fusing....can we reverse this?!?

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Have any of you come up with a solution to prevent and reverse fusing? I am particularly concerned about the clitoris area! It is fusing up really quickly! I never noticed it until 6 months ago. Can this be reversed? I know Dr. Goldstein can do an operation to do that, but I don't think that is in my future. 

Thank You!!!!

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    well i'm new here too.

    my symptoms began with stenosis....and some fusing. i've quit gluten grains and dairy for less than a week now and the tissue is loosening  the itch has stopped and the fusing has separated.

    i'm going to keep up with bicarb douches and applying coconut oil. hope this helps.

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      Can you tell me what you use in the douche? I am new to this page and desperate to find a way to slow down the fusing as most of my inner labia has used to the outer. Do you use it internally or just as a rinse?

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    I have the same issue and put Advantan fatty ointment on that area every night to keep it at bay. You have to be vigilant in keeping up the cream/ointment where there is fusing or white patches. I am lucky I have a special clinic I attend at Mercy Hospital for women in Melbourne.
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    Yes you can reverse it. Keep it lubed up, keep using the steroid cream and look at you diet. I've had fusing recently but it is receding gradually . Also bicarbonate of soda is good to keep the inflamation down.
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    Have the same problem. Doctors are unwilling to do any surgery. I too have wondered about gluten and milk products. Thanks.

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    You will know the clitoris is the female equivilent of the male penis and the "hood" could be thought of as the foreskin- when lubed up as so succinctly stated try pulling back the "foreskin" so that the prepuce is evident - It is less uncomfortable in a warm bath - i dont know how long it lasts but I have been doing this since Christmas when I was fusing faster than my overloaded house electrics!

    I also keep the area well treated withthe clobetasol and Diprobase - my prescribed moisturiser- so fingers crossed for all of us....


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    Well, I have been using baking soda baths and rinses and then apply coconut oil richly.  Twice a week glob for maintenance.  Plus dilating every morning.  Diligently keeping this up.  My clitoris reappeared almost entirely.  

    Next to that I eat gluten free.  No alcohol, no caffeine.  No sugar.  No cheese, (this really triggers my LS)  Try to avoid stress.  (not always possible)  

    In October last year I was totally fused up, no more vagina, no more clitoris, pinhole left through which the urine had to flow, drip by drip.  Took three quarters of an hour to empty my bladder at that time.  After dilation procedure at the hospital at least I could urinate again.  (Note -no cutting!)  Gradually the rest of the fusing let go with the above mentioned treatment.  

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      how did you reverse the fusing?? I am desperate! Thanks in advance

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      Hi Ada,

      By accident I discovered that spraying after every bathroom visit with warm water in which some baking soda or borax (three pinches) that the fusing melted away. Very slowly, at first there was only relieve. It took in its entirety a few years. But all is well now. I can sit normally again, without special seats. I can ride my bicycle again. forty kilometres is a slice. As long as I keep doing the baths and rinses (one third cup in my full bath) And my diet that avoids added sugar for one. The use of coconut oil before I go to bed is continues, to keep the layers apart.

      I hope this helps.

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      I use a dilator. Ordered from Amazon. At first several times a day, than daily, weekly and now only once a week. As lubrication I use coconut oil.

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      Hi ...i know you posted this a while ago. I have LS slight fusing clitoral area but not major.

      Did the baking soda help? How often do you soak? I have taken clop steroid on and off.

      If baking soda works with this I would like to try it. Also have you used Emu or castor oil?

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      Hi hanny325

      May i ask how often you do the spray or bath with the baking soda? what is your maintenance plan to keep everything not changing further. Can you please share what works for you and when you use the clob? I am having a hard time if the feeling i am having is a flare. Also, how do you know if your having a flare? I dont know if its more of look (redness) or feeling base or both. once i tried the baking soda and it was so dry and raw when i got out of the tub and it was the same with borax. i would like to try it again. I dont even know if im in remission because it seems like everyday i have some feeling but dont know if its just in my head due to anxiety and stress.

      thanks and i hope to hear back from you.

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    I've been spraying my area with witch hazel to keep me healed...and when I added 99% pure aloe vera gel I've noticed a great improvement in this area. It took about six weeks to have a noticeable improvement...but the skin in this area has gone smooth and healthy looking and appears nearly normal now and much of the lost sensitivity has returned. Hopefully this will work for you too.
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      I think I will try that. I've already got the 99.9per cent aloe Vera xx

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