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I have not been diagnosed with Lichen Schlerosus but but I have a feeling I have it. For almost a month now, I have had what looks like a rash in my buttcrack. This problem would not go away(even with diaper rash cream). So, I went to a dermatologist. He told me it might be intertrigo. So, I was prescribed a cream called desonide to take care of the irritation. Well, I had used it for 2 weeks as prescribed. It did absolutely nothing for me and I still have the rash. The rash seems to look a lot better on its own. It does not irritate me as much. I can sit more normally now without the discomfort I had before. It looks like a tiny pink patch of skin(which I presume is new skin forming as it is healing), but now I notice that when the spot is all dry, I see a dry and white patch of skin. The skin is dry and flaky. It gets itchy too.

Another problem I have too now is that my vagina has been super itchy and dry. Therefore, it has also been quite sore. I went to the doctor's, thinking it was a yeast infection. The dr gave me a one day pill to take for what he thought was a yeast infection(after doing an exam down there). I took that pill on Tuesday and it's still quite itchy and sore. The dryness seems to have gotten a little better, but not by much. I was also frightened to see that the skin around my vagina is a bit red. I'm not sure if it's due to itching, but it frightens me. My anus also looks a bit red and has been quite itchy.

Since all of these irritated areas are close to each other, I wonder if it could be Lichen Schlerosus. I am positive it's no STI. I have never been sexually active in my life to the point of oral sex or actual penetration. I'm also 23 so I'm sure it doesn't have to do with any sort of menopausal issue. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on if it sounds like this and if I should see a gynecologist or dermatologist for my issue.

Thank you

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    Dear Rachlexis,

    HI, and sorry you are feeling so down. But YES, the your descriptions all sound like LS as many of us here have experienced it. and it also gets misdiagnosed as a yeast infection sometimes.

    When I realized I had some horrible itching going on I found this site about a year ago and found several directions to look at, Vitamin D deficiency being one as well as MSM, homeopathy. There are many choices for creams and emollients to relieve the itch, pain etc. such as Aloe Vera gel, olive oil, coconut oil, diaper rash cream, and the steroids. But long term health has, in my opinion, got to include balancing our bodies systems.

    Here is the result of my own 3 month study to find science backed help. This should get you a good start for long term understanding and control. hugs and blessings,


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      Hello Nancy, just in case you have missed the posts where I have mentioned you on here - you are my LS Guru, so many thanks for re-posting the link to your 3 month study! I think this really is the best starting point for anyone (Female or Male) who suspects they have, or who have had the confirmatory Biopsy to prove they actually have Lichen Sclerosus.

      Just to briefly mention, I currently have a Genital skin issue where it had not previously existed. The skin simply would not heal - I tried my 'go-to' skin healing cream of Gemolene (it actually is an Anti-septic - not sure if you have this in the States?) and that did not work, then I tried my Clobetasol (Dermovate), and the issue simply continued to worsen. It only started off as a a small area of severely rough skin - now I can see it has gone down through different layers, and looked at one time like a microscopic 'crater'.

      So I did an internet search and found one of the suggestions you made above in this post, of Aloe Vera Gel and the healing properties it has for skin (the annoying thing is I already had this, but had not generally applied it before!). Only the start of my third day of generally applying this to my entire Genital skin - with the added bonus of giving the Clobetasol a rest.

      With Seasonal Best Wishes - W. D.

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      Oh, you are so welcome, Dugie... I do hope that write up help lots of people.

      By the by, be sure to also acquire the Tumeric essential oil to mix with the aloe vera for an even stronger healing agent. the ratio is about 4-6 drops of the oil to 2 tablespoons of the aloe gel. and mix and keep in a closed container so it doesn't dry out.

      I wish for everyone to have a wonderful upcoming New year free from pain and worry.

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      Thank you for this Nancy - I will seek out the Tumeric essential oil - just to add, healing has been slightly better with the Aloe Gel on its own, and I have only used the Clobetasol once within a 6 to 8 day period.

      May 2019 be a good year for you and for forwarding the circumstances of LS Sufferers everywhere!

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    Have you considered going back to the dermatologist? Obviously none of us can make a diagnosis as we are not medical professionals and have not compared what your skin looks like to our own. Even if we could compare from descriptions women give on this site it sounds as though LS presents itself differently with different people anyway. For instance I have no flaky skin. I had a very faint white line between my buttocks. I never would have seen this on my own. The doctor took a long time examining me before she concluded it was LS.

    Did the doctor suggest you come back if the symptoms didn't go away?

    I never heard of intertrigo, looked it up and it sounds like a reasonable diagnosis. Why not call to make another appointment, but first ask if the doctor is experienced in LS. If not ask for a referral to one who is.

    I was diagnosed by a gyn who specializes in vulval skin disorders. I went to see her because of a fleeting vaginal infection and had no idea I had any skin problems other than atrophy which is common after menopause. Using very small amounts of a mild steroid seems to be working fine for me.

    I wouldn't get overwhelmed with reading about diseases that may have nothing to do with what you may have. You need a specialist to narrow it down, then go from there.

    You aren't alone. Everybody has physical problems at some point in life and here we are to prove it! Please go back to the dermatologist or see a more experienced one who has dealt with LS so you can find out precisely what the problem is and how to treat it.

    Best of luck. let us know how you make out.

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