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I've hit day 10 of being sober with the help of about 20mg of Baclofen a day. I take them in halves as needed.

I thought I went through the withdrawal process but as of last night I started feeling even more tired, nauseaus, brain fog, lightheaded & basically worse than I have.  

I thought I'd be feeling the same or even somewhat better.  I've tried going for a walk, getting a cold shower but I can't seem to shake these feelings.  

Anyone experience feeling worse around this time?

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    Baclofen is well known for having side effects, bad ones. I don't believe I have heard anyone on here that has stuck with it.

    Various people have said, it kills the want to drink, good and proper, but the side effects make it unpalatable to continue with.

    I don't think you are taking anywhere near the recommended amount for a starting dose. It also doesn't seem to have been proven how well it acts as a detox for cravings.

    If you take nalmefene/naltrexone you can carry on drinking, if you take Campral, then you should be detoxed first. I know how it is meant to work, I'm just not sure if it does the job of detox and anti-craving at the same time.

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      I've just been reading about Baclofen side effects and think it's best I get off them especially since I seem to have every side effect.  I was taking the baclofen before I quit 10 days ago so it's been about 3 weeks on it. 

      I don't want to drink again.  But, have the naltrexone on stand by should I relapse.

      Do you think by now I'm detoxed enough to try the Campral?  

      It's the holiday weekend here and I won't be able to get any until Tuesday.  

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      If you haven't had any alcohol for ten days, Campral will work, but it takes at least a week to kick in. Campral won't make you ill or have side effects if you drink, it just won't work. That would be like having a diet cola (or Coke Light, whatever they call it in the States) and then eating a six pack of doughnuts (or donuts), it would be pointless.

      If you can get it and keep off the booze until after the weekend, then go for it.

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      Love the example, lol.  Thank you.

      I don't much about Campral.  Is there a certain dosage I should be starting with?  Thank you RHGB.  I really wanted to confirm the side effects of baclofen and haven't read too much online or here about it's continuous positive usage.  Just seems to be more temporary.

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      You may want to keep the answer to yourself. If you are 60kgs or under, then four tablets a day, two morning, one noon, one evening.

      From memory, 60kgs is about 9.5 stone. If you are over 60kgs, then six tablets a day, two, two and two.

      The dosage remains the same whilst you are taking it.

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      After reverting lbs to kgs I think I'm 68 kgs as I'm about 150 lbs.  

      Thank you for the info.  I will be calling my family doctor on Tuesday.  

      I really want to remain abstinent as I've gotten this far.  I've realized the side effects to baclofen are not worth it.  I actually feel like drinking to take away those symptoms.  Part of me is glad I have to be at work soon, part would like to sleep all night, and the rest of me would like a drink.  Hoping the effects of the baclofen wear off soon.

      Thank you!!!!!

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      hi Kelly. Great effort and you are brilliant for trying to so hard. Never easy for certain. Cannot add much since I never took any medicine when I stopped and others make better replies than me. Mine is still: YOU CAN DO IT AND WELL DONE!! Robin
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      Thank you!  

      I'm just worried about withdrawals from stopping baclofen. I've read horror stories.  I shouldn't google!   I've only been taking it for 3 weeks and don't know how much lower I can go.

      It's good you made it without medication.  Time will tell.

      Thanks for the words of confidence!  

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      Hang in there Kelly, sounds like Campral might be the ticket for you! 
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      Yes the doseage for over 60kg is correct. 2x 333mg 3 times a day.

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      I should know, I've been taking it for the last four months.

      Anyway, good luck with it, I think you've just started on it, I can say that whilst it may not work for everyone, it has for me.

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      Yes today is day 3 on Campral and day 11 AF.

      It was your posts that encouraged me to push for the Campral, thank you.

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      Thank you, that means a lot to me. Obviously, if you've been reading my posts, you'll know you've got a few days to go before feeling the positive effect, but at least there are no side effects.

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