Fibroids and constipation

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so I have a large degenerative fibroid, which could be the cause of nerve pain in my buttock.  I'm on a variety of pain meds, which has obvious consequences. I was never the most regular but now I am really struggling - I've been given movicol, but have yet to see more than the odd fairly hard stool. To make matters worse I am not finding it hard to urinate, especially first thing in the morning - it is terrifying - needing to go and not being able to. I suspect it may be a combination of fibroid and pressure from stools against bladder maybe. I'm eating healthily and drinking lots - not good when can't wee! Any suggestions for foolproof non gripey laxatives? I need to sort this as its getting to the point I'm sort of giving up on everything. 

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    I feel your's like each day is a bigger battle than the last. Right now it feels like someone is squeezing my mid back. It's sore and tingly and very uncomfortable. I also have severe constipation.It's the worst you feel so bloated and blocked up. Try Senna tea. I get extremely anxious and depressed and I'm sure it's this soccer ball sized demon. I'm always here if you want to talk. However I am no 'mr brightside'
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    hi there, as you have said hun drink plenty, take regular exercise and i eat prunes,drink prune juice eat lots of fibre for breakfast,eg: Muesli, apples ,pears oh and believe it or not liquorice.

    ​hope this helps hun take care 😊

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    Hello Micramary 

    In past I had massive constipation problem after my pregnancy . Couldnt seat on sofa or anywhere just walk, stand or sleep .breast feed only lying on the bed because my anus was tears every time when I go to toilet or seat on sofa ( sorry for very clear language) I used to cry because of pain . Was taking laxative given by GP but was not very useful . After around three months I got this email about Japanese water therapy and I followed all instruction like they asked . Believe me you will see result in 2-3 days for constipation . It works for me like magic . I am pasting whole message here . Hope it will work for you too . 

    Water Therapy

            Drink six (6) glasses of water (1.5 liters) everyday and avoid medicine, tablets, injections, diagnosis, doctor fees, etc. 

           You can never believe before practicing.

    List of Diseases That Can Be Cured By Water Therapy  

         Blood Pressure / Hypertension

           Anemia (Blood Shortage)

           Rheumatism (Pain in joints / muscles)

           General Paralysis

           Obesity

           Arthritis

           Sinusitis

           Tachycardia

           Giddiness

           Cough

          Leukemia

           Asthma

           Bronchitis

           Pulmonary Tuberculosis

           Meningitis

           Kidney Stones

           Hyper Acidity   

           Gastroenteritis

           Uterus Cancer

           Rectal Piodapse

           Constipation

           Hostorthobics

           Diabetes

           Eye Diseases

           Ophthalmic Hemorrhage & Opthalmia (Reddisheye)

           Irregular Menstruation

           Breast Cancer

           Laryngitis

           Headache

           Leukemia

    ■ Urogenital Diseases


     Therapy Procedure

           Early morning, after you get up from bed, (without even brushing your teeth) drink 1.5 liters of water i.e., 5 to 6 glasses. Let us all know that ancient Indians termed this therapy as "Usha Paana Chikitsa" . You may wash your face thereafter.

           Here it is very essential to note that nothing else, neither drinks nor solid food of any sort should be taken within 1 hour before and after drinking these 1.5 liters of water.

           It is also to be strictly observed that no alcoholic drinks should be taken the previous night.

           If required, boiled and filtered water may be used for this purpose.

           It is difficult to drink 1.5 liters of water at one time, but you will get used to it gradually.

           Initially, while practicing you may drink four glasses first and to balance two glasses after a gap of two minutes.

           You may find the necessity to urinate 2 to 3 times within an hour, but it will become normal after quite some time.


    By Research and Experience

           The following diseases are observed to be cured with this therapy within the indicated days as below:

      Constipation               - 1 day

     Acidity                        - 2 days

     Diabetes                     - 7 days

     Cancer                       - 4 weeks

     Pulmonary TB             - 3 months

     BP & Hypertension       - 4 weeks

            Note:  

    It is advised that persons suffering from Arthritis or Rheumatism should practice this therapy thrice a day, i.e. morning, midday and night, 1 hour before meals for one week; and twice a day subsequently until the disease disappears. 

     How Does Pure Water Act?

        Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies human body. It renders the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as " Haematopaises". That the mucous folds of the colon and intestines are activated by this method is an undisputed fact, just as the theory that the mucous fold produces new fresh blood. 

     ■ If the colon is cleansed then the nutrients of the food taken several times a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucous folds they are turned into fresh blood. The blood is all-important in curing ailments and restoring health and for this water should be consumed in a regular pattern. 

    Life is Short, Just go for it

    Hope this will help you 

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      I will certainly give this a go. The only snag is I have to take pain meds for the nerve pain - it would be intolerable if I couldn't, but it's definitely worth a go. I do think hydration is key. When I was in hospital I was put on iv fluids during the night and the next day every time I went to the toilet I would have vowel motions - hydration. 
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      I'm planning to do one soon. I have a massive fibroid. From my pelvic bone, right up to my ribs. I believe that it is causing this unbearable anxiety and depression, I am always uncomfortable and sore. I have derealisation issues, and I would live in a hospital just to know I'm ok. It's impacting my life in a very big way. I feel like my marraige might end because of it. I am doing the ACV and BSM thing, castor oil packs and I try to stay away from sugar, dairy, carbs and meat. I take vit c, efa, iron, agnus cadtus, lady logic, b vitamins. I still have this constant feeling like I'm op is not an option for me. My medical aid won't pay for it and the public healthcare in this country is terrible (south africa) my back goes, achy, tingly and numb. I feel like I'm 80 years old. I'm only 32...
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      I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I have dark moments but at least I know there's an end to it in April. The tablets to help with cramping did help and the irony is if I get this constipation pain sorted, the nerve pain will seem a doddle. Keep trying the different things, I'm sure one of them will help - it's finding that one that is hard. Keep going and keep on this forum. 
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      I bought that one too Melanie, honestly it's so restricting and I'd never be able to get hold of the supplements. I'm not even sure that the restrictions in diet are worthwhile. What can you live off easily  if there's no dairy, carb or meat? Don't tell me no vegetarians ever get fibroids, if it was that simple someone would have made the connection. 

      How long have you been taking the ACV and BM? I have a problem with the BM as it's so sickly, don't like it in a drink. I have started having it on toast which makes it palatable. 

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    I also feel your pain, I have been diagnosed with Fibroids I'm 36 years old from UK. One of the fibroids in particular is almost blocking my rectum. I've also been on pain medication to help with fibroids and back pain, groin pain, leg pain ect but unfortunately normal paracetamol and ibroprufen don't help me anymore therefore I took cocodamol which made it even worse to go to the toilet. I had an MRI and was shown the fibroid after being rather ill a few months back and the registrar said I only have a small gap to pass waste and when I'm straining even more the fibroid further pushes down on the rectum. It's so frustrating, I eat well and drink plenty and walk daily but I'm still having problems now.

    My gyne has put me in a pre op drug called Esmya I'm currently on my second month but since missing my period the side effects have started to kick in and I literally ache all over, feel dizzy at times, totally exhausted, still in pain as I'm scared death to take cocodamol anymore and I'm just totally fed up. The doctors have told me to keep my stools soft I should take a daily dose of lactulose and I'm also using glycerin suppositories to help with the constipation.

    I have to return to gyne at the end of April after 3 months taking Esmya for a follow up and hopefully I will be more or less straight in for a hysterectomy, I'm kinda scared that they will give me another 3 months supply of Esmya to take as it's proving even worse as its not relieving my symptoms God knows if it's actually shrinking the fibroids like it should be?!? I feel 96 not 36 st my wits end and I just want my life back. The lactulose and suppositories don't gripe me and I do find it keeps my stools soft if that's any help to you. My doctor said its ok to use in this situation long term as they won't have bad consequences on my bowels in the long run xx

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      I'm in in on esmya too - not sure I see the point as I'm booked for a hysterectomy in April. I've been given magnesium hydroxide as a stool softener and then Dulcolax or Senna as stimulant. I gave up on movicol because I spent the whole day with cramps. I'm also holding back on the stimulants and focusing on stool softener. I'm drinking loads and eating well, but I think my fibroid is pressing agains my rectum which is causing a lot of issues. I am going to give the water treatment a go.
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    Hi there,

    I am going through the same thing as you.  Three weeks ago I woke up and couldn't urinate first thing in the morning.  Ended up going to A&E and was put on catheter.  Actually stayed in hospital for 5 nights!!  Apparently my 7cm fibroid is sitting on my bladder.  I'm also having constipation too and take Lactulose which does help things along abit.  I have an appt next week with Gynae and I know they are going to say Hysterectomy.

    You're not alone Micramary, don't give up!

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    I also had a degenerating fibroid (which has since stopped degenerating, although it's still quite large) and in fact I first became aware of it BECAUSE I had such terrible constipation, I couldn't go for 6 days. I felt like I was being poisoned by my own waste! (Not that I know if that's possible, but it just felt that way).

    Anyway, I can vouch for the Senna pod tea, like someone else did, as well as drinking water, eating veges, and cutting right down on meat and dairy. (I have since gone totes vegan and feel MUCH better, however, I'm aware this isn't for everyone. ....Oh, and asides from pain meds, if you're taking iron supplements they are the biggest offenders for constipation. Take them with a bunch of fruit. .... And a final note, my fibroid took about 2 months to stop degenerating, but once it did the pain pretty much subsided also. 

    Best luck, dear! xox Rosie

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