Frequent urge to pee no UTi

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Im 18 year guy

I have a sudden urge to pee every 5minutes even though its very less and i have to put a pressure on my bladder to push urine out and just after peeing the urge comes back 

I had my ultrasound and urine test

Both were ok

No kidney stones and no diabetes aswell

Im on antobiotics but no antobiotics working 

I was gym going person so i used to have protein as supplement

My doctor told me its because of excess protein intake then he said its uti then he said its because of small bladder but his assumptions were always wronge

So i changed my doctor he also found no symptoms and told me it was because of protein. 

He gave me some medicines they are not working aswell

And, some forums i read it maybe its because of masturbation so i did not masturbated for 1 week and nothing helped.

And now my diet is normal no supplements 

This is disturbing my sleep 

Please help.

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    Hi Jass.

    You're doing the Credé's maneuver to encourage urine from the bladder. I was taught the maneuver to help empty because if I don't completely empty, I have to go again soon.

    Please see a urologist who specializes in treating badder dysfunction. There are current treatments that may help you.

    Good luck!

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      Do you think this can be treated im seriously so p****d of the feeling that i have to go again and again even i emptied my bladder the feeling dont just go away

      Im really p****d off

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      I keep noticing more and more commercials about OAB treatments and items, which tells me a lot more people are talking about it.

      Hoping this gets more serious research.


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      OMG I know exactly how you feel.  It is exhausting!  I am going to the ER tomorrow after work...I just cant do this anymore.  Its to the point I am ready to push people off the side of the road to get to a bathroom.  I had a Dr visit 30 minutes away and it was a 4 hour ordeal because of stopping 6 times each way... :-(
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      Hi Brainy...wanted to check in on you....havent been on in a bit I have been in the hospital since Friday.  Just got home and now out of work for another 9 days because I need home IV antibiotics for this serious infection that my doctor kept telling me I didn't have.  My kidney hurts so bad it hurts just to breathe.  How is the interstim doing???  

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    I feel your pain...I also have had ultrasound of kidneys and pelvic area and yesterday they did the camera to look at the bladder and everything is normal.  I was switched from Myrbetriq to oxycontinin and it is helping somewhat but still every 45 min - 1 hr but that is better than every 15 minutes.  They want to do the botox injections into my bladder...extremely nervous about this but if it works it will be worth it.  At this point i couldnt go to the beach or anywhere very far.  This has changed my has been so dibilitating.  I guess there are quite a few things that can make the condition worse like smoking, coffee, sugar and artificial sweeteners,  You need to see a urologist...I wish you well and please keep me posted regarding your progress.  Karol   
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      Thankyou sassy i read your posts too and i had no idea about whats going on with you im so sorry to hear about your situation 

      And yea ill go see an urologist by tommorow and let you know about my progress

      Btw how are you doing with your’s?

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      Im so discouraged...been to two urologists finally given a medication *Oxycontinin" that made me go once an hour instead of every 15 minutes and now I am having an allergic reaction to them but the new medicine they gave me "Toviaz" doesnt seem to be working so I am taking the stuff I am allergic to.  Through all this my left kidney has been killing me.  I really think there is something seriously wrong and I cant take it anymore...going to ER directly after work tomorrow.  Did you see the urologist yet?  How are you doing?

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      Hey i think im doing quite ok since today morning

      The urge is there but its not that strong now as it used to be. But a little urge is there 

      There could be 2 reasons the urge is not much strong as before 


      1)Im on anti biotics since 5 days as suggested by my doctor 2 times a day

      phenazopyridine & urikind km sachet 

      2) I have stopped masturbating , its been like a week only 

      I have not controled on foods i eat alot chocolates now also and spicy even though it irritates bladder but im foody haha :p

      I think it could be because of masturbation that caused my prostate swell and irritate bladder because the medicines didnt showed results in first 4 days 

      Im not sure yet what made me better. 

      And what about you? 

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    Gotta ask a specialist, for sure.
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      Hey PEEPs.

      My InterStim device is turning out to be a real thumbs-up.

      Going through an adjustment period and was delighted to learn I wasn't stuck with the first setting which had me miserable.

      Now the current setting is almost great, and I can live with it if necessary.

      There's a third setting I get to try next week and if it's better, I will be singing with glee.

      If not, I will survive well humming pleasantly with the current setting.

      Please ask your urologists whether the InterStim device might help you!

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      It has been a while since I posted because I was in the hospital 6 days then home for a week and back to ER the other night....To make a long story short I had a UTI all along which is what I kept telling my doctors.  It was infected into my kidneys and this is why I could not stop urinating.  As soon as they out me on the correct IV antibiotics my urinating went back to normal.  I am relieved but SO P****D OFF because nobody would listen to me and I suffered for two months with this crap.  I have learned so much about incontinence and most importantly you know your body better than ANY DOCTOR OR TEST RESULT!  I am so glad things are going well with you and I will be keeping in touch.  There really needs to be more help for people with incontinence because it is so debilitating and depressing.  Hope you have a Happy Easter and God bless!
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      YAY and BOO!

      They found the problem and your life is great again.

      They didn't listen and caused you to go through all that s***!

      Really really happy for you, Sassy.

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      I was doing great on the IV antibiotics then I had a superficial blood clot so they had to remove the picc line in my arm and that put me 3 days short of my antibiotics.  I was great for a couple days and BANG the friken symptoms are back.  My kidney hurts so bad and again my urine cultures are negative.  nobody will treat it as an infection until the culture comes back positive so I will have to suffer for another 3-4 days and then go for another culture.  In the meantime wasting time and money to see  kidney specialist next week.  How have you been doing?  Hows the Interstim?
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