Frightened of being sick :'( *crying*

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Ive had this massive phobia of every morning I wake up hoping I dont vomit, I cant get this out of my head. I take alka seltzers every time I feel the slightest bit of nausea... I over think this and then it makes me anxious... I am on sertraline and this does work for my anxiety... however this is a fear I have had for years.. I cant seem to convince myself that I will be fine and Ive no reason to feel nauseous or vomit. I drink peppermint green tea.. I have peppermint mints.. (obviously) and Im terrified by this... Is there anything anyone can suggest?

I even wake up during the night terrified Ill be sick. Its really getting to me, Im careful with what I eat.. Im quite a healthy person its just all in my head and Ive no reason why!?

Please help sad this is the first time I have ever admitted to this problem. I often think if I go toilet then its good that means that my digestive system is going down and not up! please help guys and girls... please sad sad

Id like to mention my sertraline has no affect on this as I felt like this before being prescribed my sertraline.


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    Hey im 22 and have the same fear and experience same feeling. i often feel sick alot because im so anxious. my boyfriend was ill at my house 2 weeks ago and i couldnt bring myself to go to work incase i had it then saturday night my mum was ill and she never gets ill so i hope its something she ate lol. Ive been panicing like hell but i reasure myself that if im ok after 48 hours then i wont get ill. i also read this It is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to get infected in any of the following ways: 

    1. Being “near” someone who has it, including co-workers or friends 

    2. Being on a plane with people who have it 

    3. Breathing the same air as someone who has it 

    4. Being in the same building as someone who has it 

    5. Walking past a pool of vomit on the floor, road or sidewalk 

    6. Through having sexual relations with an infected person 

    7. Through a cut in your skin 

    8. Through your rectum or genitalia (as in, on a toilet) 

    9. Kissing someone who is not yet showing symptoms (note: it may be possible to catch it from someone who has recently vomited by kissing them, as viral particles may be in their mouth from vomitus. But the virus is NOT transmitted through saliva) 

    10. Number 6, above, applies similarly to sharing cups or utensils with someone as well. 

    trust me i know how you feel its awful and the worst fear ever. i now suffer with anziety because of this fear but readin the aboive made me feel better. x

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    Hi, I too suffer with the same phobia.

    I'm 20 and have severe depression and anxiety. I am stressed all the time and this has made my phobia worse.

    Ever since I can remember I have hated being sick but a few years ago I had a bad case of food poisoning and since then I have become terrified of it.

    Recently my family have been ill quite a lot and I am petrified I am going to catch it. I wash my hands excessively and don't eat any food that I feel could potentially give me food poisoning.

    At the moment my mum has a bug that is contagious and I am so scared of catching it and vomiting I have started to feel sick out of fear. This happens a lot and as someone said above its a vicious circle of worrying making me feel sick and then worrying that I feel sick.

    My family don't understand the phobia and say I am being silly. It's awful.

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      Hey helen! Im 22 and am the same i am currently at work panicing as i thought about a few weeks ago my boyfriend was sick during the night! I replayed it in my head and felt funny all of a sudden. It really gets me down and depressed! I have lost my apitite through anxiety and then i think im not hungry because im ill sad we just gotta think positive and take deep breaths i think!
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      i suffered from this phobia too...but i can tell you it is not wil go away ,certainly there are things that you should do....

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      what did you do to get over it? this weekend has been awful as my sister was ill friday night and its been over 48 hours and i am still panicing i will get it sad
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      hi...well everything is fine are doing this to urself....its depends on what you do everyday...your routine is very important in the recovery
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    Hi,I've had this problem for 25 years,it's ruling my life,I've only ever admitted it to one person,a lady who I saw for cbt,and because I wasn't suicidal and because of funding etc,after a couple of sessions my time with her came to and.I don't eat out,find it hard to socialise.If anyone mentions any sickness bug,I will not see them for weeks,In case I get it,I hardly eat anything,weigh well under seven stone,I've got no bum or boobs,I'm sure lots of people I know think I'm  anorexic,but I know when I look in the mirror I don't see a overweight person starring back at me,I see a very underweight person,I know the answer,it's to eat,but I'm so scared of being sick,I'm scared to eat!!!

    i just want to be normal!!

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      I am in the same boat. I'm so underweight from feeling nauseous amd worried all the time. Its killing me and im petrified. Everyone is always commenting on how skinny I am when I dont even want to be this thin. This is so debilitating. I enjoy eating but my fears and worries have taken over and conflicts with the strong determined person I'm known to be. 😔
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      Hi i know im a bit late on the subject but i am 12 and i suffer the same and ive got a bit of advice i could give. When you are eating i know its hard but just tell your brain 'if it is good for me, why would it come up? If it is nutricious food, it would go down and get digested.' Doing this helped me to try new foods because i never would because i was scared of being sick that much. Also 2 years ago rveryone were commenting how skinny i was but then imsnaged to shake it off a bit. At this moment i am feeling nauseous writing this at 6 in the morning but im not scared to eat anymore. I hope i hrlped and wasnt just rambling sad smile
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      What you said is very helpful sophieerica.  we end up with these phobias because we tell ourselves lies that scare us!  So to replace these crazy thoughts with "normal" thoughts works great for me.  Or I have been told you can call them "secure" thoughts  rather than "unsecure" thoughts.  I like he sayings from recoveryinternational (dot) org  
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    I know you posted your message 9 months ago, but I have the same problem,  I fear vomiting and any stomach issue becomes a major problem for me.  I have had this problem most of my life but it has worsened over the years and now I am becoming fussy about my eating, I don't eat out as I am frightened of having food poisoning.  I only weigh 7stone and I am like a stick, my hair is thinning and I feel awful most days.  I am going for a CT scan in 2 weeks as I have so many pains in my abdomen  which i feel is due to the worry of it all.  I haven't had any professional treatment but I am a psychiatric nurse so I try out all the CBT stuff but nothing works for me,  I am determined to regain some control because I can't let this dominate the rest of my life - which it is doing.  I am so frightened of any family member being ill or any colleagues. i go into a complete panic if anyone mentions they have had a bug and I am constantly washing my hands to prevent germs.  This may not be helpful to you but knowing there are others with the same symptoms does reassure me that I am not alone.  Good luck with your recovery.  If anyone else is reading this and have found anything helpful I would be grateful for any help.  Thank you.
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      take it easy ...i had the same thing...i was in the same situation you are,the solution is should make the effort though

      you can heal yourself

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      Hi Jill....please read my replies in this seems like most of us are on the same page sadly.....

      I too have suffered most of my life with this fear...and it's only gotten worse. Its on my mind constantly and my ocd and fears have become uncontrollable. ...I just replied to a message stating how most smells, visions of normal food I like make me nauseous loosing it.....I panic everytime I leave the house has become very difficult for me as I cant function feeling I'll and panicky 24/7. Occasionally I have to tale mild tranquilizers to calme down as I feel like im gonna die one of these days with heart failure 😳....I too work in the medical field....

      I also feel like a bad mother as I can rarely go out or do things bc of how bad this has gotten for me. I just want to be normal again.....

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      Hi sorry im late but about the food thing, just think if it will do my body good, it will not come up because my body will digest the nutrients, right? I thought this and it helped me try loads of new foods and im 12 and suffer from feeling sick but its at night instead usually. But it comes in waves when it does come yet ive not been sick since a bug i had 2 years ago. I just dont know what to do because ive got exams ahead of me in a few years and this issue wont help sad

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