Gastritis - Constant severe stomach pain

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I wondered if anyone could help me, since about January 2013 I have on and off had a dull ache in my stomach, sometimes flaring up to make me feel sick. I actually put this down to anxiety however in the past few weeks my theory has changed.

About three weeks ago my stomach flared up however to the worst pain I have experienced as yet, made me feel like I was going to be sick constantly and made me not know what to do with myself. I feel like there is a lump in my thought and my stomach feels tender and swollen when flares up feels like my stomach is on fire/knotted up!

The pain was so sever I went to the doctors (2 and a half weeks ago), my doctor felt my stomach and said it felt swollen, I told her the symtoms and she says she thinks I have gastritis and prescribed me with Lansoprazole 30mg tablets to take daily for 1 month, this however to date hasn't helped my stomach at all, the flare up comes and goes however the pain in my stomach is constant and the Lansorprazole is causing terrible upset stomach to the point I am worried to not be near a toilet.

I went back to the doctors on Tuesday 22/10 explained all of the above to her and she said I am to keep taking the tablets and she is happy to see me again in November (once the months course has been taking) however im in dispear with this pain sad HAD ENOUGH OF FEELING ILL and can't help but think the worse

Has anyone experienced symptoms same as above as I feel extremely on my own shouting and no one understanding what im going though

Comments greatfully received.

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    Sounds like you've got a raging H. pylori infection, you need antibiotics for this. (If it's really really raging / painful) a Gastroscopy (an endoscope down the Throat and into the Stomach) to get an idea of it's true extent would be very helpful. If you are of modest means then some Generic Soluble Paracetamol could hit the spot, if you are a bit more minted then I'd go for Soluble Solpadeine Max,, do not take Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Diclofenac (or any other NSAID), nor use any creams or gels containing these drugs...

    Look afters smile

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    Thanku so much for your reply, however I was tested for h pylori virus two weeks ago my results came back last Friday saying negative for h pylori. Pain is worse than ever before today so have had to leave work and come home, I have docs appt at 4 and will ask to be referred as I thankfully have bupa ins, managed to get an appt with stomach specialist for tomorrow. Terrified it's something serious :-s
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    In that case then the Endoscopy is definitely the way to go. If you've been well in every other respect then I doubt it's anything 'serious', the worst it could be is a substantial Stomach Ulcer, they'll biopsy your Stomach when you have the Endoscopy (depending on how close they're taken from near the scabby bits the biopsies don't hurt) wink
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    Thanku, I hope your right! Stomach pain has died down again now just feels bruised and tender, fingers crossed for my appt tomorrow! Will keep u posted
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    Ok so its been just over two weeks since my last post and this is whats been happening and where I am now...

    I went to the doctors on Friday 25/10 and got referred to a private hospital THANKFULLY (finding the nhs doctors not very helpful at all if im honest). So Saturday 26/10 I went and saw a stomach specialist, he listened to all my symptoms and what I had been going through and how long, I also told him about the Lansoprazole which wasn't working at all (which he said if its not working, stop taking it which I did), he examined my stomach (felt it) and booked me in for an Ultrasound which was on Wednesday 30/10 and an Endsocopy on Wednesday 06/11, he didn't comment on what it could be as he said he needed to run these tests first. I asked him what I could do for the pain in the mean time, he said he didn't know as he didn't know what was wrong, which is a fair comment but to maybe try paracetmol and see if that helps.

    So the pain in my stomach was still feeling horrendous, flaring up general mornings and afternoons to the point it would make me get extremely upset and not knowing what to do with myself, on Sunday 27/10 so much so I just said to my other half pls just look online and see what I can do to cope! I seriously didn't think I was going to make it to either of the coming appointments. I get upset stomach a couple of times a day too which added to the worry.

    He looked online and said it sounds like I have an ulcer so basically said to me to eat every 2 hours (little and often), stop drinking tea (I only have 4 a day anyway) so I have exchanged it for 3 green teas a day, I used to have 1 can of sprite in the evening with my dinner which I have stopped as you shouldn't drink fizzy drinks, I have stopped eating spicy foods, I used to smoke 5 cigarettes a day which I have reduced by 1 so now smoke 4 a day and only have one after eating... Long story short it this seems to of stopped my stomach flaring into mega pain however the pain is still there but luckily it enabled me to go to work etc.

    So I had the ultrasound, ALL CLEAR! which was a massive relief as I was petrified they was going to pick up something bad... he checked ALL my organs and said it all looks absolutely fine, which was a huge relief however they don't pick up stomach ulcers on an ultrasound so I still needed an endoscopy to see what was going on inside my stomach however the relief I had that the scan was all clear.

    So it felt like a week took forever to roll round until the Endoscopy, Wednesday 6th November was finally here, which I was extremely nervous about as the thought of having a camera down my throat into my stomach which was sooooooo painful was terrifying, my apt was at 3.15 and I wasn't allowed to eat for 6 hours before hand.

    I had the endoscopy under Sedation (which didn't fully work) however it didn't take them long to do it and the doctor and nurses were amazing and really put me at ease. To be honest I was just glad when it was all over, however my results were ALL CLEAR! No ulcer and from what he said my stomach all looked fine!

    Well in a way it was lovely to hear however what is this pain I have been getting! So as you can imagine I am no further forward really, my stomach is still extremely tender I feel sick all of the time, I have a lump in my throat I am eating and drinking all the right things (as far as im concerned) I have had the all clear on all tests so far WHAT DO I DO ?

    The consultant didn't have time to see me after the endoscopy, so now im booked in to see him on Monday 25/11 yes another two weeks away sad I am pinning so much on this apt, I can't surely live with this pain for the rest of my life, I don't want to go out or do anything its a struggle to come to work and I am just sick of not feeling well.

    The one thing that I have changed in my life since xmas is I started taking Asda's own A-Z Vitamins and Minerals, could I per allergic maybe? I stopped taking these on Thursday 07/11 however to date haven't noticed a difference in how I feel, how long should I leave it for to see if it is them?

    Other than that I just don't know sad

    All advise and comments gratefully received

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    Hm funny that, based on what you were / are saying your Stomach should have something to um and ah at neutral
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    I know, I thought the exact thing, how can I have so much pain yet nothing be there? As I say the consultant didn't see me after like he was meant to and I have an apt with him Monday week, however I would of thought he would of told me something after the endoscopy?
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    How much weight have you (unintentionally) lost question smile
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    Oh redface A nurse usually just gives you a tick box report after an Endoscopy (with your GP receiving a report in a few weeks), seeing the actual Consultant afterwards would be, er, unheard of, they're far too busy to talk to the mere punters cheesygrin
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    I haven't lost or gained any weight I am exactly the same, as much as I feel sick I have been eating regularly (I am a creature of habbit anyway!)

    Well I went privately and when the I saw the consultant he said that I would have the endoscopy (by him) and then he would see me afterwards to tell me what he saw... however on the day the apt before me over over ran so I think that's why he had to shoot off hence why he booked me in to see him Monday week.

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    I'm not sure what is going on with you, but a few years ago I had unexplained gastritis that the doctors did not take seriously. Everything I ate caused nausea than diarrhea. I was losing a lot of weight and since I am already naturally underweight, I didn't have much to spare. I finally was prescribed marinol, which helped with keeping food down, but if I didnt take it the symptoms returned.. I eventually completely modified my diet and did a yeast cleanse (no sugar (grains) and certain yeast friendly foods) for 2 weeks. Then I went on the Paleo diet. My symptoms disappeared.. I don’t know if this works for you.. but it sounds like you’ve tried a lot of the harder stuff already.
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    Hi Rose,

    Thank you for writing, How long did your gastritis go on for in total? Luckily I haven't been sick as yet even though I feel on the edge of being sick all the time, however I do get a constant upset stomach.

    The Paleo diet sounds interesting, have you stayed on that diet ever since?

    I am finding that since I have been eating every two hours (little and often) it has helped, however I still get upset stomach in the mornings and every early evening, strange as its generally always the same sort of time and mixing up what I eat doesnt' seem to change that either.

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    I stayed on the Paleo diet for 6 months. I had to stop because I got married, and my husband was not as supportive of my diet. It became too hard to continue it when the other person in the house continued questioning its effectiveness. I really believed that it helped though and always recommend it to anyone with stomach problems. When I stopped doing it, I was okay for about 4 months, then the symptoms started to come back.I struggle with gastritis occasionally now... So that would be 3 years now.. but of those three years I spent 18 months of it pregnant and 6 months of it on the diet. I did not have the symptoms when I was pregnant.

    I agree, smaller meals should help. You are making it easier on your digestive system when you eat smaller meals.

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    My wife has twice had a similar problem to you. First time she was admitted to hospital and like you had all the tests. Nothing found t account for the pain. I suggested that she take Aloe Vera and after a few weeks it worked. When she had a follow up appointment the consultant was non committal about her remedy.

    He had some students with him and he asked her to wait until they discussed her case. We could hear them through the partition. One said that her mother had gone through a similar episode and had been helped by Aloe Vera. She commented that her mother said that it is expensive but worth it.

    Three years ago my wife had the same symptoms again and went through the same tests plus a CT scan. Again nothing was found. She has been taking Aloe Vera every day since. She has stopped it a few times when on holiday etc but has been glad to get back on to it so now takes capsules away with her.

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