Gastrisis/Anxiety. Not the best.

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Hi all, So my problems started in February.

I woke up with stomach ache/burning pain which got progressively worse. I got checked over at hospital and they said it was gastroenteritis. It carried on for weeks, went to my GP who referred me for a camera... It was then i was told i had gastrisis (immflamation of the stomach).

Since then ive been taking omeprazole and gaviscon which did help and i managed to get off them eventually. Then it came back, then went, then came back and went again.I seem to have a flare up every now and again which lasts a few weeks. The only problem is i think it may be anxiety thats bringing it on, When i looked up reasons why you get gastrisis, Anxiety was the only one that stood out to me. I had an operation early this year which caused me mega stress/worry and i think thats why i got gastrisis in the first place. Right now im struggling to cope, the gastrisis is back because im worried again but i cant stop.I dont even know properly what im worried about, i just feel on edge/twitchy, When i walk i seem to get pain under my ribs (not actually sure if i am or the anxiety is making me think i am).

Also ive noticed certain foods dont agree with me (usually the foods i love!) I had a bag of crisps on holiday and had terrible pain after, then was sick and it eased off in a few hours.

I'm worried im just stuck in a rut with no way out, the anxiety starts and the gastrisis starts, then it goes. then the circle comes back around.

Is their anything i could try to help with my problems - i think if i could get on top of the anxiety the gastrisis will go again, and hopefully not return if i can keep myself calm for long enough to actually get the gastrisis to heal.

I'm really fed up and could do with some advice.

P.s Im a 25 year old, and have never suffered with anxiety previous to all this (at least i dont think i have), Also the gastrisis now even flared up is nowhere near as bad as it was in January, Every flare up seems to be better than the last.

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    I suffer with the same problem. I have to make sure I stay away from foods

    I am allergic to. Also stress causes it a lot. I was told to practice deep breathing

    Exercised. Get a tape that walks you through relaxing certain body

    Parts at a time and feel them relax. I also got a Tens machine that

    works wonders by helping places get intense where the pain is.

    I have had this problem all my life and learning these things helps.

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    Hi Laura.xx

    Have you been checked for h.pylori a stomach bacteria that lives is the gut and duodenum and causes all the symptoms you have mentioned..go back to your doc snd ask if you were checked for h.pylori if you weren't ask to be checked for it.

    You say you had a camera down which sounds like an you may have been checked for h.pylori...but check with your doc wishes....

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      I did get checked for h pylori and it came back negative. and yep it was a gastroscope, I was out my mind with worry about that but then I had it done, fully awake with just numbing spray and it honestly was nothing to worry about, I felt like a bit of a d*ck after!

      Laura X

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    I dont know what the answers are , I will follow these posts closely. Same problems here. Just finished antibiotic for H Pylori. Feel terrible. Have inflamation in the esophagus and stomach lining. Just glad I guess I didn't have an ulcer yet. But the burning and pain starts very easily if I happen to eat something that makes acid. And it'll last for 2 or 3 days before it gets any better. Anxiety is very hard to control. At least for me. I have found that raw cabbage juice relieves my symptons much quicker than meds though. Hope someone out there has some helpful sugestions .

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    I am living with chronic gastritis from 8 months. I don't have reflux, just dull pain in my upper abdomen and near the chest 24 hours. I was positive for H Pylori then I took HP antibiotic kit for a week. And it came negative next time. Gastritis takes longer time to heal and it my case it's chronic so it will take more longer. It looks like a bloody bacteria has taken my life away from me.

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    I also suffer with this Laura and yes stress is a big factor in this however I take my anti acids every day as to also maybe prevent bad flare ups, you will often find that certain foods can not agree with your problem, you will tend to find this out through time. I know how sore and bad this is but it can eventually be kept under control to a certain extent. I would also go back to doctor about your stress and anxiety, good luck
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    Hi Laura, I think I know what you're going through, it may start to feel better one day and then slightly worse the next and then the worry/stress kicks in and you're right back at square 1. I haven't really got an answer but only advise you as to what the options I'm currently exploring are and that is Cognitive behavioural therapy on mindfulness. I think it'sto sort of to focus on the moment and not the what ifs so that conequenty your stomach has time to heal without the stress.

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    Hello. I suffered with h pylori caused chronic gastritis for 2 years before I finally healed myself and it wasn't easy. It involves some BIG diet and lifestyle changes. 

    To heal I took 40mg (double dose) of rabeprazole per day for a month, then 30mg for a month. And then 20mg for 2 months. Then 10mg for 2 months. I am off PPI now and just use Gaviscon or h2 blockers if needed. Here's the key thing - YOUR DIET NEEDS TO BE STRICT ! No alcohol for 3/4 months. No tea or coffee. No high fat foods. No acidic foods and drinks. Nothing fizzy. Reduce dairy as it makes acid. Keep a food dairy and eliminate what gives you pain. After a month off PPI and diet you should notice improvement and can relax things slightly but only relax your diet slightly and now and then. I ate super strict mon - fri and then relaxed a bit on weekends. Allowed me to heal. 

    Stress ss doesn't help but it sounds to me like it's diet errors that are causing your flare ups. 

    If you need any more help let me know.  0  Report this Reply

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      I've just about come to the conclusion that this never actually. Didn't have an ulcer but had inflamation from H PYLORI. Went through the antibiotic treatment for 14 days. Finished on June 30th. Don't eat any acid foods or at least very little. Not really neauseated anymor. Maybe a little. But the pain is always there to a certain extent. Not excruciating like it was for the past year but it's there. The medical profession can say what they want. I just feel they are full of it. If they don't cure it they can make a lot more money. After all money talks. There's probably a real cure out there , but don't think we'll ever be told about it. Even vitamin co.s make millions as long as it's not cured. Bad attitude , I know , but have lost a it in vitamin co.s and the medical profession.

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      Didn't proof read. Dont think it will ever actually be cured. And I have lost faith in all vitamin co.s and the medical profession along with pharmaceuticals.

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      Hi paul can you tell me what foods you would avoid, I know like fried food etc but what else? Would you really suggest tea? Even if there was no sugar and very light milk?
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      Hi Paul, I'm also interested in food to eat and avoid...

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    Hi all

    Hoping someone can shed some light on my symptoms

    June I started with a little jabbing pain in my right side went to gp did urine sample and was told I had upper kidney infection from this sample.

    Got antibiotics for 6 days it seemed to subside over that week I was very stresses it came back got another 3 days but the pain seemed to shift to my stomach .

    Gassy stomach almost all of the time I wouldt say I was really bloated but not rating very well. Pain in my sides which seems to come and go can be on the right then shift to the left sometimes feels musculoskeletal and sometimes not.. tight band feeling below bra . Top of stomach I had some blood tests done all clear not sure what they were for apart from celiacs. Clear.. done a stool sample not sure what for and ultrasound on kidneys.. clear. .back to doctors today and he wanted a stool sample again it was a diffrent doctor so I did one it was to check for h pylori. But I'm thinking surly it would have showed up on the last one.. ?? Or do you think now because it say h pylori they will check a diffrent was.. my concern is the ribs and nauseous is this a symptom? Also been put on gastro pills to calm the gas is this normal? Please advise I suffer from anxiety to I have a 6 month baby and a little boy.. I just feel so ill a diffrent times of the day. And tired..

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      Hi nichola39441

      You do seem to have the symptoms of hpylori a stomach bacteria that lives in the gut and duodenum and causes nausea, acid reflux, pain, gas and bloating. Wait for your results to come back if it is HP then you will be put on another course of antibiotics.....perhaps it would be a good idea to change your diet to gluten free and lactose free and probiotics to heal your wishes to you and your little baby....hope all goes well for you.....

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    Hi Laura I have been exactly the same since May, I started off with chest pains and sickness/ diarrhoea, with that I was told is gastroenteritis, I carried on being ill and they said its gone from that to now having gastritis, I'm on rinitadine and lansoprozole. I'm also on anxiety meds to, as to see if that started.

    So basically the chest pains were cause of the acid and I think that's cause I was suffering from anxiety, I'm still waiting to have the camera down to confirm it all, how long go you with suffering before it all stars again? X

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