Feeling nauseous with stomach pain, sore shoulders and headaches

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I am new to this and really hoping someone can help.  I will be 49 after Christmas and the whole of this year seems to have been taken up with doctors' appointments.  My bleeding got to the stage I had to have an endometrial ablation three weeks ago.

I am constantly nauseous with stomach pain and now headaches as well.

I have seen so many doctors who really aren't helping all that much.  I have sore shoulders and elbows and fingers.  My nausea I think is the worst.  I have the odd hot flush and also tingling in my face.  I think I am going mad.  Apparently I have gastritis but the tablets really don't seem to be helping that much.

I actually feel like I am constantly taking the flu.

I have seen a rheumatologist as I thought I had fibromyalgia - NOT, a gynaecologist who did the surgery, had x-rays of neck and shoulders.  I am starting to wonder could anyone possibly feel this bad with hormones?  Have I some dreadful illness that no-one has recognised?

Also I have had all bloods done which showed up nothing apart from the fact I have excellent cholesterol!

I would so appreciate anyone's help and similar experiences.

Thanks so much

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    hI Joanna,

    Although I suffer with chronic pain anyway and have done so for years,I can relate well to your symptoms of neck and shoulder pain ,  tingling and not forgetting the dreaded hot flush. I think it actually helped me identify that these symptoms were in fact the menopause as I had other pain anyway to compare. 

    I did similar to you and visited my doctor. no solutions , only the offer of HRT which I do not wish to take. 

    I would imagine that your stomach pain could be the lingering aftermath of the result of you endometrial treatment.  nausea is a symptom of peri and post menopause so it is difficult to say whether you have a bout of gastric trouble or hormone! I started the menopause 5 years age and basically felt I had aged overnight!! extra aches, pains skin texture gone to pot, dreadful flushes which I still have, but everyone is different. don't feel too down, it can all  be helped somewhat with available over the counter goods. Eventually you realise things could be a lot worse when you hear some stories. But just to answer your main query, YES, YOUR HORMONESS AT THIS TIME CAN BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THESE UNPLEASANT SYMPTOMS, but you are in good company of people going through the same, so feel free anytime to have a good moan. The problem is we feel all these things but others around you don't always realise how you feel as the symptoms don't all show themselves outwardly.

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    Hi Joanna 

    oh bless you hun..

    sounds like peri menopause ..

    what helped me in early peri was 

    rainforest foods Maca capsules

    and treat yourself to a good B6 Vit ( 100mg) 

    like holland and barret Mega B 100 complex that helps all with symptoms..

    i am 50 and post menopause ( havent had a period for over 14 months) 

    had a 10 year peri .. 

    Be kind to yourself 

    jay xx

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       For a woman going through perimenopause, B-vitamins can be essential for effectively managing symptoms.   

      Adrenal fatigue, for example, is a common secondary condition for many women going through perimenopause.

      B-vitamins support healthy adrenal function, along with calming and maintaining a healthy nervous system.

      Many women also suffer with mood swings during perimenopause. Both B12 and B6 vitamins aid in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, a key brain chemical needed to stabilize moods and promote feelings of wellness and contentment.

      For women who suffer with brain fog, and memory issues in perimenopause, low levels of B6 could be part of the problem.

      Depression, confusion, and an inability to concentrate are all associated with B6 deficiency. Vertigo, dizziness, and heart palpitations are also common complaints from women going through perimenopause.

      All of these symptoms have been associated with (among other things) a B12 deficiency.

      Vitamin B6 can also help with stubborn weight gain in perimenopause.

      It is key in the breakdown and utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in our diet, and is necessary for a healthy metabolism - both which can help manage weight.

      look for a complex with 100mg B6 content 


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    Hi Joanna. Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough. I'm also 49 next year and have also been to the doctors many, many times this year. I remember a time, not so long ago, when I hadn't been to the docs for about 3 years but have had so many unusual symptoms this year that I've had to frequently seek medical advice in an attempt to reduce the anxiety, as well as finding out if I have anything serious going on. (I don't). This forum has been a godsend. I've received some excellent advice about vitamins (B6 & B12 work for me) but also, it's been such a relief to learn that I'm not the only one feeling like this - and neither are you. Congratulations on the excellent cholesterol !! Keep strong xx
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    Hi Joanna

    I feel for you, there are so many weird things that seem to be a result of our hormones.

    I can identify with the sore shoulders, joints and fingers especially, and I first realised at it was probably hormonal throug this website, when looking up joint pain. At 49, I was suddenly feeling like an old woman, my shoulders and other joints started aching, and sleeping now causes pain not relaxation.

    I don't have a cure, unfortunately, but he mere fact of knowing that it isn't either madness or a serious illness makes me feel marginally better, thanks to this forum. 

    I know there are various thoughts that certain supplements might help, so worth looking back over various threads on joint pain and what was recommended, but form e, it was the knowledge that I'm not alone and it's just another part of being a woman that helped me! 

    Hope you feel better soon, and there will no doubt be things you can do to sort the nausea. 

    Good luck! 

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    Hi Joanna. I too have all the symptoms that you listed plus a few extra.  Each day is a struggle & unfortunately unless people have suffered the same there's little sympathy or understanding from professionals or even friends & family. It is so good to keep a check on here just to remind yourself you are not alone & not going insane. Keep strong & remember you are not alone. 
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      Christine, hi

      You have no idea how much you have helped me.  I am sorry you too are having this horrible time.  It is all pretty scarey, isn't it?  Hopefully we will all still be sane at the end of it.

      Thanks so much xx

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    Hi Joanna have you tried ginger tablets for nausea they work very well on sick feelings worth a try. Health shops have them in stock also rescue remedy is good for calming which God knows we all need with the amount of symptoms we all get. Don't despair Mother Nature has a wry sense of humour and we all just need to get through this. You are not on your own this forum is fab for letting off steam and for gaining information and always support. Keep your chin up you are not alone. 
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    I was having a lot of issues with nausea and indigestion and found that giving up coffee and tea has helped. Just didn't agree with me anymore. I'm in perimenopause, 52 and still getting my periods...ugh. Can't wait to not have to deal with it anymore. Do you drink caffeinated drinks?

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      HI Nancy

      No, I don't drink caffeinated drinks at all because I could never tolerate them.  The only tea I drink is either peppermint or lemon and ginger.  Doc has put me on Omeprazole but I don't really know what good it is doing, if any.

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      Dear Joanna

      I too have gastitis, I am on omeprezole but they dont really seem to be helping, infact the burning seems worse at times. I started off having nausea a symptom of gastitis, but thankfully that has subsided. I totally lost my appetite for a few weeks vut thankfully that has come back. The omeprezole makes me really hungry now. I seem to suffer a gassy unsettled stomach now. I thought it was getting better, i started to drink tea but have cut that out again as i think it aggrivates it, definately not coffee and should limit fat, sugar, alcohol, anything cirltrus or carbonated drinks! What does that leave!!!

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