First day on Mirtazapine

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I started on Mirtazapine yesterday and took my first dosage at 2am this morning. I have felt dreadful all day and feel groggy and tired with very heavy limbs.

Is this likely to improve? My GP stated that I was welcome to call her up and discuss next week should I have this effect.

I have tried Sertraline but this just increased my anxiety. I feel even worse now as I feel that no medication is going to help me.

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    I tried Mirtazapine last year and I found this feeling never went away, I always felt tired and groggy and just not interested in anything. I started at 15mg and wnet up to 30mg but it got worse so I had to come off it. 
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      Hi Liam,

      Many thanks for your reply. Did you try another medication or just come off them all together?

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      I went onto Venlafaxine and I'm taking 150mg XL capsules, they really helped me but recently I've been struggling with reccurring symptoms so may be having an increase soon, just waiting to see my consultant next week, 
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    I've been on 30mg mirtazapine for 6 years and it's been fine for me. I take it at bedtime (10 pm) and then sleep normally and feel OK the next day. It's very early days for you to judge whether it's going to work, antidepressants usually take a few weeks to settle in. But it is up to you to decide whether you can tolerate it, in consultation with your GP. Everyone is different in their reaction to drugs. I hope you get sorted out.
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      Hi Pixie,

      Did you have the initial reaction of tiredness?

      I had hoped it would wear off as the day progressed (or at least lessen) but it has not been the case.

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      Well I did feel very tired all the time but I put it down to the depression. It did ease off as the depression lifted. I'm trying to reduce the mirtazapine since iI've been better for a while and I'm struggling with the LACK of sedative effects. I've been waking up too early in the mornings.
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      I'm on day 2 and it was even worse, I had a terrible nights sleep, I'm not taking it anymore
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      Thanks for your reply. I am on day 2 and feel so light headed and dizzy even two hours after waking up.

      I feel this medication is just making things worse as I am unable to do anything positive like go for a walk or read good fiction and am just sat here ruminating on my problems.

      I really feel like I want to die as I find life so much of a struggle sad

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    Yes, it gets better every day. Within a week you should feel absolutely normal. I would take it around 9 pm though.
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    I've been reading all the posts in this discussion. It really comes down to what your reaction is to the mirtazapine and how much of the transitional effects you can tolerate while you wait to see if it suits you. But I am not medically qualified, just someone who has been through it and come out at the other side. Your doctor is the one to ask about it, but you don't have to feel desperate and alone. Tell friends or family if they will listen, or there are people on this forum who understand. The Samaritans are always there to listen. Try to find something you can distract yourself with it, such as TV (even rubbish!) , simple puzzles, music, anything to get you through the hours. And don't beat yourself up about how you feel - it's an illness, like anything else. I hope that helps a bit. Pixie xx
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    If you are just on your first night, There is still a long ways to go before feeling the full effect of the Mirt.

    I wanted to stop it so many times the first week, I hated it!

    I was restless, full of anxiety and the dreams were driving me crazy, I went on to 30mg after the first week on 15mg, and even then, it was causing me so much sleeplessness and dreams were upsetting me tremedously, but I assure you, that it gets better, for most ppl anyway. I read on  this site that many ppl also have to come off it, thier choice, or thier docs choice , because the side effects were too awful. But In my case , Mirt is an amazing drug, it has cured my anxiety and depression , I feel groggy some days, but not depressed and I have been able to get thru my days with no anxiety , I have started a perscription for trazedone however because mirt is not strong enough to keep me brain asleep all night. and i feel the effects from the traz the next day, but I just march on thru it. I feel bad for the ones that have to come off mirt due to its side effects because it truly is a wonder drug in my life

    I hope that you can stick thru it and go the full 6-8 weeks to see it work its full potential...

    all the best to you!!!


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    Switch between two tablets will make your body feel awful, I came off mitazapine in 3 days as it just wasn't not for me at the highest dosage (45mg) and went on to Mirtazapine I felt pretty poorly during the change and I have when I moved on to Mirtazapine from citalpram. Give it a few days I guess.

    I would say one thing thou taking it at 2 am is not the best time to take it as it does tend to help you sleep. When I took it at night it was usual between 6pm and 8pm and I be a sleep by midnight and would feel reasonable ok the following day

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    I felt so low this afternoon that I went down to the river and felt like jumping in (I do not swim). This was so frightening to me though that I could not do it.

    I feel so bad and just want my pain to end.

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      Believe me, I do understand, i recognise the feeling of despair. Talk to someone, don't try to face it on your own. Samaritans? Crisis line phone number?. If you are in the Uk you can phone 111, I don't know what the number is in other countries.Try to hang on in there, and get back to your doctor as soon as you can. I am wishing you well - I do hope you get something to help.

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