feeling unwekl for months multiple symptoms

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I'm a 42 yr old male.

I had a HA December 2012 requiring 2 stents.

Prescribed asprin, bisosoprol, simvastatin and ramipril that I've taken ever since.

Since August 2012 I started to have strange episodes where I would suddenly feel very weak and faint, sweat profusely, feel like I was in shock and just struck hard over the head and paralyzed down the left side face, arm and legs) and very nauseous.

I was taken to A&E treated for a TDS or mini stroke with CT, MRI scans coming back clear and a lumbar puncture also coming back clear

This has happened three times now since August 2012 with DRs suggesting these symptoms were unstable agina or anxiety or a sudden drop in blood pressure.

I've not been officially diagnosed with anything yet.

It got to the point where my quality of life has suffered dramatically.

I get breathless quite easily and don't sleep very well at all.

My wife isn't that sympathetic and tells me to grow up but to be honest I'm feeling totally crap most of the time.

I can't have sex with her for anymore than 2 minutes as I get very breathless and start coughing which just annoys her and puts a dampner on proceedings!

I work full time as a forklift truck driver and when lifting anything to any great height as a look up my head feels like its about to explode and I feel very sick.

Over the last week I've developed a terrible cough and a horrible rattling sound from my chest or throat when i exhale and thus is making even more uncomfortable.

Any advise is much apprichiated as this is really getting me down.

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    I am really sorry to hear your wife isn't sympathetic that is something you seriously don't need at the moment. As for feeling unwell I haven't a clue but some of your symptoms are similar to mine and my stations were causing my problem. Make another appointment with your GPS and discuss the side effects of your meds. I hope you get the help and support you need.
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      Thanks for being sympathetic!

      I have discussed this at length with my gp but because ive suffered with anxiety in the past they latch onto that and dont seem insterested.

      I know im not feeling really anxious just all this is making me feel pretty miserable and down.

      Biggest fear I have is losing my driving licence if this keeps happening

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      My meds won't be changed as my gp says im on the best treatment availible.

      With regard to other problems my gp sent me to see a councillor and she suggested that I have another sexual partner or a sex friend to see if I have problems with them or if i just have problems with my wife.

      I didn't go see her anymore after that suggestion.

      Something else I want to share is after I had my HA there was no after care.

      No support or no cardiac rehab.


      I slipped through the net according to Norfolk NHS

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      Its never too late to start Cardiac Rehab. Kick up a fuss Ivan get on the programme. After cardiac rehab join a cardiac fittness club like Heart Watch if one is available. You will feel better for doing something positive. I go to one in Leeds they are held in every sports centre here. Some of the guys have been going for 20 years.
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    I am NOT a doctor but I think its your medication that is causing most of your problems. Ramipril is linked to cronic coughing and I felt terrible when I was on it. Ask Dr to change it to Losartan because of the coughing. Your statin can cause problems too. Dr's like to give the largest does possible which is not right for everyone. Ask to change to a different Statin at a lower does. Beta Blockers can make you feel crap if the dose is too much for you. You need to take some control to improve your quality of life. If your Dr won't play change to another one. Stopping your statins for a few weeks won't kill you. Its a matter of trial and error. I have changed everyone of my meds since my HA in 2013 and feel much better for it. Go for it Ivan its your life NOT your doctors
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      Well said, I should also have mentioned in my comment To Ivan that statins are notorious for side effects (read the information sheet) and one could try changes in these too (differnt make/lower dose?) I'm 13 months revoering still have quad by pass surgery and still trying with my good GP's assistance and guidance to get my meds as near right as possible.
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    Sorry to learn of your plight, it seems to me that your GP is too quick to jump to conclusions and you need to get him/her to think out the box a bit. Ask what else could be causing these problems and ask for a cardiology check up. After all if you had stents in you have a right to ask for these to be confirmed as still being in order or not. Also Ramipril could be suspect if you have a bad cough. (Read the patient's information leaflet as I had to when I got a v bad cough.) My GP took me off Ramipril and put me on another drug which costs a little more for the NHS but has got rid of my side effect cough. Whatever you do remember you are in charge of your care and don't be fobbed off by your GP. Ask for a second opinion if you get no satisfaction.
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    I've learned far more here in the last hour than I ever have learned from my gp/ or hospital .

    Thanks for your kind words

    Means a lot!

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      Ivan, I agree with other comments here,,it sounds like side effects and I've had many of those. You do have to push your GP and get a referral to a cardiologist...its your right. My husband was on Ramipril and he suffered a chronic cough too. He was changed to Lasartan and his cough is gone, So keep pushing. Good luck.
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      I wish it was that easy.......I'll reply to everyone.

      I've pushed. Pulled. Begged. And got angry.

      I've been in tears about it. When I go and ask, bp is checked. It's usually OK.

      I get told I'm anxcious and more or less shown the door.

      I love a day without all these symptoms and one good nights sleep!

      At work today I've felt like I've had a one tonne weight on my head and it's about to explode.

      Not good when I'm driving a £60,000 forklift truck.

      Feel so sick all the time too.

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      Why don't you just vote with your feet and change GP question smile This GP is acting in a manner contrary to your long term well being neutral Anywayz. I'd knock the Ramipril on the head and double up on the Bisoprolol cheesygrin
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      The problem with doing that is that he will run out of Bisoprolol before his repeat prescription date. The online system at most surgeries does not let you get more of a drug until your next due date.  
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