reflux.  I've been taking priolosec.  Not helping.  I am lightheaded.  My body is anxious all over.  Pins and needles feeling in my hands and feet.  Have seen my doctor twice.  First we tried valium and then xanax.  Second visit she prescribed a beta blocker to help with anxiety, tremors, high pulse rate.  First night was ok.  Last night I had extreme insomnia, major pins and needles feeling and broke out in a few hives.  For anyone who remembers me - a lot of medications do not agree with me.  I've even tried a few different herbs.  The ones that do seem to agree with me have the opposite effect.  I've tried reading but I can't concentrate.  I've tried meditating (which I plan to utilize again) but I never thought I could feel so bad after 10 days.  I'm totally exhausted.  I push myself through work and then have no energy at all to exercise.  I used to miss quite a lot of time at work and lately I've been showing up as scheduled but today I just couldn't seem to move.  I felt like I had a hangover.  Actually I think a hangover felt better, lol.  Trying to keep a sense of humor and push through this.  I have no cravings at this moment except for wanting to numb this pain for awhile which I know is not an option. Anyone ever feel this awful after 3 weeks??  

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    Private message me Kelly. Can point you in the right direction. You don't need meds. I've been the best ever for months now xx

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    Plus you have PAWS. X
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      Hi Robin. When I said I remember Colin, I meant Colin..haha! Anyway PAWS is post alcohol withdrawel syndrome. You can google it and is a recognised medical disorder. Hope you're ok. I have problems with this site, which is why I don't post much anymore. 

      Take care all of you and blessings for Christmas and New Year xx

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      oops meant Robin, not Colin!!! And I'm not drinking !! X

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      long time no see..doing well and 4 yrs sober netxt week. Happy New Year from Robin
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    Kelly so sorry that everything is so painful for you now. This will get better. Take vitB complex ,potassium, magnesium and start eating. Drink lots of water replenish the electrolites gator aid type drinks no sugery foods or drinks. Are you seeing a alcohol councelor to enable to cope thru detox.

    I assume you are seeing a doc since you have nedications. Check back in keep posting and follow thru with medications for further treatment. This is tough NOW , once you get thru it will give you the confidence to continue to leave drink behind and return to a life not driven by alcohol. Wake up with no hangovers. Make small goals attain them each week. There's a good book called , the mind of an alcoholic. Very helpful to help you open doors for a better understanding of addiction.

    Hang in there. Your body needs time to adjust without alcohol. This is truly your alcohol carvings kicking at you & the triggers complaining to you wanting you to give in. Be strong use resources such as  counseling to help give you the tools to cope thru the stages of alcohol withdrawl.

    We crave more alcohol when we stop and try to abstain from alchol we relapse and drink more because the brain craving for alcohol become stronger than any desire to Stop!  Medication is to help you fight provide the edge you need to be successful .🖐

    Many have had success with naltrexone, selrinco, bacfolen, campral, vivitral and the list goes on. 👍See the first post by C3EUROPE & the second post above from Emis the moderator for more info on these opiate blockers and resources available👍

    Naltrexone and other medications designed to blocks opiate receptors works by decreasing the cravings for alcohol, resulting in fewer relapses. The constant thinking and ruminating about alcohol subsides.

    A recent Positron Emission Tomography study demonstrated that persons with alcoholism have increased opiate receptors in the nucleus accumbens of the brain and that the number of receptors correlates with craving. These over ride common sence and logical thinking in the brain the switch is turned off. Only the on switch for cravings & the receptors of the brain are only working trained by addiction to alcohol. This is not your fault this is a illness. The brain now needs you to stay with the meds you are on to help retrain the brain to stop the cravings. Your almost there detox is 50% of the struggle.  Alcohol has hyjacked your brain and opiate receptors take over and triggers are used in the brain to undermine your attempt to contine on this path to withdraw alcohol out of your system.

    The most successful method for abstinence from the medical clinical studies in the US see below .

    "There are weekly shots that work for some to stop the cravings or pellets implanted just under the skin long term for 6 months or more." 

    Pills only work if they are taken and many fail in that department . Vivitrol is the shot of naltrexone lasts for a week and pellets last for months to slowly calm down the brain from craving alcohol and after time retrains the brain patterns to stop the continuous deep cycle and free your mind for life without alcohol. This is all up to you what you chose, and there are many choices and at first the receptors that crave alcohol like what your experiencing now are going to fight you wanting a drink. As each day passes the cravings begin to fall away as the brain and body heels.  This system is reliable and the cravings are slowly removed from the brain and returns to a normal bio physicality state. It takes time to retrain the brain receptors.

    There are new laws passed in the US to aid addiction AUD treatments. Similiar to the stop smoking Campaign & LAWS TO TAX cigarettes and no smoking laws passed in public areas. Many treatments available passed in the 90's for treatment for smoking addiction and taxed cigarettes out of the water. From 55 cents a pack to $5.00 a pack. We all know the cancer trail from the carcinogens in tobacco and alcohol. Chantex was the first drug to block cravings from tobacco. All other techniques had failed for many generations until it was scientifically proven to be a addiction and medication was used to block the cravings was the solution. Many stick

    The Attorney General in the US finally announced that AUD must be recognized by professionals as a mental and physical illness.  Addiction treatment also is approved to be covered by insurance and with all approved medications and treatments for Doctors and medical clinics must follow the protocols now in place . Finally AUD is not considered a weakness or a moral failing is is a illness and is now ruled new laws are being placed by Attorney General treat AUD THE illness "IT IS".

    Same idea in C3Europe campaign.Try the Sinclair Method using Natrexone, which slowing help block receptors in the brain to titrate down the amount of alcohol required each day and or if you choose to "stop all craving for drink."


    Many countries around the world now recognize many AUD treatments. Opiate blockers using with various medications and there is a whole list of meds used to block the cravings and help these meds work on opiate receptors in the brain. All drugs have a side effect even asprin

    Look into what is available to you they will give you a good start.help encourage you day by day .These opiate receptors are what controls your cravings . When taking Chantex,,  selrenco, naltrexone, baclofen , Campral and the list goes on. These drugs will help you threw the relapses cycle. 

     If you have questions, need advice, or just want like-minded people to talk to, please stoping any time  and say hello.

    See this Ted talk on AUD. Check out this video on YouTube: there are 100's of YouTube videos on alcohol treatments, medications and anxiety depression, assessments and help .just google AUD or alcohol treatment you tube. 


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    Hi Kelly,

    ​I am at 20 days now and have similar reflux issues which I try to control with diet but have taken generic ranitidine (over the counter) 150 mg which does work when it gets bad..

    Anxiety and other symptoms are tricky...it took me about 6 different anxiety medications before one really started working for me...I still battle insomnia as well so I understand that too. I would continue to keep your doctor informed...blood work ect.... and try and stay strong...be careful with herbs as some can interact with certain medications.

    Remeber fight to win...the enemy will wisper in your ear...for its a master liar. 

    Congrats on 22 days !!!!

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    Kelly, you are doing so well! I know you feel like you went through the wringer, and you are.

    You body was depressed for so long that you forgot what sober feels like. Your nerves are coming back alive, a good thing but nonetheless difficult.

    Rest is important, sleep is important. Perhaps listening to music will help you to relax.,

    Be kind to yourself, your body is working hard to recover.

    big, warm hug

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    Kelly..you did not feel better drinking...look back on some of your posts.

    this is your mind trying to tell you that you DID feel better sober.

    I know for me when I think the way you are thinking you end up drunk again and then wishing you never drank.

    I agree with what hopeforacure says in replenishing with viatmins and fluids.

    When we have such a long time abusing our bodies..it takes time for healing (you didn't get this way in 22 days and you won't be cured in 22 days). 

    Keep taking care of yourself and eventually things will straighten out. I was always told to give myself 90 days of recovery...before deciding if I wanted to go back to drinking.

    Another thing I did early in sobriety was to write down daily...how I felt better, the new things i was doing, the new accomplishments in relationships and with careers...and this kept me going...I would look back on the book and say "Yea, I am getting better".

    Even thou it didn't feel like I was all the time.

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    I remember you.  Those are awful feelings.  The lumpy feeling in chest is probably reflux (I have it, along with other gastro issues).  Also anxiety makes it worse for me.  I have tapered down, not stopped, far too scared to stop after 40 years of drinking in the evenings.  I have not taken any meds for this but am now  needing antibiotics for a chest infection where  you should not drink - fat chance.  Don't want a seizure.

    All those feelings you have  I can identify with.  You are not alone.

    You will get positive response - paper fairy has already charged right in on her chariot to save you (hi paper, great to see you again). 

    I did find after 5 days of having two small glasses of wine a night and not two bottles, that after all those symptoms you have, dizzy, shakes, pins n needles, not feeling in the room, they started to vanish and I felt much much better; but then I was still having a little wine in my system for a couple of hours each night - and still do.  Any chance you could try this, or have you? I just would not like to throw my body into a banned alcohol too quickly.  Would not suit me.

    Hang on, like we are doing, someone with positive feedback will help you.

    G x

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      🙋🏻 Thanks Gwen and love and blessings to you. Sorry I've not been on the forum but I gave up, after my posts were disappearing and adverts appearing all the time. Will continue before this post disappears..

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      Yes. Remember you too. There was a little group of us this time last year. They helped me through dark days..Alonangel,Missy, Vickilou,Tess.RHGB,Ade, Colin,Pat,Dee, many more and sorry if I haven't meantioned you.

      Plus Kelly who I've messaged and felt I could give her advice.

      Lots of love to you all ??🙏🎄

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      Some of us still look in from time to time.
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      Good to hear as you always give good advice ..

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