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Hello everyone . 

Thanks RHGB for recommending thiamine . Can anyone suggest anything to help feeling tired. When I gave up years ago for three months I had the most terrible fatigue . This time ( 1 week sober) I am beginning to feel this tiredness again. It suddenly hits me during the day and I feel so tired in my eyes particularly.

My diet is very healthy and I'm eating enough. I don't want to start eating lots of sweet things as I don't want to put on weight. I used to be an evening drinker, normally a bottle of wine a night, sometimes more for about 15 years

Many thanks x

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    Are you getting good sleep? 

    You could try a B-complex, but it may be that your pancreas is adjusting to life without the drink and needs a little time to come around. 

    Is there a particular time of day that's difficult? 

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      Hi ADE

      Yes, getting lots of sleep and sleeping through my alarm !! Best sleep I've had for years 

      I have been taking vit B for a few months

      The time of day can be anytime. I remember last time , it got really bad if I was having coffee with someone or driving trying to keep my eyes open . It's not quite that bad but still a concern. Maybe like you say it's my body adjusting. Maybe I need more fluid too 

      Thanks for your help smile 

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      I was saying to someone below that if I get too much b-complex day after day it makes me feel really sluggish. So if you've been taking them for a few months, maybe talk to your doctor about that. I don't think that happens for everybody, but it might be worth a look. 
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    Hi. I know what you mean, I am 5 weeks sober and permanently shattered. I sleep but am still exhausted.

    I am taking Thiamine and Vit B compound and have been for months but it doesn't seem to help with the fatigue. Also I thought Vitamin B was great for your skin. I have spots like a teenager all of a sudden aswell as the black rings under my eyes. Haha. The joys.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry I don't have any answers about fatigue 😕 but I am interested on how you've given up alcohol. My story is pretty much the same as yours....amount of alcohol and length of time etc. I am currently doing a slow reduction to then hopefully either stop completely or manage it to just drinking at weekends. How have you managed to stop? Is it through ARC, gradual reduction or cold turkey? Am interested to know how you've done it and any timescales...if you don't mind!

    Many thanks and good luck to you!

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      Hi Rachel

      ADEs advice is good . That is what I am going to do next. Everybody has their own story and my battle with alcohol has been going on for many years. For me it sets off with stress and not coping with my emotions then once I start I cannot stop. 

      Although I say that, I am a very strong beleiver in controlling our own minds and changing our own behaviours successfully but only at the correct time for us. I am proof of this.

      I went cold turkey a few years ago and lasted three months! That was after an awful thing that happened and I felt very shameful. I succeeded!

      A few years previous to that I stopped for a few weeks because I was being harrassed and almost stalked. I was worried about my safety and my kids safety !! I succeeded!

      This time I went to AA ( I would not reccomend this but it works for some ) My experience was not good. I felt that I was not able to show my real self and felt controlled into conforming to the AA ways ! The thought of meeting with people regularly to talk about alcohol and to be reminded constantly that I am (not was ) an alcoholic was torture!!

      I have now learnt that nobody controlls the way I am or makes decisions for me. I have gone a week without drinking except one slip up last friday because of an upset. I drank a bottle and didnt feel bad about myself. My thoughts were....nevermind, today is a new day smile Shame about the headache !!! and I moved on until tonight when I chose to have one glass !! just to prove to myself that I could. When I poured half a glass more  from the bottle I heard my daughter coming back from work !! I quickly poured that bit down the sink . You could say I was saved by the bell smile And that makes me smile.

      It also means that I will definitely go to the doc as I said I would and will be going the medication route and Sinclair method.  . I'm very strong and determind and know that I would like a drink now and then but also know for sure that I need medical help . I am addicted when I start drinking and have tested myself enough.

      I hope my story helps Rachel. As you say if you think we are similar why not try the same

      good luck to you and best wishes x

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      Thankyou! I am also pretty strong minded once I'm in the right mindset...I gave up smoking cold turkey and believe I can do the same with alcohol. The only reason I haven't gone cold turkey is because I've read and been advised not to because of the adverse effects it can have on your health ie seizures. I don't get shakes or sweats (unless I've had major binge!) and I have stopped for 3-4 days before and felt fab! I only started again due to really wanting a drink but I feel in a different mindset this time. Did you have any adverse reactions by going cold turkey? I do have an appointment with an ARC next week but really want to try and do this myself without the aid of medication so am on the verge of cancelling.

      Am really keen to know how it was for you when you went cold turkey.

      Many thanks 😊

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      If you have made the app then why not just go anyway . I had a few little shivers in the first few mornings then felt a liittle scatty and clumsy . If you say you drink the same amounts as me then you should be fine but then we are all different . You did say you felt fab after four days so maybe thats proof to yourself. 

      Whats really fab is discovering how to really laugh again and when I get into conversations , my anxiety soon goes quickly and I feel amazing . I gave up smoking a few years ago cold turkey too !! Very very very difficult but did it . I truely believe in adopting a change of behaviour and to do this regularly ! I am very aware of not making anything a habit now. For example, I dont eat a little chocolate bar at the same time with my tea while watching eastenders , otherwise it will become a habit . I may have the bar instead of a drink but never at the same time of day .We are strange creatures arent we ha ha 

      Best of luck Rachel , you can do this smile 

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      Aww thanks Robin. This site has helped me so much. There is nothing more rewarding than helping another. Your kind words are very encouraging to me smile Have a lovely day 
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