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Hi, I have suffered with gallstones for roughly 4yrs . I come away from consultations feeling they don't understand how painful it can be. I was just wondering is there anyone out there that also suffers right breast pain/discomfort from these dreaded stones? Thank you in advance 😊

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    I think they probably do but i would say at a guess you're from the UK? Where any excuse, fob off, lack of compassion is what our NHS has become.

    Sorry to be so negative, but 99.9% of people who come through here from the UK have a nightmareπŸ‘Ž

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      Hi matt57085, Yeah I certainly am....seems any excuse to fob me off regarding surgery. Firstly it was "weight issue" yeah suppose we can all do with losing a few pounds. I went on to lose 3 stone...told to keep at it. Then unfortunately I became diabetic...told would need to have blood sugars under control... despite being on the verge of reversing it. Seems excuse after excuse. Now have this ache and just reaching out if anyone else suffers it as maybe a referral pain from their gallstones. Thank you for being so kind and taking the time to reply 😊

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      in nut shell i have to say matt. you are totally spot on .

      nhs no hope services backed euthanaisia.

      shame on the uk shame on the nhs

      soon to exposed as the biggest scandal in british history thats our nhs totally scandalous.


      the nhs now , is about looking after the nhs family ,that means useing the public purse to make sure all who work within the nhs are doing ok !!!!!

      god bless you all.

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      hi fifi. what is your condition ?

      do you actually know what you have ?

      that ache you talk of sounds like what i had for 4 years until i had mine out, yet i still have it.

      let me know yr symptoms and so called diagnosis please.

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      Hi Mrsoscared,

      Thank you for your reply. I was diagnosed with one large stone in my gallbladder 4yrs ago. I have been in a&e numerous times and last year had a gallbladder infection.....pain was absolutely horrendous. At the moment suffering with this right breast pain/ache which I was curious if anyone else had possibly being referral pain from the gallbladder? I had my pre op last September following a mrcp scan in April last year.

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      hi thank you for sharing.

      mrcp is a fantastic scan.

      one large stone in gallbladder is ok to wait and watch they say.

      hence their non urgency to operate .

      i also had 5 stones in gallbladder they then formed into 2 large stones somehow aparantly . and one was in my gallbladder the other got lodged in my cystic duct , gallbladder neck.

      i did have for 3 years an almost continuous wear you down type of ache in the breast area also.

      my concern for your case is,

      you had an infection last year in the gallbladder , now infection in the gallbladder causes inflammation ?

      AND THAT CAUSES DAMAGE ,that leads to gangrene or cancer .

      and you've had that stone a pretty long time now .

      you need to be pushing to get that bugger out of you now really sooner rather than later .

      trouble is the nhs dont want to do nothing these days until its critical by which time the serious damage is done .

      i hope this helps and you get it out soon before it all turns bad in their as mine did .

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      Thank you so much for being so kind and taking the time to reply. You are right.... I think I will consider maybe going private. The pain and discomfort is horrendous. I had a family member also have stones and when they removed hers, hers had became cancerous. Unfortunately for her it had also touched her liver. Our NHS is a bad state of affairs.... although those Doctors and Nurses don't get half the credit they deserve 😊

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      your wellcome.

      i agree to apoint about the credit however i think that out doctors are now of a very poor standard indeed and lack compassion.

      sorry to hear about your family member i assume she did not make it.

      where in the uk are you as i did extensive research into who the very best general surgeon is and he is nothing sort of amazing if you want his nae let me know.

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      well fifi. im sorry to say that is not going to get any better and in fact the health service is only going to co one way all the way down the swany !

      its as good as finished simply as all the good surgeons and consultants within the nhs only use their nhs posts as as bread and butter money that is guaranteed for minimal work and minimal effort , and is basically just them taking the p**s out of the public purse because we are all idiots and we do nothing about it in this country ,and they have worked that out over the last 30 years or so. and when your sick, your weak and do not have much fight in you, and we have unity in our community any more and no one gives a hoot any more about any one else but their selves , so the nhs and the crew come to the conclusion of what are the good people of this country going to do about it anyway !

      and they have concluded we are not going to do much, which has come to be true.

      also all these good docs and consultants and surgeons all now have very good private posts and that is where their interests lie of course as they are raking it in so their nhs posts take the back burner of course hence the ever longing waiting lists on the nhs.

      same as this brexit lark whats anyone going to do about it , well nothing and these bureaucrats all have worked out the nation is weak which makes them extremely strong , authoritarianism is back im afraid . and theirs nothing were going to do about it , as we are a weak nation now and they created it that way in their favour.

      just like the so called devices that were allegedly planted by the so called new ira recently in london and intercepted yea right , chuki ola.

      all created by the british gov . it never happened no way .

      thats the world were living in and it all part of the secret society's big plan , the loominarty's bent on world order and they sadly will have their way now.

      if we get sick and do not have the means to pay . let em go , their just a burdon on the healthcare system , give them some morphine shut em up and send em to sleep , quietly.

      so go private is my advice. your get the same surgeons as on the nhs for sure.

      but that way you have at least got half a chance.

      very strange times we live in very sad very strange , but we can do nothing as the will of the people is not their anymore.

      more interested in their smartphones and how they all look.

      on that note you may or may not think were better off dead anyway then lol

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    Please do not think that removal of the gall bladder is the onl way of tackling your gall stone problem because it is most definitely not. Research Ursodeoxycholic acide before you contemplate having your gall bladder out. That is if your gall stone/stones are cholesterol based.

    I had five stones seen on first with CT scan then when I had dreadful symptoms by ultrasound.

    None of my GP's would prescribe me Urso and a Gastric specialist registrar had never even heard of the fact that cholesterol stones can be dissolved by 'Urso'. The senior Gastric surgeon stated =I have his letter that yes Gallbledder Stones can be dissolved by the Urso treatment and because I had had a invasive biopsy done 6 months before my gall bladder symptoms peaked he

    willingly gave me a script for the urso but told me it is a horrible way of getting rid of the stones........

    After six months I was re sounded and there was one stone 14mm left and now it is 10mm but could be smaller as I resumed another course of Urso. I have other health issues which may have caused my twinges under the bottom of the ribs.

    It seems clear in my case that the dissolution treatment has worked because I do not have any symptoms whatsoever regarding the small stone that may well be still within my gall bladder.

    It also seems clear that the gall stone 'sufferer' must find and consult a specialist who knows ALL THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT GALLSTONES. =Not someone who 'thinks' they know all there is to know about that complex subject. I can assure any reader that Mr S L Parsons - DM FRCS -Nottingham know all there is to know about the digestive tract and all the associated bits and pieces

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      Hi Micklemus, Thank you so much for your reply. I totally agree...unless you fit those classic text book symptons then you are not suffering apparently. I will research Urso...many thanks for letting me know.

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    yes urso can work for some people i agree, however its not for everyone , for example , who wants the runs for 3 years.

    also it can make some pretty ill, it depends on the enzyme composition of ones body.

    it also does not work on many people.

    it also can not help in cases where their are complications.

    and many many more factors, like cost for example.

    and the stones return like 80 percent of the time as you may well discover.

    its been pretty much abandoned by the medical world for many reasons.

    ive done my research also sir.

    their are many other dissolution therapys,

    including shock therapy in a bath of water , but again this has been abandoned as it can be very dangerous and can damage the kidneys badly but to name a few.

    and then you have the risks of the small fragments then getting stuck in the pancreatic duct, and you really dont want that now.

    oh and by the way ,you are also at risk of that as you stone gets smaller, as when your gallbladder contracts and pushes the bile out through the cystic duct, as your stone dissolves it can get stuck or lodged in the neck, cystic duct.

    or the common bile duct , then require ercp and basket attempt to retrieve, which also carries the risk of pancreatitis and you dont want that.

    as you may well discover yet sir ? as your stone dissolves ,and hopefully does not get stuck in yr pancriatic duct.

    so i think the medical world has dropped most of these other ways for many good reasons also to include cost.

    i wish you well for the future with your little stone, but do realise that it may well not be the end of the road for you and your gallbladder issues as i am sure you would have been told.

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      You state quite a horror story re ursodeoxycholic acid....... In the USA it is prescribed far more than here in the UK..... In many educational and experience regards the USA has been and in some respects still is about ten years in front of the UK.

      I am wondering if your anti feelings against urso are based on the fact that your gall bladder has been removed?

      *I was not told about all the symptoms and detrimental effects that you state and as regards the

      runs = which I assume you mean dihorea that did not happen to me. Have you researched that treatment enough to see that patients with liver damage are prescribed urso to help their liver and their digestive system with no mention of removing their gall bladders?

      As regards cost I would have calculated that there is no comparison between the cheapness of Urso treatment compared to the cost of a cholesystectomy......

      The risk of an op I would have though is great. Many have bad symptoms for years after the gall bladder is removed and you can see their plight on this forum.

      Isn't damage to the kidneys caused by the targeting of stones in the kidney and not the gall bladder?

      Three years taking urso is possible but that statement is not on the agenda from what I have seen in all thew research data. The medical profession notes that stones of a certain size are in any case flushed out of the system and the NHS are now giving advice about gall bladder flushes when they did not advocate that before this year.

      In fact the uneducated registrar stated that it is impossible to eradicate gall stones from the gall bladder 'once they are in' by any other means that cholesystectomy.

      It would be more constructive if people researched the correct data before publicizing untruths and especially so if that publicizing is based on prejudice. It is better to keep an open mind on all things.

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      i was on urso for 4 years.

      my research was extensive i assure you lol.

      however i feel your not at the end of your journey with urso and indeed your

      gallbladder / stones.

      i wish you well and of course i hope the urso does the trick for you.

      but i feel we need to beg to differ on this subject, and will do just that.

      i wish you well,and bid you good day with respect.

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