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Decided to start my own discussion, in the hope of helping others going through the same/or similar situation.

For the past year i have had many strange symptoms in varing degrees, good days/bad days, good weeks/bad weeks.

Here is a list of my symptoms

Lack of energy, Extreme tiredness/fatigue,feeling faint (although never fainted),dizzy on and off but always dizzy up to a week before my period,  one very bad period of 4 months vertigo. Jelly legs,shaky inside, feeling weak as though I've had the flu or something but I've not even had a cold this year.Palpitations, feeling detached, feeling like i'm about to loose consciousness (very odd feeling) the feeling you get just as you are about to go to sleep, Brain fog.Sensitive to light, eyes often become bloodshot. Headaches/migraine. Sometimes feel so cold inside & cannot seem to warm up.Periods of insomnia, bladder irritability especially in week before period, episodes of what i now call bladder fizz where bladder so irritable it feels like i have fizzy liquid in my bladder cannot sleep through this sensation sometimes accompanied by the feeling of a red hot needle going up the urethra (would be intrested to know if anyone else gets this & any remedies please? A pain I get on either side low down about where pubic hair begins pain seems to radiate to back & sometimes down into the thigh on the side of where the pain begins, doesnt seem to coincide with ovulation & randomly happens (ibroprofen usually takes it off after a couple of hours) Bloating & times of excessive wind.Monthly cyst like spots on jaw line, hair sprouting on chin & upperlip (invested in a home laser scanner) Hair beginning to thin at temples.

Food cravings for something salty & chocolate particularly before period.

I am almost 53 so after reading forums on here have come to the conclusion that its menopause & not some mysterious illness, thought I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrom, just didnt realise there were so many different symptoms of menopause.

Last year I did have very bad night sweats & hot flushes but they have reduced greatly, I take vit 6, eat plenty of fresh fruit/veg/salads, chicken, fish, flax seeds/chia seeds.

I'm so pleased to have found this forum & to find i'm not the only one suffering through this and not going mad, hope this might help someone else.

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    Firstly hugs and secondly I know where you are comig from, I have had, get most of these at some time.

    I'm in my premenstal week and have pain in my pelvic area, irritable bladder and sore boobs and a very swollen tummy. Can't wait for the old bat to turn up but strangly I don't feel premenstal.

    Lack of energy, could be lack of iron or B12 - do you take supplements?

    Hang in there x

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      Thank you for your reply, hugs to you too.

      I do take Iron tablets prescribed by my GP, my Iron level was 21 but maybe 6 months ago was up to 81. GP said normal rate 20-200.

      I started eating more watercress & also think the Chia seeds help but still have this awful tiredness/lack of energy.

      Started drinking organic beetroot juice (daily) & taking magnesium tablet last week so too early to see any improvement there yet.

      I also have itchy wrists & abdomen forgot to mention that but see others have mentioned the itchiness.

      My GP offered me the pill but not HRT refused in favour of alternative route. Did try Black Cohash but had more hot flushes/night sweats than without.

      Feel happier knowing im not alone in this. x

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     Hi Deborah

    Welcome to the best forum ever!  If you can't get answers to your questions here, then your question is probably unanswerable!!

    Reading your post was almost like reading how I had felt. Probably about 18nths ago.  I did wonder if I was developing Type 2 Diabetes at some point as I frequently felt a bit weird inside:  shaky,spaced out as you say, almost like I'd overloaded with sugary foods. I'm definitely one that errs towards Savoury rather than Sweet, I have never taken sugar in coffee/tea; hate sweet, gooey puddings/deserts; not a great fan of cakes.   

    Definitely had that 'I'm coming down with a virus' feeling for many years prior to coming on.  Think last time I felt that was probably last Oct/Nov, so thats something to be grateful for.  Wish I'd thought more about taking Vit B/D&Min supps a long time ago:  I'm sure I wouldn't have felt like that at all.

    But I have noticed that my intake of chocolate has increased over the past 5yrs or so. My weakness has always been, and still is: crisps!  I have shares in Walkers and Golden Wonder!!

    Have to admit in the past 14yrs (now 54) I've gone through some pretty stressy, horrible times that I truly believed 'masked' a lot of my early Peri symptoms (3 parents/in-laws passed away; we sold our Business and family home of 22yrs; became grandparents - aside from 'Divorce' I think I've done all the most stressful things we can encounter!!). 

    About 18mths ago had a bout of eye migraines.  Put this down to 8mths of negotiating the sale of our Business, the stress that entailed and the complete feeling of 'nothingness' at the end of it all. Think I was so used to working under so much stress: my cortisol levels would have killed me if I'd carried on. Having worked f/t since I was 17, and like a complete maniac for the 22yrs of having our own Business, I think it took me a good 6mths to get over the stress of it all.  Hence I've put on about 9lbs during this past 18mths!!

    Well if its any consolation Deborah, those cr*ppy symptoms have sort of passed.  Don't know if I'm sort of turning a corner towards getting nearer  enterring  proper Menopause - I'm still having Periods as regular as a teenager, and at 54 that really pi**es me off no end! 

    I'm not taking HRT - yet.  But I have started using Bioidentical Progestone Cream. Whether that's working I don't know......but I'm now too scared to stop using it now to see if things changewink!  Also taking Magnesium and Menopace Original. 

    Since Jan this year, my whole mood has improved.  But the really, really positive thing is that since I've been taking those supplements, my aching joints have improved 100%!!  Honestly, I got up yesterday morning and said to my husband 'I can't believe that I don't ache at all!!'. 

    Sounds like you're doing all the right things re: diet, etc.  What I will say is that there are some true gems of women on this site who are full of knowledge, most of it first hand, who have 'been there, done it', and  give such brilliant advice.  I'd have a good look around all the different discussion threads:  they cover almost all the the million Peri/Meno symptoms that we are all learning off by heart, ha ha!

    Feel for you with the chin spots:  what's that all about?  I never had spots ANYWHERE from teens+ - now every month I have at least one on my face and one that itches like crazy on the back of my upper back.  Payback time I suppose!

    Have  good read on this forum - you'll definitely start to understand whats going on and why its going on.  No one said it'd be easy being a woman.frown


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Certainly sounds like you have had a very stressful time, its good to know that you have improvement now & that your mood has improved, also your aching joints have gone smile

      My periods are regular mostly although occasionally a shorter or longer cycle.

      Yes the spots are a pain sad I have got some antibiotic lotion from Drs, and it seems to be working but its very drying on the skin too so would rather not have to use.

      Thanks for your support x

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    hi deborah yeah i get all of these too, not much fun is it, i take b complex to try and stop hair loss, only been taking it a few weeks but think it may make a little difference and i take efamol evening primrose oil. Not much seems to make a huge difference, think we just have to ride it out, some people have had good effects from accupuncture if you can afford it( i can't) take care and keep coming on this site, lots of us all going through the same thing and lots of ideas that may work for you xx


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      Thank you for your reply, its not much fun is it sad

      I might change to a B Complex rather that B6 on its own.

      I have tried Accupuncture but it didn't seem to make any difference to me.

      Take Care, one day we'll be through this smile x

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    Hello Deborah,

    Yes, much of what you write sounds very familiar. I may not had the all the issues you describe, I can add a few more that made me worry I was dying of some terminal disease. When this first really kicked into high gear exactly a year ago, I was an utter wreck. Couldn't even talk to my doctor, just handed him a list of my ailments, while I was weeping, uncontrollably. Who knew it was Peri? Certainly not me. And the crazy thing was, I was in my mid 50's still having cycles at the time.

    Funny thing, I just read another post here that someone found on another site of what sounds so much like my last year. It's maddening really, but at the same time, comforting that there are others that know how we feel and share tips on how to navigate through this time better.  

    I am glad you are taking the Vitamin B6. I have added other supplements that were suggested on here.  I do know that by taking magnesium it has really chilled the cravings for chocolate, (after adding 25+lbs this past year without changing my diet sad) that is a blessing.

    I do take a strong Complex B supplement, magnesium, vitamin D, Fish Oil, Multi-vitamin and recently added Maca and if I remember(haha-brain fog!) this week, I'll be adding Kelp as well for thinning of hair. I do plan on returning to my Gentle yoga classes here shortly. Our winter has made leaving the house dicey (as if leaving the house on good weather days is a viable option depending on which way the hormones are swinging, anyway!) for now, hopefully with this being the first of March, the weather and my disposition will improve so I can return to yoga. It does help somewhat.

    Haven't noticed the bladder/urine issues myself.  I have general body aches and pains. Looking into changing my diet and eliminating coffee to see if that helps. Not sure if you drink coffee or other caffeinated products, but I have heard they can irriate the bladder and perhaps create the issue you describe. Just a thought.

    I, too am pleased to have found this forum. Lots of wonderful women here that are so eager to comfort and help us.

    Wishing the best for you!

    Annie xx


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      Thank you for you reply.

      I don't drink caffinated products at all, if I have coffee I always have de-caf, don't like Cola etc never have.

      I drink alot of herbal teas different flavours, water, make my own juices etc adding ginger to almost all juices as also get nausea another thing i forgot to mention to my already long list.

      I will look up maca as I have never heard of it.

      Thank you for you support & help. x

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    Hello Deborah, I have had almost every symptom you named, since this summer. It's awful. I am planning on seeing my health food man because I am fundamentally opposed to hrt. I started getting the cysts too, I had one on my shoulder and breast, I have 2 more on my collar area. All of these issues started when the heat flashes also started. It's now to the point where i get heat flashes 3 to 5 times a day. I'm using more supplements and i am hopefull that it's going to get better.
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      Thank you for your reply. Let us know what the health food expert recommends, I too don't want HRT if at all possible to get by without.

      These cyst like spots are a pain, not had any on my body as yet, mainly jaw, one on my temple.

      I'm hopefully things will improve, trying to stay positive smile

      I'm thankful I don't feel depressed but can be a bit tearful

      occasionally. x

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      Hi Deborah, I have a friend with whom I teach with also, I live in the U.S and she sells Shaklee, I am sure thats in theU.K too, at any rate, she has given me a catalog with products (All Natural) for menpause and its accompanying symptons, today I plan on looking at the catalog too. I am very frustrated with the hotflashes, I used to only get them once or twice a month, now its 4-5 times a DAY. Black Cohosh never helped me, my mother swears by it. As far as one issue that helps me a little is exercise, I notice when I really go hard some of the symptons seem to help. I always thought menpause brought heat flashes and thats it, I had no idea that it caused joint swelling, joing pain, pain in extremities, sleeplessness, cold chills, hair loss. NO wonder this is kept a secret, it would lead to mass panic if women knew what was awaiting them. LOL
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      Ha ha you are so right smile i can just imagine mass panic with all women approaching menopause.

      My Mum & some of my friends have sailed through menopause with no problems though so I do not know anyone personally thats going through the same long list of symptoms that I have & some other ladies on here, thats why I'm so glad I found this forum.

      I just dont have the energy to exercise at the moment sad hopefully my energy levels will improve with the magnesium, multi vits etc


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    Oh deborah when i started to read your post i thought i'd wrote it until i came to the bladder trouble which is one symptom i've not had and the cravings as i have no appetite but the rest YES YES YES all of it. I'm 52 just and i think i started all this jan 2012 when i first started to felt faint daily or as you say as if i was about to loose consciousness and that was the scariest thing for me i became hermit for some time.  I so relate to you, i get the hormonal chin spots as well.  What with horrendous PMS and spots i seem to have reverted back to a teenager (obviously dont look it sadly).  I must say i have improved since October last year and but sadly my hair is thining and my fringe has become so thin and whispy and i've noticed a fwe chin hairs which i will have to have some IPL laser treatment done again as i did years ago. i too am so happy i have support on this site as my GP has no time for menpausal women and your all helping me get through this.  sending you an enormous warm hug x
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      Big hugs to you too. Its so great to have support from others going through the same thing. My Mum & friends sailed through with no problems so feel very alone in this. I have great support from my Husband who actually looked my symptoms up online & told me not to worry I think its menopause! I think my main symptoms began around a year ago,  maybe longer but not as intense as they are now, I'm hoping this means its coming to an end, i'm also 52. I have seen a couple of GP's both very unsympathetic & not very helpful at all, one offered me the pill, I am seeing a new Dr tomorrow & will write all my symptoms & I will let you know how i get on.

      So sorry you have lost your appetite sad wish I could for the chocolate.


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      thanks for the hug.  I too am alone in this as i don't know anyone p what ersonally going through this and my sister who's 4 yrs older than me has had nothing , her periods just stopped and my mum died at 45yrs so i can't go on what she was like cos she hadn't started with it.  My husband is great but i sometimes wonder if he thinks im exaggerating and surely i can't feel bad every day. Anyway how have you got on at your GP's do you feel any better for seeing him/her ? 
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