Feeling lost - I don't trust myself anymore

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Hi everyone!

So I told my gp during the week about my drinking. She advised me to abstain & get some addiction counselling. I called the place she suggested straight away but then had to cancel the appointment as I realised I knew somebody who worked there. My doctors then referred me to a counselling service but it does not specialise in addiction but she said I could attend AA also. I really don't like the idea of AA as it's group sessions. I live in Ireland. I am a weekend drinker & can completely resist during the week. I binge Sat & Sun. I did not abstain last night & I promised myself I would only drink on Saturday but the alcohol demon is already calling me to drink again tonight. I lied & told my husband my doc advised me to taper back so I could get away with drinking. I feel lost now. How can I give up or just cut down to one night a week if I'm already thinking of drinking today ??

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    Hi sadie...4 months ago you were thinking about the Sinclair method.

    The method would allow you to drink but from what I read it can taper down your drinking dramatically.

    The place that your Dr referred you to where you knew someone? That is the ONLY place around you that you can go to?

    It seems this problem has been disturbing you for a long time sad and if you are unable to stop on your own..I think you really need to try the Sinclair method.

    I wish I could say just don't drink tonight and that would work for you. But, it seems when we are alcoholic and have made up our minds to drink we drink!

    Don't beat yourself up for it...it is a condition. I'm glad you are not carrying on with the drinking all week long...that is a positive thing. 

    I do know when I was trying to continue drinking in the past..I would switch my drinks..I didn't prefer wine that much..so I would try to drink wine with the hope that i would drink less...it kinda worked.

    Looking back on your post...you used to drink Whiskey...now your drinking wine?

    Alcohol is truly a demon and since you are already pulled in by it this weekend..maybe try to just skip next weekend drinking altogether?

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      Wise words Missy and well remembered re past posts. Will now add to response to Sadie dee
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      This is, just a by, the by, a passing comment.

      I think it is difficult for Americans to understand the UK. It is roughly the size of Oregon. Oregon has a pop. of 4m, the UK has a pop. of 70m.

      Ireland (not part of the UK) is probably less than half the size of the UK. It is quite normal to find that you know someone that works at a place like that and it is miles away to the next nearest place, to get help.

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      Hi Missy,

      Thanks for your reply. I had meant to talk to my doctor when I went on Tuesday about The Sinclair Method but I forgot as it felt a bit surreal admitting my problem. I live in Ireland so I don't know how available it is as a treatment here.

      Your right I woke up thinking I wouldn't but then thank thought comes into my head & there is no going back. When I drink also I'm more honest with my husband about my problem & have decided after I drink tonight to sit down & tell him I need to quit either using the Sinclair Method or just stopping - I'm hoping next weekend I can not drink. I'm starting a new routine this week as I'm starting a new job on Weds, Thurs & Fri so in a funny way it might help to stop next weekend along with this.

      My drink is Vodka. It was wine for the first few years but I gained weight so I switched to vodka & I occasionally drink whiskey with my husband.

      Today I pressed my liver area & kinda felt pain I've been worried about this for a few years so I know I need to detox. I've had ultrasounds before but all looks good but I definitively after a binge feel a sensation from there.

      The place I was referred to isn't the only place but these places are free addiction clinics & to be honest not in the best areas. A lot of the addicts attending would be from areas known for crime etc.. so I would feel so uncomfortable going there & it's hard enough going already. To pay for treatment would be €70 a session but maybe I will need to do this??

      I know if I stop I'll need to change my lifestyle greatly as my hobbie is dancing & performing & as you can imagine drink is always part of those nights. The girls I perform with are big drinkers & I don't think I could be part of the dance group anymore but this is more important.


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      Your absolutely right. The area it is in even has a lot of people I know living there that I would bump into on the street. I'd need to go a bit further away. Nobody as of yet has said AA would be s good idea. I hate the thought of it.

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      You won't find many here, that will suggest the AA, unless your car has broken down - that last bit was humour just in case anyone has a SOHF.*

      *BTW, if you have to look that up, it is not what Urban Dictionary says it is.

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      Hi Sadie

      If you are interested in The Sinclair Method, then the medication approved in Ireland is called nalmefene (Selincro).  However, the doctors don't know it as The Sinclair Method, so you need to ask for Selincro to help you reduce your alcohol consumption.  The chances are your doctor will have to look it up, because they are not used to prescribing these type of medications.

      Like here in the England, a pre-requisite to get the medication is that you also receive some form of psychosocial support/counselling to help ensure compliance, and monitor your progress.

      I can provide that counselling support to you - I already do so for several other people in Ireland.

      I am going to PM you a link that to a page of the C3 Foundation Europe website.  On this page, there is a section that explains how the support works.  Please read it to be sure you are happy with it, and then print off the information pack for your doctor to show him/her that I am properly qualified to do provide the support.

      Ultimately, the decision as to whether to prescribe or not lies with your doctor BUT the guidelines state that support must be provided by someone - it doesn't specify that it has to be a local alcohol/addiction service so since I am qualifed to do so, and C3 Foundation Europe is a registered UK charity organisation, this is usually sufficient for your doctor to tick the box!  Then, it is just a case of him/her assessing whether the medication is suitable for you or not and that you meet the prescribing criteria for it.

      As I say, I am already providing the support for a few people across Ireland and this has been working brilliantly.

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      Thank you Joanna! This has given me hope. I will read up on it today & take it from there.

      Thanks again!!

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    Sadie dee...Missy has responded well to your posts including information from the past. Have you enquirer about The Sinclair Method previously and informed they don't use it???? The reason I ask this is because this is what I was told last Friday even though they use the medication Natrxolene (so?). Like you I  to binge drink x2 or 3 a week on wine. I was told they only give it as one tablet a day etc. My answer okay I'll drink every day if that makes it work. I have another appointment next Friday so hoping to be prescribed it then after a more formal appointment regime. I thought to myself why should I be refused it because ai don't drink every day....the way the TSM works is it should curb my desires and binge drinking which ever form of the method I undertake. Good luck my love. 

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      go for it!! of course you should get medication whatever your drinking pattern it. Makes not difference....Robin
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      Hi Sharon,

      Oh I didn't know that myself - thank you for the information. I'm in Ireland so I'm not sure if I can get it here. I'm due to go back to my GP in a month but maybe I will go to see her earlier to inquire could I get it.

      Thanks again xx

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      I'll ask & hopefully I will be able to get it. I've seen you can purchase it online but this is probably not a good idea as may not by ligit.

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      Look up C3Europe and message Joanna. She is very helpful and will look up if it is available for you in your area. The site also gives lots of information and advice that you can print off and take with you to your appointment. She did this for me and it gave me the courage to persevere, having been initially put off by very unhelpful lady a try the centre. X

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