Food Diets After Gallbladder surgery

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Hi guys! I've been curious to all gb patients about how and what you're all eating after the operation? Some stated they shifted to vegan from being meat-eaters, others gluten-free and etc. how about you? what foods are you avoiding? or completely forgotten? Any dish you would like to recommend for other fellow patients? Thanks!

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    This is something I am really struggling with at the moment.

    Had my gallbladder removed at end of April.

    On a low fat diet while I had gallstones.

    Have tried to come back to things like hard cheese. I only have small amounts though.

    Something I really enjoy is a nice fresh piece of fish, usually plaice.

    I also like mixed bean casserole.

    I love spicy things and curries but again have to be careful here.

    I have found chilli con carne gives me bad stomach ache.

    Trying to eat pleanty of fresh fruit as I tend to get constipation.

    Hope this is helpful to others.


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      Thanks for replying back i really appreciate it! ^^

      It looks like we're eating the same foods and avoid those lovely spicy dishes.

      What do you do in mixed beans? just boiled it and eat it? or put it together with other veggies? like putting it as toppings for salads?

      Right! Fish is better.

      I don't know if you'll like this. But i tried mashing mixed beans and put a little ketchup in it and make it as a jam with whole-wheat bread.

      It's sounds or looks weird but my tastebuds got weirder also.

      Thank u and keep in touch! ^^


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      So far I was able to avoid gallbladder removal by going vegetarian and avoiding meat which is better for the heart anyhow. Meats and dairy ended up being the problem in my particular case. I was eating lot's of fish but seem to have gotten an allergy to it or the iodine after getting contrast from a previous resection due to my crohn's. Odd because my allergy tests to various things like dairy and fish were negative. The doctor explained that allergy tests are not always acurate. Cause and effect and illimnating suspected allergens is more telling. The diarreha seems to have mostly gone away after taking dairy out of the equation. Either that or meat. My particular problem may not have been crohn's all alone. I suspect it was gall bladder after my apeendix operation. My gall bladder may have been affected when I got my illium valve mistakenly removed. (they thought there was a mass that was cancer but no: It was just puss from infection that spread from the appendix.) My case is a bit complicated so it's difficult to compare. I just know that once I stopped eating meats my diarreha slowed way down. Makes me suspect it was gall bladder all alone. Not crohn's Who knows? Not me. Doctors don't seem to know for sure either.
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      I'm lazy katherine. I just buy a tin of mixed beans.

      Heat them up and put some onion and garlic and a tin of tomatoes with them.

      They do a homemade mixed bean casserole at a local pub and I am going there for a meal on Friday night. Looking very forward to it. It is what I call Comfort Food

      Happy eating

      Love Sarah xxx

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      No worries! wink

      What does it taste like? smile

      That's right! sometimes we need a "Comfort food" though.

      I'm cooking my own food or mostly my mom. I'm so careful to all the foods that i'm eating. I'm afraid to cause another serious harm inside my know what i mean. smile

      If you have other recommendations just keep in touch!


      Have a great time on Friday night


      Katherine smile


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      Hi! Agree with you! I'm vegan so no problem with meat and dairies. I know the effect if i'll eat some. But never i will do that.

      Sorry to hear that you've experience those things.You're definitely right! In my opinion, It's better to avoid Meats and Fish.

      Until now,  Your Doctor doesn't have any idea?

      How about your daily meal plan?

      Thanks for replying back! I appreciate it so much!

      Keep in touch



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    Great question I'm having my operation on Thursday so will be following this with interest.
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      Read my post above.

      It is really just a question of trial and error people are so different.

      All the best for Thursday


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      thanks! Some patients might also recommend you food diet, and i know it'll help you also but like what Sarah said:"trial and error people are so different".

      For example, other patients like Sarah can eat hard chees. But for me, i can't because it cause me diarrhea. Things like that. Still, we can freely suggest menus. I'm vegan ever since my gb removed 2 months ago.

      But Free to ask and i'm happyy to help!

      Thanks and Prayers for your operation!

      Katherine smile

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    I have noticed that eating small amounts often helps for me however i still suffer with flare ups of nausea vomiting and pain. I avoid i high fat content and cut down on bread. I dont eat anything fried now and eat feta cheese only small amount rather than cheddar cheese. I avoid anything spicy, fizzy drinks. I cant drink coffee anymore. I found it good to keep a food diary for a while to see what made symptoms worse but because i am now 16 months since i had the op and still having flare ups ive had lots of scans ive had an MRCP carried out this evening at the hospital as the consultant asked the radiologists to look for any stones lodged anywhere and to check the bile ducts and pancreatic ducts for leaks, tears or blockages aswell as looking at the liver etc after the scans all they said was we have found what we were looking for and the consultant will discuss with you very soon in clinic so dont know what to think really whether its good or bad news. Hope you get plenty of comments that help you
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      Hey! Thanks for the comment.

      Yes I did avoid caffeine,dairies though i' can 2 slices of wheat bread with tomatoes or lettuce on it. It's crazy i love spicy foods but i should avoid too because one time i tried a mild spicy soup but it burns my throat and mouth. my tastbuds changed a lot.Anyways,so , you got your gb removed 16 months ago?Why'd you need to do scans? still feel unwell?

      Keep us posted

      Thanks your comment will help other patients too! smile





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      I thought the whole point of having gallbladder removed was so that you cannot get gallstones again. Where are they going to lodge?!!


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      there's this patient in the hospital and i was told she got her 3rd operation from gallstones. and i was like, no way?!. then the patient told me that she's back in her old food habit like that so, she got another set of it. around small stone lodging in pancreas. i'm not sure exactly but it's somewhere near there. its really scary..
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      That is what i thought but the consultant i have seen has said different they can get lodged in the bile duct the liver etc which can then cause inflammation and infection
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      Having scans because i still have regular flare ups of bad pain where my gall bladder was, nausea and vomiting. I was told not to consume to much salad at any one time just keep it to a small amount as it causes excess gas which then causes abdominal pain.

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