Gallbladder removal..NOT for me - Any herbal remedies to keep attacks at their minimum?

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Hi there again, I have just deferred my third operation to have my Gallbladder removed (contains one, large, solitary 2cm stone) and still very reluctant to do so. If I do go ahead and have it removed, then it will be my very, very, very last option.

I am prepared to put up with a few of hours of  delibitating, excruciating pain, rather than loose my Gallbladder entirely. Only to find that I still may be in some sort of discomfort or pain daily.

So, what I would like to ask, is there some sort of herbal concoction I could take/drink on a daily/weekly basis that may keep my attacks to a minimum.

I totally avoid the foods/drinks that bring on my attacks and am prepared to take anything else that may help. Thank you 

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    Understand for hesitation.........sometimes wish I had waited, but I had a 5 hr trapped in car attack, which was from h___.  Don't know about herbal remedies, but there has to be lots of sites on the web discussing the topic.

    Not much help, but good luck........btw, the food that set off my attack was a blt from Arby's........bacon, mayo, etc are the enemy..........and now so is Arby's for me sad(


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    I am afraid that If the Gallbladder has stones that size it will only continue to get worse..why put yourself through the stress and pain..Eat small meals and often and drin peppermint cordial cocktail with Codiene effervesent analgesic (Fizzies tab) to go in water and magnesium tricilicate white liquid... antacid.

    RGNDip/He Retired Nurse..advise getting operation asap.

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      Thanks for getting back to me. When I have my biliary attack I normally take Codiene and this takes the pain away. It can take up to an hour to work, but as soon as I get the first symptoms I take the straight away.

      Could you also give me some advice, Im also getting a pain/dull ache left, side, upper quadrant when not having an attack......any idea on what this could be?

      I have heard that the gallstone/gallbladder could adhere to the liver, would you know the symptoms of this.

      Many thanks for your kind help, take care

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    Have you a phobia of being operated on? Sorry I do suffer from phobias .. 

    the only problem with deferring is if you become a medical emergency at some point in the future emergency surgery has more risks than planned. 

    I am sure there is lots of herbs you can take to keep the pain down . 

    But only one cure. 

    If it is a phobia ask your gp to refer you for counselling if it's not excuse me for presuming. Just concerned you may be suffering unnecessaryily... 

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      I am much older than you I'm sure - was mid 60's when I had mine removed 8 yrs ago - and I suspect woman have a diff experience post-op than men, but if the op is done right, you are back to normal pretty quick......the only downside for me is daily bathroom visits are different (w/o providing graphic details). My daughter, prob more your age, is doing just fine.........her only reaction is when she has ice cream.......has to be within reach of potty when she does. Basically, as I see it, w/o gb your liver takes over the bile duties and the prob is it doesn't have the ability to regulate bile flow as efficiently as gb does, so digestion is affected.

      I started my thread here b/c I have symptoms similar to gb attack, absent the chest pain. CT scan disproved the symptoms as related to bile duct.......looks to me that I may have a bleeping ulcer......not proven yet, but pain when tummy is empty and no pain after meals or after taking some tums. Hope all this is of some use to you.


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    Not sure why you would be quite so against an operation - all I can think is that you have NOT had a really really bad attack that lasts for days on end until you wish someone would come along and put you out of your misery.

    One attack like that and you will be screaming at the doc's for not doing it sooner.

    I know that sounds very unsympathetic, I don't mean to be, but from my own experience it is the best thing I ever did - it got rid of the pain.

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      Hi dorcas, I guess I have been lucky. My pain usually lasts for around 3 to 4 hours. I take my medication "Codeine" and then it all goes away...... until the next time.

      Should I get the pain like how you describe yours, then that would be my last option and then it would then come out

      Many thanks for getting back to me, take care

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    What will happen is prior to any Operation the Medics and Nursing staff will read your notes re the referral and if discussed by you with the Gp then you can ask to be first on the list..

    Ask for a good pre-med which will be given at 7 in the morning so you will be asleep as you go down to the Theatre.. I have had many Ops and am anxious by nature and having been a Nurse for 33 years know the system .. Tell them let them know you are very anxious and they will give you enough medication to send you to sleep before hand.. Its not a major Operation ..KEEP OFF THE jUNK FOOD. Peppermint is a Herb and good for the Gut Camomile tea is a claming effect in hot water..Gaviscon is another syrup if you have Gastric Reflux.. Counselling may help but will only refresh your memory and remind you and cause anxiety thus causing upset gut.. Chat with your GP and get referred ..Emergency could happen but go through the normal route and it can be managed the way you request.

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    It;s totally your diet/food that is your trigger, so keep a food journal so you know what it is.  Also, go gluten/dairy free as much as possible.    It is helping me and I am in the situation as you with 2 large stones.  Eat several small meals instead a large meals, which can also be triggering your episodes and chew your food till  applesauce consistency...  Watch what you are using when cooking foods also.  I do use organic peppermint tea. Never any fast food, sure you know this by now. Do all homemade meals so you know whats in it.  Even restaurants put butter in potatoes, gravies  or cook with it ,  that will set us off.   The gluten now is setting me off so read your labels... good luck.
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    Hi Elaine

    I am in similar situation to you with slightly larger solitary stone.

    I have managed to keep the attacks less severe by eating NO fat diet, small meals,

    very little dairy, and drinking plenty of fluids.

    The problem that I am having is that bile is getting dumped into my system every few days and this leads to really awful headaches, feverish shivering and vomiting!  It is like being poisoned...and it cannot be good when it gets into the bloodstream!

    I have constant grumbling pain on my right hand side and feeling so ill when these attacks every few days is really exhausting on top of other health problems!

    The risk of developing pancreatitis is higher and if the gall bladder becomes really inflamed it can adhere itself to the liver or even worse perforate which is a major


    I am a wimp when it comes to hospitals but not when to comes to pain!  But the pain associated with the gall bladder is far worse than anything I have ever had before and personally I will be glad to see the back of it!frown

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      Hi sunshinemb, many thanks for getting back to me.

      I agree, the pain is horrible, but as mine only lasts around 3 to 4 hours I guess I am lucky. I had an attack last night, so as soon as I get that feeling, down goes my Codeine and within an hour it decreases.

      When the time comes that my pain lasts for hours and hours, I gues thats when it will be removed.

      Take care and wish you well

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