Finally off Mirtazapine for first time in 4 years but 3-weeks post tapering off I FEEL AWFUL, HELP

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Hi Everyone

I was wondering if anyone could help or reassure me...

I was on 30mg of mirtazapine for approx. 4 years for anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. In those 4 years, this drug wrecked havoc on my body:

Gained 70 pounds

Developed GERD

Developed a food allergy (oddly enough)

Had a serious difficulty (if not an impossibility) losing weight

Had digestive issues

Back in September, I decided to taper off mirtazapine because I wanted to try to get pregnant in a year and I figured that the damage this medicine was doing was not worth it anymore. So my tapering off began October 3rd (every 12 or so days, I went from 26.25mg --> 22.5mg --> 18.75mg --> 15mg --> 11.25mg --> 7.5mg --> 3.75mg --> 0mg which ended December 25th.

I barely had any noticeable side effects or withdrawal symptoms during the tapering. Very light dizziness on the days I made each switch, light anxiety sprinkled throughout the entire 3 month process.

I am currently on day 23 of not taking mirtazapine and I have been feeling TERRIBLE. Severe waves of anxiety, panic at night, racing negative thoughts, zero appetite, very foggy memory, inability to focus as well as I used to, and feeling depressed and rather hopeless.

I guess I'm just wondering if anyone here went through a process similar to mine and started having withdrawals AFTER completely tapering off mirtazapine and how long it lasted for you? I read one comment saying that the withdrawal effects peak at the 3-4 week mark but I curious if that was while tapering off, stopping cold turkey, or just being off mirtazapine after tapering??

I'm scared that these horrible feelings will last forever.

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    from what i hear and read this is very common when discontinuing.

    theres support groups on facebook that are fantastic and so many people in the same situation that can give advice and answer some questions!

    some people really struggle whilst tapering and then come out of it the other side. some people like you find tapering easy but struggle a few weeks down the line after and some people struggle for months even years during the whole process.

    im one of the unlucky ones and tapering is a huge struggle for me. i only do drops of 2mg every month because my body simply can not handle it!

    common discontinuing symptoms are dizziness, waves of nausea, spiked anxiety, digestive issues, and insomnia!

    some people say they have 'windows' meaning they have occasional days where they feel find and then the withdrawal hits again.

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    Well done for getting so far. I have had similar experience whilst being on Mirt. I managed to lose weight then it would just fly back on again even after just slight diet changes. Started to feel like a zombie and had issues with severe bloat, migranes and felt like it plateau'd.

    I am into week 2 of my taper from 30mg to 15mg.

    I have researched forum after forum after forum and more or less extract the same information.

    Research from other peoples experiences lead me to believe that after completely stopping the drug, discontinuation symptoms can occur from 2 weeks up to 6 months, depending on the individual. It can be a case of old symptoms re-occuring or your brain adapting back to normality. I think the next 12-16 weeks are key in regaining a full positive drug free recovery. You may need some therapy or extra help for motivation. Just got to keep telling yourself that it's eventually going to get better. I guess its just a case of riding it out and doing whatever it takes to help alleviate or ease your withdrawal symptoms without transferring back to the Drugs. I've read about people taking diazepam or zopiclone for anxiety/sleep but then becoming addicted to them. Some people believe CBD oil has worked in the stages of week 6 to week 16. I guess we are all different and you should be really positive at how far you have come. I am no medical expert so unsure if doing the taper from 3.75mg to a smaller dose for a longer period may have softened the blow or not, it seems like everyone experiences the discontinuation effects after completely stopping. Fingers crossed the symptoms start disappearing pretty soon for you. hang in there and keep us updated of any progress

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    Don't despair Brittany, like you I did a slow taper after 3 years in which I had all the side effects you had. I'm not going to lie to you but it took 3 maybe 4 months to start feeling better. I'm glad I stuck it out because I really do feel better now, I also took a low dose of diazapan when I was feeling really bad. It ain't easy getting off these meds buy try your best and you'll be glad you did, also maybe ask your G. P. for something to help you sleep, anyway good luck girl and try to stay positive, It Will Pass.

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    hello, going to play devils advocate, to give you the other option. youve done quite a quick reduction in mirt. looks like you didnt need your high doses any more, but perhaps you needed at least a low dose. looking back, and if it was me, i would have stuck with 7.5mg for a lot longer, at least a few months, before dropping further. as long as you can handle things as they are try to stick with it. if you get worse, consider going back to 7.5mg for a while. see your dr regularly, so they can monitor how you are doing. all the best.

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    Hi Brittney

    I was on Mirtazapine for 10 months and absolutely hated it. Its 11 months since I finally tapered right off. I recommend this - while coming off I had a notebook, everyday I would write a number out of 10 on how I was feeling for the day. Just had a look at the notebook, the early months off it being mainly 2 -5 but after about the fourth month off I was getting 7s most days. This drug has its hooks like nothing else. I felt like ending it while on it and in the early days of getting off. There was no hope. But now with meditation and exercise I feel like a miracle has occcured and feel really good most days. Some of the triggering situations in my life have changed too which makes a difference. If you can stay the course remaining off it you will be rewarded. I hope you find the strength. Below is my article on my experience with Mirt. All the very best

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    Oh A,B,C

    May I suggest you look up natural ways to come off your drug name. I think diet is really the cure for most of our ills I do know we lack magnesium in our food today. Research all information some good, some not. I could say more, but I reckon this site is getting upset with me.


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    actually, try cbd oil. more effective if vaped, but you can swallow drops. just need to make sure the stuff you get is strong enough. most of the cheap ones are too weak. you want at least 10% strength, 20% better, but more expensive. you cant take too much of it, excess is just waste. most people use cheap weak ones which dont do much. vaping gives you almost instant relaxation. no side effects, even next day.

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    Hello Brittney

    Sorry to hear about your struggles! I can identify with a lot of it. I was on Mirt for about a year, and tapered off for about 2 months. I was on 30mg and then 15mg for a few months so my tapering started with halving that for a month, then halving again for another month, then off.

    I felt the horrible symptoms for a few days, but I felt really strong in myself, and stuck it out, and to my relief I got a half decent night's sleep. That was a couple of weeks ago and from there it was much better. I do feel it still affects my emotions though. Especially when I first get up in the morning I can feel really low, or upset. But I've learned to pay it no mind and remind myself that it's just a temporary chemical imbalance, which always passes.

    So my advice is firstly to be strong. You are stronger than you know, and so is your body. Treat all the symptoms like bodily occurrences, and don't allow your mind to panic or think anything else but "this is just my body readjusting". Just breathe through it. Also, try to have a 'normal' day as much as possible. Keep yourself busy. It's really hard I know! I know for some it takes longer to recover than others and I was very lucky.

    Also get melatonin, GABA, and CBD oil to take before bed. I think CBD especially works wonders.

    Good luck


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