Gastritis - Constant severe stomach pain

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I wondered if anyone could help me, since about January 2013 I have on and off had a dull ache in my stomach, sometimes flaring up to make me feel sick. I actually put this down to anxiety however in the past few weeks my theory has changed.

About three weeks ago my stomach flared up however to the worst pain I have experienced as yet, made me feel like I was going to be sick constantly and made me not know what to do with myself. I feel like there is a lump in my thought and my stomach feels tender and swollen when flares up feels like my stomach is on fire/knotted up!

The pain was so sever I went to the doctors (2 and a half weeks ago), my doctor felt my stomach and said it felt swollen, I told her the symtoms and she says she thinks I have gastritis and prescribed me with Lansoprazole 30mg tablets to take daily for 1 month, this however to date hasn't helped my stomach at all, the flare up comes and goes however the pain in my stomach is constant and the Lansorprazole is causing terrible upset stomach to the point I am worried to not be near a toilet.

I went back to the doctors on Tuesday 22/10 explained all of the above to her and she said I am to keep taking the tablets and she is happy to see me again in November (once the months course has been taking) however im in dispear with this pain sad HAD ENOUGH OF FEELING ILL and can't help but think the worse

Has anyone experienced symptoms same as above as I feel extremely on my own shouting and no one understanding what im going though

Comments greatfully received.

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    Hello Derek

    Thank you for your message, always interested in hearing other people that have been/or going through a similar thing.

    I will have to look into Aloe Vera Capsules, out of interest, what was your reasoning to suggest for her to take the Aloe Vera Capsules? I wonder what is in them that is helping her stomach?

    Glad to hear that it is working for her!

    Just to give an update on me, since last writing I received confirmation from my consultant that the Endoscopy results were all clear, I since had blood tests testing me for pretty much everything which came back all clear, toilet sample tests all clear, and a colonoscopy which 4 biopsy's were taken again ALL CLEAR! My consultant didn't want to put me in for a CT scan as he is confident with the tests that he has done (he said if it gets worse that would be next but to go away and see how I get on)

    He recommended me to take "Acidophilus Plus" (good bacteria capsules from Holland and barrat) I have been taking these for 2 weeks now (2 a day) and since taking them have noticed a massive difference, I get the odd days of not feeling 100% however its not a daily occurance like it was and my stomach hasn't been flaring up like it was.

    I have to be a little careful regarding spicy food still however I am trying to have it now and again just so my stomach gets used to it.

    I will however look into Aloe Vera also as that sounds positive.

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    Hi I'm from the US .. I'm dealing with the sane things now ... Nothing worked ... Was taking Prilosec I mean everything lol.. The doc said I might she. Pylori so they put me on antibiotics that I hate. Just waiting on another endoscopy. I'm also waiting for my stool test. I keep hearing ppl say to try Bragg's apple cider vinegar. I put a capful in my water and felt better. Aloe Vera did help me in the past but I think I need to try another brand. Icut out eating everything. I can only tolerate chicken mainly now. I hope we do get better. The stress is killing me. I feel your pain Jenny... I hope they find a cure soon
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    Hello Tamika,

    Sorry to here you are going through the same thing sad

    Since last writing I feel like I am getting somewhere (well my stomach isn't a daily nightmare, at the moment anyway), as I said I am still taking the Acidophilus Plus capsules which I think are my savour! Since taking these it seems to of made a massive impact on my stomach, In 5 1/2 weeks I have just had 3 flare ups! which is amazing compared to having it daily for 3 1/2 MONTHS!

    Last week (due to the flare ups I had again - which all happened in the same week) I decided to go to a nutritionist and have a food allergy test done. It didn't show that I had any sever food allergies however there was about 8 things that showed up that "stressed" my digestive system if eaten, so now I have changed my diet again so I only have those items in small amounts on occasion. I hope this is the cure!

    Good luck with your results and getting to the bottom of what is causing your pains.

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      Hey Jenny, have you looked into Functional Dyspepsia? It physically affects you like gastritis but all tests are negative. It might be worth looking into smile 
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      Hello Stella,

      Very interesting and definately sounds like a posibility as all my sypthoms are listed! i will mention to my stomach specialist when I next see him.

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      Hello Jenny,

      I am sorry to hear of your long term frustration and pain.  It looks like you may be on the right path now.  I am hoping you are doing better with your avoidance of certain foods.

      I am curious to find out what food you are avoiding.  I have had the EXACT same symptoms.  2 years ago, I went to my doctor, and she suggested that I may have an intolerance to gluten.  She suggested I remove all gluten from my diet, and take probiotics.  I did that, and felt so much better after 10 days.  I still have flare-ups now and then, and have been wondering if I have an intolerance to other foods as well.  So far, I think it may be nuts, egg yolks, brocolli, and aspartame.  This week, I have had severe flare-ups, and have become very nervous in what I can eat.  I am wondering if I also have an intolerance to dairy products. 

      I went to see my doctor (unfortunately not the same one that recommended going gluten-free) and she has ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow.  She thinks it is my appendix.  My 'gut' feeling is that she is wrong, and do not want to go through a bunch of tests.

      What foods are you avoiding? I would just like to compare with what I am avoiding and see if I am missing anything. 

      Thanks for your input, hope you continue to have good results!

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      I'm in the US

      I have the same thing. We have an over the counter medicine called mylanta and I drink that all the time all it is is an antacid it helps sort of.

      I have been in and out of doctors also blood test ultrasound x rays all come up perfectly fine.

      Dr said gastritis will go away on its own I don't agree.

      But I'm kind of at a standstill I don't know what to do stage of the game also

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    How are you tested for food allergies?
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      I do have known food allergies

      I'm allergic to nuts berries sulfites nitrates nitrites processed meats of any kind

      I should add my particular symptoms get better with food

      If I don't eat is when it actually hurts but I get very very cold

      I feel my best first thing in the morning I usually start to feel sick 2 o'clock in the afternoon not really sure what significant about that time 2 o'clock in the afternoon is when everything rears its ugly head

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    I believe there is different methods.

    The one I went to was done by holding a silver tube in one hand and then on my other hand the lady put on and off a silver point to the tip of my finger, not sure if it pierced the skin or not if im honest, but the computer took readings from it.

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      in Nov of 2009 i had a Nissen fundoplication, its a surgery where they wrap the top of my esophagus with a mesh to keep stomach acids from splashing up and causing extreme pain. it reduced my pain dramatically for about 2 years, and in 2011 the pain came back, i was checked for another hernia, ulcers, h pylori, celiacs disease, and many others. all results came back negative. I began just to live with the pain as a part of day to day life. about 4 months ago it got so bad that i had completely stopped eating and if i did eat i became very sick and dizzy. i again went to the doctor had much of the same tests done and again no results that would indicate a reason why it hurts. I have quit smoking, drinking alcohol and soda pop, spicy foods are unfortunately no longer a part of my life, and i am now no longer able to bend over and pick things up as it causes stomach pain. reading through your messages it sounds very similar to where i am at as well. Aloe Vera seems to help somewhat, however there is one thing i have tried that assists with helping subdue the pain so that i can eat, and that is the ingestion of cannabis.

      Now i no this is always a sensitive topic, and is still illegal in most states in the US to include the state that i live in. but there is some medical research done into the effects of cannabis on stomach pain such as what i have and seemingly what you have as well. "smoking" of it DOES NOT HELP ME, in fact it almost makes it worse at times, however my mother lives in a state where it is legal to use for medical purposes, and i have been ingesting it for roughly a month and have been able to eat and maintain my lifestyle. I thought that i would share this with you as it seems like you have exhausted many resources and although its not the most "professional and desirable" way of treating this, it is working for me. I Hope that this helps you out.

      Please research this for your self as well. do not just take my word on it. and do not buy off the street as that may have other things laced in it and you do not know the history of how it was grown which causes a risk of doing more harm then help.

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      Hi. I was wondering if I could have some Help with the same problem. I'm 17 years old and usually a very healthy girl. With no problems what so ever. Nearly 3 weeks ago, on a Thursday. I got up and did my usual routine, things that I would usually do and went out for food with my friends that night. I went to bed completely fine that night with no problems. at 2am the next morning I was woken up with unreal 
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      BY Taking Cannabis in any form is a mistake! thats the same as TAKING OTHER DANGEROUS PRESCRIPTION PAIN MEDICATIONS! If you wish to COVER UP THE REAL PROBLEM!!! And GET WORSE THEN TAKING CANNABIS and other pain medications would be the route to go!!!  But you will be the reason why you get worse!. Competent medical professionals know that prescribing any kind of pain reducer hides the real symtoms of the medical condition and can cause a much later or too late diagnosis. Thus further damaging or in many cases killing the patient! You have to have the common sense to understand this simple fact.
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      Very good idea also, I just recently received my medicinal marijuana card back in April girlfriend said that there's capsules for gastro problems. And she wants to get them and have her mom try themso of course the s bother thingsame idea popped into my head being the third daythat I'm in so much pain I'm ready to go back to the ER like I did years ago when I found out my diagnosis as really bad acute gastritis.acute does not mean small and the doctor termination for  acute is even worse, so last 3 days I've been really worried, because of an issue few times already w cervical cancer,something my doctors cannot diagnose my Rheumatologist just keeps running more blood tests stating the same thing over and over again and telling me smoke weed he said in front of my father and I,I laughed and joked he kidded around,stating I not the doctor they can give you that prescription,  but you can go get that! So I did,I haven't had the chance to try the capsules from the store yet.but being that my daily life consists of many medications including morphineand the pain is still as horrible as it ismy educated guess would be something very wrongbut yet every time I go to an ERthey don't seem to do anything for melooks like it's off to YET ANOTHER specialist! Oh not to mention but my father found an article on the procedure I had time after I had my 3 boys called  Essure,which I find out the Erin Brockovich THE  Erin Brockovich,had a class action lawsuit she was trying to pursue and currently isI think I'm number 200 something on that list of hers because once I watched her YouTube video on how sick these other women were getting, it seem like it all started to come together.I'm now using Meddi Hash, morphine, norco (which contains a lot of Tylenol I don't like taking especially being diabetic), soma a muscle relaxer for my muscle spasms through my back & neck and all through my body I have procedures done every 6 months on my back and now they just ran four procedures on my neck from c3 through 7 I do not want to put cages in my back or a rod  through my whole spine,I still have a six year old Son getting ready to turn 7,and my 9 year old and my 12 year old.I would like to still be able to throw a football with them when thier 13 or

      15.although I don't see that happening considering my shoulder is dilapidated,/ing now effecting my elbow! It just hurts so bad knowing that I spent years for 8 hours a day to train my body to do things normal people cant do, to get hit by a car,find out I have degenerative disc disease among MANY OTHER THINGS.I Also had Kawasaki disease as a child and because it's such a rare disease I figured maybe they should have followed me my whole life to see how it effects you 30 years later.I wish much luck to all of youmany prayers and much love God bless Sincerely 

                                                                Lisa C.Kuehnel

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      I wish my doctors at my pain clinic would use the same common sense.all they do is mask the real problems, shots on my knees shots on my shoulders shots in my elbowsback procedures rhyzotomy they go in and burn off 13 pinched nerve give me a walking epidural gram and do a facet joint block,they did the same thing to my neck twice it didn't work so now they did the rhyzotomy on my neck w 4 herniated disc and one bulging herniated discs.I just recently received my medicine medical marijuana card back in AprilI went to a dr and got his approval for chronic painso I haven't tried much but the hash seems to work out and I know they have stomach pills also in little capsules that I might try also!
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      Hello Jenny,

      How are you feeling now..any luck??

      I am also having gastritis.its been a year.. Really tired of the dull pain in upper abdomen and medicines also not working. Had done endoscopy also.. Really worried, what is happening with me : (

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      Unfortunately I am know further forward.  Still get the same syptoms swollen upper stomach and bad upset stomach regularly, not every day like it was however guaranteed minimum once a week sad I really don't know what is causing it as is the same whatever I eat, if I am stressed or not!

      The only thing I can think may be causing it is run down/tiredness ? Which I am all the time! lol

      Sorry to hear your suffering also, its a never ending nightmare isn't it.

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      Hello Jenny:

      Did you try any yoga ? Try some yoga which is specially design for stomach related problems.

      And for sure change the diet.

      I suggest to start doing yoga [ learn from a professioanl ] and god willing you will get better.



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      Thank you so much for your post, unfortunately as much as I wish i had I have not yet got round to trying Yoga, however I am extremely keen still to do so!

      Unfotunately I lead a very hectic lifestyle and am finding it difficult to fit anything else in, however new years resolution is to start!

      I have heard so much positivity from yoga.

      Will let you know how I get on!

      Thanks again for your comment.

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      Hello Jenny

      I am from the United states and like you have been experiencing the same exact thing as you. Spent alot of time in and out of doctors and emergency rooms only to find out that nobody knows what was wrong with me. I finally found a doctor in my town who is also a younger one and he told me it was caused by anxiety. He ended up putting me on an anti depressant which eventually stopped the pain I was having and he also gave me this blue pill called dicyclomine which stopped the pains dead in their tracks. I have eventually gone off the anti depressant because I don't like taking drugs and I have been off of them for 2 months now and within the last week here I have been having excruciating pains in my belly. I will be making an appointment coming up here so I can have these pains taken care of. Hope this helps you and anyone else suffering from this.

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      Hi jenny,

      I have nearly all the same symptoms as you except I use to just feel like getting sick all the time where now I do. At first they thought it was ulsers then H pylori but they haven't got a clue really my stomach pains are starting to get out of hand now and all the tests are coming back clear any advise .?

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      It's amazing that stomachs can behave like this with no known cause. It's my story, too, so my heart goes out to those who suffer with like issues. I've had gobs of tests, endoscopies, CTs, blood tests, etc etc. My doctor cannot tell me why my stomach hurts at the very top, sometimes burns, sometimes a dull ache. This time it has been ongoing, not constant (comes and goes) for 16 months. More frequent and small meals help. I do have a reflux problem and IBS. I have been taking Nexium for years but try to take it only 3 times a week instead of every day. I also use Kefir at least several times a week. Still, I wish I knew what causes this. One of my docs told me a lot of people have this problem and no cause is discovered. Frustrating at best.
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      I am at my wits end as well, such a mystery and I wish I could find some answers. With me, my pain comes in cycles/flares, I can have a constant pain which is achey/twinges in the upper central abdomen, about 2 inches above my belly button. My pain will last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, then magically disappears, this is why I call it flares. Have had all the tests a few years back. Ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, tested for celiac etc... My pain is constant, it does very in intensity through the day, but it's always there, smack dab in the middle of my upper abdomen. Nothing I eat makes it worse or better, bowels are soft than hard, so i was told it's ibs. But why would ibs come and go like this? I can sometimes go months and be fine, but when it does happen, I have it for weeks/months and it is relentless. The only thing my ultrasound ever showed was a fatty liver (which I have been told is not the source of my pain) and if even I did think it was this, my pain is central, not to the right (where your liver is) My endocopy a few years back only showed mild inflammation, could these be gastritis attacks? Any info/input would be greatly appreciated...thanks smile




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      Hi Jenny,

      I had your symptoms years ago and it took 2.1/2 years for doctors to tell me I had Mucous Colitis! I was put on three different drugs which did help but never put it away. I changed my life style/diet and that helped. I came off the medication because of the worry of all the dude affects! I was then tested positive for H-Pylori and was put on triple therapy antibiotics and felt better. But have gone on vicious cycle of infections v antibiotics and lots of inflammation!

      Kidney stones could be another problem but they normally show up, I've had that snd it's agony!

      I think bacteria in the gut is mostly the problem whether it shows up or not, there are so many different types of bacteria they don't always show up!

      Try L-glutamine to repair the stomach lining 10-40 grams max and strong probiotics to reestsblish the good bacteria!. HP destroys the stomach lining and Mucosa and the antibiotics reek havoc on your system as they are so strong, they weaken the immune system and kill off all the good and bad bacteria which will change the delicate balance of flora in the body!

      Slippery Elm helps protect the stomach too.

      Good luck!

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      Hi Pam, i can relate to your Flares as thats exactly what i have. I had an attack 3 weeks ago and all my stomach felt on fire and swollen, it was excruciating. My doctors said my stomach felt swollen as i told her i thought the swelling was affecting my bladder as i could feel pressure on it making me need to wee more often. I too was told i had a small patch of inflammation after an endoscopy, also a small hiatus hernia. I am really scared of it becoming a regular thing as i am worried what damage it can do to my stomach. Ihave had 2 ultrasounds this year and also told i have slightly fatty liver. Hope someone can come up with a way to help us all cure this painful condition.
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      All I can say is that reading all of these has been a HUGE releif for me.  I have been dealing with the same symptoms discussed on this board for close to 4 years now.  Utrasound, endoscopy, cat scans all check out normal.  I have seen 4 doctors, digestion specialists. Everyone says "there is nothing wrong with you."  I questions if it could be anxiety related, but have been told it is not (even though is causes it) The last thing I was told was thast I must have gotten a bacterial infection that still lingers. I have been on pro-biotics and am currently taking panterprozale for stomach acid and slight inlfmation in my esophagus.  I have vowed to find a "cure" for myself. Andi, I will. Knowing that you all are out there helps me know I am not in this alone.  Anything I find, I will share.  I have tried to describe it to other people, but they simpy cannot understand what it is to live with this day in and day out. It is constantly on my mind and I am sure all of yours.  If anyone has heard of any new remedies please share.    
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      Thank you all so much for the information. I'm about 6 months into this problem, but I get severe pain in the middle of my chest too. My stomach hurts all the time and sometimes it's so bad I'm close to doubling over. I'm also nauseaus all the time, but don't vomit. The pain in my chest gets that bad too and will hurt into my back. Most times I feel hungry even after I've eaten a full meal, so I will try to eat something mild thinking it will help and then I'm really full and feel worse than when I started. And I'm gaining more weight because of all this. I don't need more weight given that I'm already obese. I suffer bouts of diarrhea and constipation, but nothing in between. Stress makes it 100 times worse. I take an antacid twice a day, drink Mylanta and eat antacids in between doses of the omaprozole. I'm seeing the specialist this coming Friday. Finally. I'm sick of feeling sick. I know I'm going to get an endoscopy, but I'm afraid they won't find anything treatable and I'll be sick with this for a long time, as I'm reading here today. Has anyone else had the chest pain too? I'm going to write stuff down that I've read here and will take that with me as questions on Friday. I pray that you all feel better soon and that someone figures this out so we all can get some relief. God Bless.
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      Hi great to find symptoms started suddenly on my birthday

      Feeling sick , severe pain on right side.dr convinced it was gallstones but scan was stuck with this happening every 2-3 days.getting bloods checked.will try some of the herbal remdies ive seen on hear.just want my health back


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      Hi there Frances/Pam,

      It looks like I'm in the same boat. About 3 years ago I began having stomach aches, dull pain in my stomach, like someone put a brick in there for fun. After about 2 weeks of constant pain I went through all the usual tests, from blood, scans, endo/colonoscopy, h-pylori, etc etc. Found nothing at all, slight inflammation of the stomach was all. Then was put on various diets, none of which helped matters, meanwhile I stopped drinking and taking fizzy drinks, fatty Foods, you name it!

      3 months later, Docs said it was stress related and IBS was main diagnosis. I didn't lose weight, or had bathroom problems.

      I thought I was truly doomed, then one day it went away like magic, literally magic. Haven't had the pain since until last week after a spicy meal. I thought it was just the food, but I'm a week in and quite honestly terrified. I don't know if I can go through another few months of this day in and day out.

      These forums are wonderful places to meet and talk to people and they really do help.

      Going to docs again this week and will keep you all posted.

      Thanks to all


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      Good luck. I would like to know what you're told. I have been having the same symptoms for 4 years. All tests show nothing, thankfully. Been on pantaprozol for a year. Trying to come off now. Need to find the source not just cover it up.

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      Have you ever had a colonoscopy. Or endoscopy done since having your pain??
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      Great to hear about this magic, and hope that you will be fine.
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      Hi Frank - yes, I've had them both, not on this occasion as I'm only a week and 1 day into the pain again, and the thought of doing them again is not pleasant to be honest!

      Will see what the Doc says later this week.

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      Hi nick, 

      I have been suffering with severe pain and diarrhea for years now. 2 weeks ago I was hospitalized and did all the tests (colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultra sound, Xray, CT scan, MRI, stool and blood testing for bugs) EVERYTHING CAME OUT FINE. I am so frustrated as I am a college student trying to do well in school and being woken up by intense pain. I tried going paleo, now I'm just dairy free, they put me on anti biotics but I'm going to stop them because truthfully at this point I have little faith in western "classic" treatments and feel as if the answer lies in something more homeopathic. Have you had any luck? Thank you. This is such a struggle and so so frustrating. 

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      Sorry your going thru this i definitely know your pain & frustration hopefully we can all be diagnosed soon 😪

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      This post is old, but wondered where you were at now?  My 13 year daughter has the exact same symptoms you describe and we are on 6 months of constant and relentless pain.  
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      I had to give up tea coffee fruit juices all I drink is boiled water and I had to stay away from sugar all I eat is salmon with all purpose seasoning in over with boiled rice salad tuna steak 

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