Further suggestions/post food poisoning left side abdominal pain, etc

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Quick info being 36 years old, female, only current diagnosis being asthma.

Had 1 child, male 5/4/2014.

Had a left side ovarian cyst removed in 11/1/2016.

I do have the mirena IUD. 

I was having frequent kidney stones which I had one get stuck on the right side (thought it was appendicitis) that caused 2 ER visits in 2 weeks due to enema setting in on the kidney after a week of pain meds and no anti-inflammatory meds. I was able to pass this stone. I read where Chanca Piedra is a natural supplement that destroys kidney stones which I started taking in July (had a x-ray on the kidneys in Sept which showed that they are now officially clear of any stones so I assume the supplement is working and I am sticking by taking them now). 

Problem: I had food poisoning in April 2017 (literally was throwing up with diarrhea for about 3 days within 2 hours of eating a quarter pounder from McDonalds). So the throwing up subsided but the diarrhea was a main issue up until the colonoscopy I underwent on Oct 31st that was clear with the exception of a pre-cancerous polyp that was found and removed in my colon (yay for colonoscopies every 5 years now!).  Bloodwork to check for celiacs and ibs and both were negative. 

They suggested doing an Endoscopy however because my Obgyn had noticed my small intestine appeared inflamed during the laparoscopy he had done removing my cyst, he persuaded the Gastro to do a Barium CT imagery. So I just went through this last Friday 12/15. This was also clear (noting a 1.5cm cyst on the left ovary again). Because of this the Gastro wants me to wait 3 more months and if my symptoms still persist we will go over on my appt which was scheduled for 4/25/18.

My Obgyn put me on Bentyl and had me undergo avoiding dairy for 2 weeks (something damaged in the lining of the stomach after food poisoning, give the stomach a rest). Avoided gluten for 2 weeks. Went through the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). 

Current Symptoms right now is left-side abdominal pain, bloating (literally look like I'm pregnant on several days, I am active and go to the gym 4-5 days a week which my scale numbers are literally stuck at 180 and I look like I am 140). I have had the cyst which I have had before and this pain is not that, as I am aware of where my ovary is and what the cyst pain felt like before the food poisoning. The utmost BEST description I can give is that I feel like I have drank a bottle of hot sauce. Doesn't matter what I eat or drink. As much as I feel like it is TMI, I have always had active BM's (typically through life I would say a normal day was 3 BM's, I had 1 day during pregnancy that I didn't have 1). Since the food poisoning I go 3-5 times a day, and it's urgent as in I have to rush to the bathroom from the burning and pain from going. The diarrhea did subside but I am still have a frequency and burning (yes I like spicy food and I do eat spicy food, HOWEVER as I have mentioned I went through bland diets so at this point I am being stubborn and just eating what I want because it doesn't matter what I do or don't eat right now). The Gastro was concerned that I had crohns and the food poisoning might have set it off, yet the colonoscopy and CT were clear so he said he is unconcerned with that presently. He said I do seem to have symptoms of IBS but there is concern of something else going on, yet I am being put on hold again. 

So I understand abdominal pain is vague and it is SUPER hard to diagnose, I wasn't sure if anyone has been down similar roads or has any suggestions I could nudge to the Gastro or whoever to help resolve this matter. I would be lying if constantly having bowel issues doesn't make me depressed and it's hard getting onto my 3 year old son whenever he flops on my belly or kicks me in the belly. 

No other notations to give except that my face has been acne ridden since having my son in May 4, 2014, and I bruise super easy now. I do know some suggest the skin reflects some bowel disorders. I constantly have cotton mouth problems but I do take a lot of antihistamines for my asthma. Funny notation is that my finger nails are literally the BEST they have ever been in my life. They used to split in layers and chip super easy.  

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    Blood tests do not identify IBS; they only rule out other causes.  IBS is functional and does not show on any test.
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      I actually saw a lot on that so I went to my ob who went down the basic treatment and put me on Bentyl. He sent me to the Gastro for further analysis who was thinking crohns but everything has been negative. He said he believes I have IBS but also something else going on. So I guess I'm frustrated in dealing with so symptoms for another 4 months with the unknown cause.

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    He suggested possibly crohns but everything is coming back clear. He hasn't said anything else but that he thinks something else is going on. My obgyn keeps pointing everything back to my small intestine. Honestly if they want to do an endoscopy or exploratory I am on board, I don't care as long as we find out what is going on. 

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       An endoscopy may give you answers.  However, if it is also negative, it may be only IBS as your doctor has suggested.
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    So it's been a bit since my last post in which I underwent an Endoscopy (showed hiatal hernia and signs of GERD), and a Hida Scan. So my symptoms flared up during the hormone (cck i believe it's called) in the Hida Scan which showed my gallbladder ejection at 23%. Needless to say, I'm heading for surgery to remove the gallbladder. No idea how or why the gallbladder is causing so much left-side issues, but I am glad we know what is wrong now. I will let you all know if this clears up completely after the removal, or if we have to do further investigation if the symptoms do not subside. 

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      is your pain in upper part of stomach just underneath ribcage or somewhere else? and hiatal hernias cause pain too explain nature of your pain and the exact location where you feel it.
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    It's like left ovary area up to the rib cage (bottom rib)... So like at first they thought it was my colon (possible crohns), then small intestine because I had a cyst removed and they saw that my small intestine looked odd (general surgeon said it was normal though). It's weird because with the Hida Scan it set all my symptoms off all at once (cramping/stabbing pain, nausea, burning sensation). So I am not sure if it's literally a combination of ailments that combined are making me miserable as hell, or if it's just the gallbladder. 

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      Ovary is located in lower part of stomach. if your pain is connecting to the ovary area then it could be the cause of pain otherwise it could be the medication that you maybe using. If they have found Hiatal Hernia, didnt they tell you that it can be the cause of your pain? 
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    sorry I meant " ovary is located in the lower part of abdomen* "

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    I keep seeing the hiatal hernia  on the reports (the CT scans and Endoscopy report). They haven't addressed it with me. I do have my surgery consult on weds so I am going to see if I can pry more there.

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      Do you have gallstones aswell? Not to scare you but if your pain is completely on your left side and it does not move to your middle or right then gallbladder will not solve it, so you must dig deeper to know whats causing it. If its bearable and low level pain then it might be hiatal hernia.
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    It doesn't scare me, I've been hurting for well over a year now. Pretty much over it at this point lol They didn't find any stones (or note any) in the gallbladder. I will bring up the hiatal hernia on weds to see if I can talk the surgeon into repairing that while he is in there (maybe even remove the cyst that came back on my left ovary, it's smaller and I knew it was back before the scans noted another one, it's just not as bothersome). It's a general surgeon so maybe he will be able to do somethings while he is in there, as opposed to being limited on areas of specialty.

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      Talk with your surgeon/doctor in detail and only opt for surgery if its necessary. Most hiatal hernias dont need surgery and pain is felt below sternum, either in the middle or left. I believe your hiatal hernia is mild thats why doctors are not concerned about it but anyways do discuss with them. If your pain is around ovary area then its neither hiatal hernia nor gallbladder you can discuss this with doctor as well, only you know the exact location of pain, and pain location is very important for proper diagnosis.

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