Fluoxetine (Prozac) nearly killed me!

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Following the death of my father I was upset (no brainer really) so the GP handed out these lethal pills like a packet of smarties. I was reluctant to take them but was greeted with \"well, what else do you want me to do about it\"- and so my hell began. First came the twitching, the sweating, the sleepless nights, the slurring speech, the confusion and emotional outburst. So they prescribed MORE!

It has cost me a lot of money but a Consultant Psychiatrist at The Priory final said \"I'll tell you what they have done to you, you had Serotonin Syndrome, you are lucky you didn't die\"!

Why did I react like this? Because I wasn't depressed!! These things act on the same chemical in the brain as exstacy and I was OD'ing!

When I discontinued the poison I made a full recovery. The GMC are now involved as are solicitors. I don't want this to happen to anyone else!

PLEASE if you suffer any symptoms (especially twitching that indicated brain damange) speak to your GP and ask what they know about Serotonin Syndrome (Serotonin Toxicity)

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    Bloody hell 'Luckyescape' Thank God you're OK

    I do find I have shaky hands, but I am sure the fluoxetine has helped me more than harmed me - I am always hot, and tired, but these are normal side effects aren't they?

    You're post could scare people quite a lot - I understand how you must be feeling - is the illness you have quite a rare illness? If anyone is concerned I would go to their Dr straight away - but it has to be remembered everyone is different. God I am just a teeny bit scared myself - but although my hands shake - I wouldn't say I was twitching like you describe.

    I really hope you'll be OK, and I hope you get the outcome you hope for and deserve after all you've been through

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    Hi Suziesue,

    I don't mean to 'scare' anyone just to warn them. Doctors do not know everything (what's the difference between God and A Doctor?? - God doesn't think he's a Doctor ;-)).

    It wasn't an 'illness' I was being poisoned. However a Consultant Psychiatrist failed to diagnose it and attributed it to all manner of mental illness. This resulted in my 4 year old son being taken away from me. (NEVER under ANY circumstances ask Social Services for help either!) I have also lost my job and thus, may soon lose my home. I was told it was a rare side-effect but this does not excuse the Psych. A young GP at my surgery, I saw subsequently was fully aware of the condition.

    I am not bitter and am trying my best to get on with my life for my son's sake now that I have finally made a full recovery (apart from the occassional twitch in my lower limbs due the brain damage......).

    I'm sure it is effective medication for many, many people but don't let the medical proffession tell you you are depressed when you are merely reacting to stress as any human being should.

    Good Luck everyone.

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    Hi Luckyescape,

    Just been reading your posts with great interest. I have just started fluroxetine today after coming off mirtazapine which I had side effects from. I too was diagnosed with depression but like yourself i lost my dad last year amongnst lots of other things happening in my life which i wont bore you with, led to me taking an overdose and ending up in hospital for 2 weeks on a psy ward. It does make me wonder whether alot of my problems were stress related in fact the more i think about it they were! But you get to the point when you just convince that you are severly depressed. Anyway im still gonna continue with these meds and hope for the best. I really really hope things get better for you as i thought i was gonna loose my family too.

    Take care and good luck x

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    Hi nelliemac

    The death of my father also triggered all this off

    Now im losing my mother too - and I can not bare it

    But I know one thing. I dont really know anything.

    Life is so SH** when you lose some one you love - I know that too well - but we all have to learn from it - and by that, I mean what is really important in life - in my eyes now - it's only simple - the people you love - their health and yours - the things I took for granted. if you break a material thing - it can be replaced - if you lose someone you love with all your heart - then you realise what really matters in life

    Both of you - nothing and no words can say what you feel and have lost - maybe there is a difference between loss and depression - but the fluoxetine is working for me

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    Was on fluoxetine for only 5 weeks, I was given these because over my marrage had broke down - Became homless also at that time we had just moved from England to Ireland, on top of this I was a full time carer for my wife for 7 years and only in the last year my mother who just turned 60 now suffers from dementia who dosn't haven't a clue what day it is or what time or month.

    Through all this (plus some other crap things did happen in my life) decided to end it all - I was happy to be in full controll of doing this, I take full resposibility for these actions I was about to take, but an old friend saw what I was going through and took me to my G.P who did put me on Fluoxrtine, yeah took them for 5 weeks, yeah it took the edge off life and all the crap that was going and yeah went through some side effects.

    But I did decide to stop them, didn't want to depend on these things for a long time, didn't want to suffer these side effects, I wanted to face life head on and go fxxk you too. It just gets to the point yeah life has its ups and downs and full of shxt why add more with these fecking tablets, so to Luckyescape u had a lucky escape, I'm really sorry to hear you have suffered Brain damage - I am glad for one that got the hell off these things (I know every one is different).

    John B

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    God John - your life echoes mine - we have been through very similar things - and that's how I felt too, just like you. It's just my children that made me go to my Drs really, I knew I had to do something.

    Your post has made me think that maybe it's about time for me to come off these - I agree with you that they help take the edge off the real downward spiral we both have been through. My Mother is also very ill now from Vascular demensia.

    I have to accept it is part of life- but I love her so much.

    You are so strong babe - I have met a new man in my life (on March 4th) and he lost his 2 year old son, then his marriage broke down, and like you, he lost everything too. I can totally feel for you, as I do for him. I think when you go through all this stuff, you come out it in the end as a much better person

    You ahve really inspired me to stop taking them, I feel I have been through the worst time of my whole life

    We can still chat on here about our Mum's - it may help us both.

    I am so glad you feel stronger - wish me luck - I have taken my last 2 fluoxetine, Im going to come off them

    Thanks John B xxxxxxx

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    I reckon the death of a parent is a strange situation in that it actually affects us more than we realise it is going to. My Dad died 4 years ago and I was surprised at how badly it hit me, after all in the general course of life you are going to experience the death of a parent.

    One of the problems is we don't really speak to friends when they experience it and people generally appear to be coping well, even to the point of being 'fine'. So we feel almost silly when it happens to us and we're so upset.

    For my part my Dad died in the August and I finally took some time off work the following March. I didn't take any medication but had two full weeks off work. It took a couple of days for me to get used to not being busy during the day and to just go for walks etc. By the time I got to the first anniversary of his death I was 'fine'. However even to this day I tend not to spend my time thinking about him because as I said to my Mum I don't want to feel sad all the time.

    I am working on the theory that I'll find it easier when my Mum eventually dies because I will at least have experienced the death of a parent - who knows. And, I've been very open with a close friend who has yet to experience it so that she isn't too surprised at the effect it will undoubtedly have on her when it happens.

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    Hilary - you have all my thoughts and love. My Father died on May 28th 2002 from lung cancer - it was a cruel evil death

    I was exactly the same as you - EXACTLY - I even thought I would be able to handle My Mother's death because I thought I'd been through it with Dad, and that must make me stronger.

    However, it isn't anything like that, this is devastating and so slow, it is heart breaking. I have totally fallen apart so amny times, and struggled with what My Mum's going through.

    I think you are really brave, and hope it will be many years until you have to face anything like what you have again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hi All,

    Its with such great interest reading all your posts, as said above I lost my dad last year in fact its one year on friday and i keep trying not to think about it as still very raw. I lost my mum 19 years ago and it still hurts even now when both parents are gone is very lonely especially when you are an only child. I have a lovely young family myself 3 beautiful children who I adore and they me, but when I was really low i wanted to end it all cause thats what depression does to you and you dont think about the ones you leave behind. But thankgod i pulled through. I have a supportive husband but this really has put a BIG strain on us and as he still has both parents he really does not understand my grief and just thinks you have to get on with it. My tablets are helping but I am now trying to look at life with hope and appreciate what I have, I too believe that maybe soon I WILL move on without these drugs, probably without my husband though I think.

    Another problem I have is drink now i am not an alcholic but when i drink socially dont know when to stop, you see it gives me confidence and makes me forget who I really am again - causes problems in marriage.

    Anyway gone on too long, but all those out there who have lost or are loosing someone we have to have hope and look up to the stars who are watching us.

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    Aw Nelliemac - again you echo exactly how I feel - bless you so much - it's a very lonely place without your parents - i always think at least I have had mine for so long - some people are not so lucky.

    I worry about how you are feeling, and please listen to me - when Dad was dying I had no support at all from my husband - I felt he didnt understand at all - and was definitely not there for me. Looking back - I still think I tried to explain, I did try to reach to him for help - he had no idea of the pain, the deepness inside, the hopelessness. BUT it's a long lonely road to give up on a marriage - you say you're lucky he supports you - then you say you feel like you may have to face a future without him? I think you're really mixed up.

    Life is a learning curve - i think one of my most important lessons is that people are not mind readers - you have to tell them what you are thinking - how you feel - and I think you must do this with your husband. You are so right - you dont understand unless you've been through it - but that's not his fault - you really need to talk to him - please - cos when a marriage breaks down - the ones that get hurt the most are the children - the innocent victims - and time is yet to tell just how bad the impliactions of what we do by splitting up will do to the people we love the most.

    My children are so hurt, I know they are

    My husband said to me one day (cos he had been through a divorce before, but he was my only marriage) once we start on this, it's like a rollercoaster and there's no getting off

    He was right about that - it gets nasty - it is soul destroying - so please nelliemac - just try and talk, and try and learn from my mistakes.

    I really wish you all the luck in the world, and hope you find an end to your lonely place.

    Having said all the above - Im 41, and have only very recently met a man that I am on the same emotional level with. I truly believe it is because he has been through so much - that he is caring and really does understand. But please remember - it's not a person's fault if they havent experienced all the heartache - he'll need you some day. God I wish I could help you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Hi Suzisue, I see that u want or u r in the middle of coming off Fluoxetine that's really great. Just take it real slow and before u know it u wont be taking them any more, once u r off them it does still take a while to get out of your system. There will be a few bumps coming off these u will feel odd at times and will be wondering am I doing the right thing thing coming off them, these are the kind of mind games I was going through but take it day by day and before u know it u forget u were taking them in the first place.

    so take it easy!

    John B

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    Hi Suzisue,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes i know its a struggle when a marriage falls apart I have seen it with close friends, I do in my heart of hearts hope mine wont, but we have been through so much and I think my husband can only take so much. I know the kids are the ones who suffer and its awful as its not their fault. Also him still having parents is his gain and not his fault. My husband is a very GET ON WITH LIFE sort of man, but myself who has suffered from depression for many years finds this hard. I am now on day 5 of fluoxetine and think they are taking a while to get into my system after the mirtazapine as I am finding it realy hard to sleep again and getting all the anxiety and pains in my arms again. I lay there last night thinking do I really need these drugs, I can fight this. What ever happens now I feel more determined than ever to move on I really have to for my kids. I am 42 so not old I think I may have wallowed in my self pity for too long and now have to look at what I have.

    Just hope the insomnia doesnt come back again . x

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    I am trying to detox now after only four days. I did feel like I was being slowly poisoned. You know like the little girl from sixth sence? Like a constant under skin rippling effect with tense jaw, always thristy, sweating like

    I did hot yoga, and then it didnt even help anxiety mood disorder! It like tripled it and had me rage more. Last night I was gonna vomit. I had to go back to a dr who then sent me to the mental hospital, both the dr i saw and the dr at the hospital said to quit taking them NOW! The previous dr didnt eval properly or thoroughly.

    I use cannibis to help manage, however it runs a bit, and there are times pill assist. Prozac did not. So I need to get something different because cannibis alone wont do it.

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