Floating stools, upper right and left abdominal ache, Mid back pain... Need help...

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Dear all,

I am a 35yrs male overweight. Since the last 5-6 months i started to experience abdominal discomfort that started around the navel area but has now shifted to upper right and left quadrant. I have floating yellow stools since 2 months and middle back discomfort that sometimes is painful but at others just feels like a discomfort. I have been to the GP several times was given an Ultrasound and blood works that showed a slight fatty liver but LFT was fine. Lipase level was at 16 U/L which also falls in the the reference range. Most of my symptoms worry me of pancreas Cancer but my GP laughs and thinks i am hypochondriac..please suggest what to do as the everyday overthinking is taking over my life and social circle.. I sometimes think it can be celiac? But not sure.. Any help is welcomed...

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    Gallbladder is one of the possibilities and to tests the function only a HIDA scan will show the % it is functioning. Ultrasounds will only show sludge or stones. It's something to look into if all else is coming back normal. 

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      I seriously dont know how to push my Doctor for it. I am awaiting a result from Fecal Fat which "if" positive might give me a chance to make him write me a Hida Scan since the Ultrasound shows nothing but a very slight fatty Liver

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      Pushing your doctor for scans is simple.  All you have to do is ask your doctor straight out for one.  I pushed my doctor for a celiac test because no one had thought of it.  My doctor was surprised that it hadn’t been done.  I simply asked for a celiac blood test and it was arranged for me.
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      I live in Canada and things in this country work a bit differently. To see a specialist one has to wait for 6-12 months if things are not very serious. Which in my case dont put me in the Emergency category.

      I just feel helpless for now. Overything the entire situation. The Doctor thinks an Ultrasound and Lipase test is enough to rule it out.

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    It's really not that simple as asking your gp for a scan especially in the UK. 

    I have only had an ultrasound with them and every other scan was paid for privately because the GP just fobs you off because you are too young to Be seriouslly ill.

    They also don't offer yearly routine Ct scans either in this country, unless they are monitoring a disease. 

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    Push for tests, doctors shouldn't laugh at you if it's in your family... Maybe the tests you have rule it out? 

    Here are some caused of fatty stools. I get them occasionally, but not sure enough to warrant investigation? Do you get them daily? If so i'd be more worried... 


    I also get back pain and pins and needles in arms (a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome btw).


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    We have very similar stories.  I have been having floating fatty stools and upper left abdominal pain that runs through to my back and side at times since the end of January.  Along the way I developed reactive hypoglycemia and neurophathy as well.  Truly, I have been having some type of abdominal issues since December of 2016.  I have had CT scans w/contrast, without contrast, Ultra Sound, 2 Endoscopes, 1 colonoscopy, 1 MRI Abdomen/MRCP, stool test, and an untold amount of blood work.  All in all, everything has been negative except some slightly low amylase, borderline low B12 ,and chronic gastritis.  After taking B12 for three months sublingual, the neuropathy has cleared.  I also have Hashimoto's disease which I do not know if it is related, except that it may be causing some hyper motility.  I am on my third Gastroenterologist but now at a major University hospital.  Celiac is clear, H-Pylori is clear, C-Diff clear, they think they have ruled out the pancreas, so now we are looking into the possibility of SIBO, and I go for the breath test in roughly 6 weeks.   One question is, have you taken any antibiotics including broad spectrum recently before your stomach issues started?  I was taking Bactrim right before this started which may have triggered the overgrowth.   I pray this is the answer and it is positive.   As another recommended, a HIDA scan may be a good option as it is known to cause similar effects.  So in short if your pancreas is clear of something sinister, your other possibilities are gallbladder, Celiac, pancreatic endocrine inefficiency, or SIBO.  Best of luck to you, I understand the stress it causes, as I have had all the same fears!

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      Thanks for sharing your situation with us here. I dont think after all the scans and Bloodworks you have had you should be concerned about your pancreas.

      It indeed is very stressful going through all this and on the top trying to convince your primary healthcare doctor to either refer me to a GI or push for further tests. I have recently developed a very loud intestines which never stop moving and it does not matter if i am eating or not they continue to make strange noises.

      Lets hope we all are safe from what we fear and our health recovers to normal soon.


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      Agreed in regards to the pancreas. It has helped to alleviate some of my fears.   Have you taken any antibiotics recently, or high powered probiotics?  These two items are triggers for SIBO which are very similar symptoms. 
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      I was taking antibiotics and high probiotics before all this started. Which was in April, or May could it still be causing me pain? 
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      I did take Antibiotics for throat infection and Kidney infection in April-May but i do remember pains before that even.

      Just an update after My Doctor visit today

      Fecal Globules Test Normal

      No Excess fat Globules seen.

      Direct and Total Bilirubin Normal

      Doctor says there are no Red Flags so far for him to take action and the pains can be from muscles too. Has asked me to relax my mind for a month as overthinking can be a cause of all this. If still pain persists come back and will forward me to a GI.

      Now how do i spend this month i have absolutely no clue.

      Someone help!!!

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      Try meditation. Also something that might sound super weird but has helped me immensely try thinking about your death and overcoming the fear of dying which is where all the anxiety comes from is that we are so afraid of dying that we get scared of being sick we have to remind ourselves that no one is promised a long healthy life and everyone dies at some point in time. I know that sounds awful! I’m sorry if it doesn’t help you but it has helped me immensely in calming and centering myself. 
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      Do as your doctor suggests and relax your mind! You have had negative test results and no red flags.  This should be a comfort to you.  Keep telking yourself  that your doctor’s appointment had a positive outcome for you.  You did not find out anything frightening. Simply concentrate on the things you enjoy and try light exercise.  This will help you.  Anxiety can cause all sorts of symptoms and can irritate the gut.  The more you distract yourself, the better you will feel.

      You always have the option of seeing your doctor again, if the pain is still there or gets worse after a month. 

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      Thanks Pippa

      I have loud intestinal Gurgling like noise coming which is definitely not normal. One month is not a big time since i have been in this entire e situation for the past 5-6 months now.

      I am trying my best to distract myself from whatever is going on inside my body but my symptoms keep giving me nightmares now.

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      Hi bravenkhan im 22 having the same symptoms, scares the heck outta me. I myself neex to go back to my gp. Great news your pushing! Have your eyes been more veiny?

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      Yes i see my left eye becomes very red sometimes for no reason..

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