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I'm sick to death of feeling like this, I've had all the tests and they say it's gastritis, I'm due to have a ct scan on Saturday to confirm it all I guess. But my stomach is not the same, it's killing me I always feel sick and I'm wondering if there's a light at the end of the tunnel, please is there someone out there how has had this for a certain among of time and then it's gone or stopped until they make it worse themselves by going back to there old ways????

Please I need to know there's a light at the end!!!!!

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    My relative had this stomach sick feeling plus upper abdominal pain for years, she had to be extreme careful what she ate (never restaurant food, fat, hard to digest food) and stress at work would trigger a real upper abdominal fire.

    She had backpain as well and all was due to gastritis and an ulcer (duodenum) in her case. It got under control after a long course of PPI, the ulcer healed, the worst pain gone,

    but still has to monitor what she is eating and regularly checked via gastroscopy (which is no probs). Retirement helped her a lot too, stress is just a no go and anxiety is stress on your system, too. (She never worried to be not cured or that it could be bad)

    Soon you have a scan,

    once physical huge abnormalties are crossed off the list, you need to do everything you can to achieve a stress low lifestyle, be it some meditation, a food list (diary) that prompts you with triggers (to avoid) or whatever you enjoy (not fatty foods and fizzy drinks I am afraid! ;-))

    I wonder if you have tried ondansetrone as a symptom killer for nausea, it works a bit for my other family members.

    Ask, ask, get answers, if you don't understand, what your doc said, ask again, get printed results and doc letters, it's your right to have them in printing.


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      PS: she also has a 'hernia', the hole where oesophagus goes into stomach, is too big and parts of stomach slide up and down. (as long as it slides up and down and does not get stuck above, it's no problem).

      Her problems are too little to address this surgically since conservative therapy (PPI and a bit of food avoidance/tigger avoidance) helps to stay within limits with her inflammation degree and symptoms to live with.

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      I have been on them tablets you said since Monday and still no joy, I'm at stay at home mum so apart from the kids there's no real stress, I know want a quick fix like my family says but it's just a horrid thing to have to deal with, I know there's people out there who's worse but it's a personal thing for each person, thank you for replying

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      Hi Sanya, I am feeling a lot better with the gastritis but now I'm suffering with anxiety, my mum thinks it's a Build up of being ill as I haven't been ill like this in my life. Have you felt like this at all?? I felt like I was going crazy as one minute I'm writing about my stomach and now my head? X

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      Hi Ledgy, 

      I have had many accidents, injuries, tumors, operations, sicknesses (infections of all kind) in my life since the age of 6yrs (a month in hospital, scars for life on my body), so nothing can really throw me easily and I have a half full glass approach to life, otherwise I would drown.

      When docs tell me 'this one does not look benign' I am the one saying 'let's wait and see after histology report'. (sure enough was benign twice)

      I have to have a half full glass approach to life,

      since I have now to deal with a very, very chronically sick child and that is much harder than being seriously sick and in ICU myself.

      Watching helplessly my child in agony, severe pelvic pain, tears, unable to walk at times due to pain, vomiting often until oesophagus tore and bled is harder than anything.

      Yes, your mum is right and also because, small problems can be solved by big ones. If one has not experienced much so far (like my dad), every for others 'small' things are huge (where I roll my eyes at when he dramatises a little toe injury or possibility of diabetesII)

      Nevertheless those problems, that others would wish to 'only' have,  do feel huge for them, like for you at that point of time and this must not be dismissed therefore.

      It's important to feel understood and helped, or at least understood and heard.

      For my child we also are in psychological treatment (which she hates as it is far to luhdiduh for her) in order to keep sane with all the burden of pain and return quickly to normal life, once burden falls, which we still hope will one day.

      There are apps that help meditating

      and I highly would recommend such an approach.

      We got the mindfulness app for example (in severe pain impossible to listen to, but when in moderate pain)

      There must be something for adults, too.

      You seem to have your mum around or some 'help' to look after children for a bit of time, who could care for your children for a few hours and children feel comfi with? 

      Then I would really go in your case and look where there is some relaxation, meditation, time for yourself to destress actively.

      (Also search net for gastritis friendly diet trials)

      Maybe a one-off psychologist (expensive!) could help gather all the info you need, where to get professional good relaxation help or which apps to listen to in order to not fall for some dogdy things, as we are vulnerable to when being sick or anxious.

      I am very happy to hear that your gastritis symptoms have eased a bit.

      (just the tablets made a difference?)

      That's good.

      Gastritis can be a long road and yes, I am impatient too, like quick fix and often it is so not the case, very frustrating.

      If symptoms get to a point of being controlable, it's already a win.

      Know what our phsychologist said, which made my girl almost angry: if you have severe pain and manage to do a few things (by kind of forcing yourself to e.g. bath, walk, 15min reading, 1 min sitting up straight), it's already a win even pain is the same.

      I don't totally agree with that, but I see her point:

      You must never ever let pain or anxiety take control of your life.

      That was the message.

      In order to do so, you need some help, some deep breathing, some small steps that prompt you: I can do that!

      You had your scan by now, haven't you. Once you know, that there is nothing big organic to be found, you have time to cure your body.

      Also as I like to look at things: if something is found, it can be tackled.

      I sometimes scream outside into the garden: bring it on life, what next!?

      You have to think of everything you manage to do as an achievement, every improvement as a win.

      You can do it! You are here! You are wonderful. You are not crazy.

      You experience something the first time, that you are actually vulnerable, that is scary, but that is life.

      Please look into something like mindfulness app as a daily basis (daily!) for a few minutes (hard to get with children at times, but maybe at nightime?), take care of yourself actively, your body requests it!

      All the best!!


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      Hi Sanya, thank you for replying, when I listen to your story mine is nothing compared to yours and then i feel aweful, but like my sister says everyone's pain and problems is different to each individual person. You have a lot going on and it's a good thing that you are positive ( can I borrow some of yours)

      I am looking to much into things and shouldn't so I'll start thinking positive, I hope you and your family are well. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon x

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      Thank you!


      in the big general picture the problem is 'small',

      for you personally - and that is the most important- it is 'big',

      hence you need to get better and feel better. Pain is just horrid.

      I just wanted to point out, that 'medicine' itself is often not enough.

      I am very happy to hear that your symptoms did improve, that is a very good response. Very good, if pain goes down.

      But you noticed (for the first time?), that you are not invincable, but vulnerable and that is scary, causes anxiety, especially when you have children and are responsible for them (to be there, physically, one cannot just 'die' without feeling having left children, who are not adults, alone behind. I was always a risk taker, eg would jump out of planes and so on, you don't do this anymore once you feel responsible for children, little children, at least I do.).

      Anxiety is a true feeling and nothing to brush off.

      Yes, thinking positively is very important, but you should not brush anxiety under the carpet since a problem can get bigger.

      I love those daily short exercises, just to breath and relax. They do help.

      And yes, your symptoms have to get under control, if not further investigation is needed, but again: it is monitored, anything found can be tackled.

      We are not well, but we are not getting worse either.

      So we hang in there and over time surely will find the culprit and survive and get out of it stronger than before.

      You take good care please! 

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    Gastritis takes time to heal. You have to keep patience. Stress will trigger it more. I know people who came out of it after a long treatment. Is it a acute gastritis or chronic gastritis?
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      They haven't told me which one I've got Sanjeev so I dnt no, I will be asking though, I have a ct scan on Saturday so I'll see if they can tell me

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      Hi, Do not worry first. I am sure CT Scan will be having no symptoms of worries. As far as gastritis is concern I myself is having it from last 6 months. I have chronic gastritis, That takes time to heal. I am taking Proton Pump Inhibitors(Antaacid) from last 6 months and I am 80% Ok. I am 100% sure that remaining 20% also will be healed over time. I just have to keep patience.

      So you are not dealing with something which is out of this world, but it's a common problem nowadays.

      I pray you have acute gastiritis because it can be cured with in few weeks.

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      Thank you I've had this now for 5 weeks but things started 10 weeks ago, I didn't think it was that common till I got it and looked on this forum and Google, I hope it clears for us both very soon, I am on lansoprozole and ranitadine as well as sickness meds, the hardest thing I find is eating I just dnt have any appetite

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    Ledgy, as it says in my report, gastritis is no quick fix I'm afraid.

    Did the docs say why you have gastritis ? Or do you know why ?

    A ct scan won't show up gastritis, it will just rule out other abnormalities.

    If there are no abnormalities then your gastritis will heal over time if you allow it. Take ppi and eat clean and reduce stress. In a few months you should feel better.

    If you neglect your diet you won't heal.

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      Hiya paul your report was good thank you for sending it me, yesterday was a bad day and I needed to know if there was light at the end of the tunnel...

      I had gastric stomach bug and I dnt think it healed proper.

      I really wanna eat it's just I can't eat due to wanting to throw up, today has been a good day though ????

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      You will have bad days now and then. Don't let it get you down. Try and identify what upset you the other day and cut it out of your diet.

      You will get there.

      Thanks. Paul

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    Hi Ledgy85

    I've been struggling with gastritis for 8 months now. I have a bacterial infection and the antibiotics didn't get rid of it. I'm always worried which probably makes my gastritis worse but I know what's caused it. It's important to know the cause, h pylori, stress, NSAIDs, bile can all cause it.

    I have good and bad days where my pain is constant. Depend what I eat definetly but I woke up every morning for the last 8 months with nausea.  I'm a mother too of one and I also work. I never know how am I going to be next day. It's not nice living like this so I know how you feel. 


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      Leni75, how do u deal with your nausea. My husband has Gastritis and has extreme nausea daily. Anti-nausea meds don't seem to help much. Why does Gastritis cause nausea anyway? Also do u take anything for your Gastritis? Thanks

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      I haven't found anything that helps me with nausea or the pain of gastritis. Does your husband know the cause of his gastritis ? Could it be bacterial infection? Find out and then treated it. Sorry I haven't replied long time I haven't been around dealing with my pain for almost a year. Another year of suffering and doctors are so useless!!

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