for the past 6 months i get pain/cramps every time i eat , the pain is all over my lower belly

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for at least 6 months now every time i eat ( any meal small or big) i get really bad cramps in my stomach pretty much from my belly button down , it isnt on any particular side. but i dont always get this feeling if i have a snack.

it can last for hours and can start as quickly as my still sitting in the restaurant finishing my food. i the past few years i have yet to go to a restaurant and either not leave anything on my plate. most times im lucky to be able to eat a quarter of the meal before feeling the cramps. but the pain goes away over night and i dont get waken up because of it . it feels alot like generic period cramps , not at the peak of pain types of ones but the general 24/7 pain i feel when i have period pains but like i said before it covers my whole belly from belly button down to under my belly with pain/cramps.

i have had blood tests done and im not glutton intolerant or wheat intolerant. i also dont eat much dairy , defiantly not daily.

i dont really have a problem with diarrhea. i dont drink.  or smoke but i do have to take multiple tablets because of a blood thickening disease and having a auto immune disease. but i have been taking these tablets for about 3-4 years now and this is only in the last 5-7 months started happening.

ill be happy to update you if i find out what i have or if you have any other questions about what i do or dont do

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    Do your bowel habits change at all from constipation to diarrhoea even intermittently?  Does your pain move about?  Have you tried a food diary?  Check your medication leaflets to see if you are reacting to it.  Have you had an ultrasound, stool tests?  I would ask your doctor about IBS.  It can cause period like pain all over your stomach and the pain typically improves temporarily with a bowel movement.  Stress or food intolerance can trigger it.  

    I started with constipation, then generalised stomach pain that moved about, nausea, loose stools, and back pain.  I was diagnosed with IBS after tests.

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      Hey not really to all the first Questions. I hadneed really thought to do a food diary as every single meal hurt, it could of been a salad or ham or a egg or pretty much anything I could think of and my bowel movements have been pretty normal , some abnormalities here and there sometimes but I will go see the doctor and ask about ITS.

      Thank you for your help

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      Lettuce was a big trigger along with corn peas Apples the skins were a issues and my goodness they just did not get digested. Kept a diay of food triggers. It's spontaneous which is the problem. My worst trigger is greasy food and additives I never eat out and it's has gone away. No more IBS and knowing where every restart was in the city.

      yogurt and gut supplements helped a lot. Balance the gut flora. Sugar can take over and eat less sugar . 

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      I hope they work for you. It takes time as you start to feel the results

      Good lich.

      Peace & Healing

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      lich should be LUCK . I wish this forum had a edit button. YIKES 😑

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      How did u get diagnosed with ibs May I ask as I keep getting told I have it but how do they know 
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      If all your tests are normal, IBS is diagnosed.  It is a diagnosis of exclusion because IBS is functional and doesn't show up on any scan.  Sometimes, it can be diagnosed based on your symptoms alone.  Three years ago, no one knew what was wrong with me and I waited three and a half months in panic before IBS was identified.  I had an ultrasound, stool, celiac and urine test which were all negative.  My doctor asked me about recent stress levels which had been very high for six months before my symptoms began.  I hadn't seen the connection up until that point.  He was able to pinpoint IBS from this.

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      Buscopan as and when required and I sometimes combine it with Nurofen.  Sometimes Nurofen works on its own. If I get constipated, I take oranges, grapes or prune juice. For diarrhoea, I take Imodium or codeine.
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      Sounds very similar to the way I manage my IBS. as well as gogurt and supplements so important to help keep my gut balanced. I continue to stay away from foods that trigger incidents. 

      Thanks formthe info,


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      Strangely enough, I have no IBS trigger foods; it’s stress that sets it off with me.
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      I had loads blood tests all were normal I’m waiting to see a gastro doc but don’t know what he will do I’m scared to have a colonoscopy as don’t wanna be out sleep 
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      I have to ask the gastro doc this see what he says does your ibs  make u feel nausea after eating and sometimes strange feeling in belly 
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      I don’t get nausea after eating.  I sometimes get nausea if my stomach pain gets bad which is now rare.  Very occasionally. I get a twitching sensation in my stomach. 

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