Gastritis - time to heal?

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I have been diagnosed with gastritis after having an endoscopy and have been prescribed 20mg of omeprazel each day for 6 to 8 weeks. I'm only on day 3 of the medication but can anyone advise when I can expect to feel better and get relieve from the stomach pain. I have tested negative for H. Pylori. I also suffer from anxiety that is not probably helping me to recover. 



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    Yes mines 11 weeks ongoing more things happening all the time now into lower back arms shoulders left rib was told possibly gastritis just given omperazole 
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      Hey Royalty,

        I have the same issue as you but it’s only been 4wks. It all started with severe abdominal pain. Then neck pain came about and now the entire neck, shoulders and forearms are very painful. Also I get pain all around the abdomen. At times it feel like gi pain and at others it feels like muscle spasms. Also been getting pain in my feet. Idk what it is but the constant pain ain’t fun

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      No it isn't fun at all it's horrendous takes over your life. But do you know I've been on omperazole n the pain although still there is subsiding in back n arms still strong round left rib are you on any meds harry

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    Hi Everyone,

    Im also diagnosed with gastritis had an endoscopy yesterday but my issue is when I eat anything my stomach bulges out and when I press it there r small bubbles inside I can feel them when I push my stomach 2 or 3 inches above my belly button does it happen to u guys aswel......

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    I also have ulceration in my mouth does this happen in gastritis.... Plz answer my both question.....
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    Hey...I was rushed to hospital last nite thought I was taking a heart attack.......not been diagnosed with gastritis but think that's what it is.......nausea..... diarrhea.....all over stomach pain but more painfully under breast bone in centre.....shoulder bladepain.....neck pain...chest pain and back pain...oemeprozole been put on last nite so will wait and c...

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      It's awful I ended up in a n e few months ago the pain shot me backwards I have been told I have gastritis taking omperazole making no dif at all and I've been taking it few weeks complete change of diet only eat very bland food I don't drink or smoke either I try and do everything right it affects my breathing n I have lump in my throat too, cough n bring up clear mucus. Stools are very soft lots of pain every day 24/7

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    I was a healthy and active person but 7 days course of antibiotics ruined my stomach. I have similar symptoms but to the extreme.

    I feel severe upper stomach pain like someone has punched me. It has been 4 months since I took the antibiotic but the pain has not lessened. Its so painful it has moved to my back as well. My back hurts so much. My upper stomach and lefts side feels like I got punched. I took omperazole for more than 10 days but with no effect.

    My pain is so severe that I cant do any slight physical activity without aggravating my pain, stomach feels swollen from inside. I have lost so much weight and became weak because of eating so little.

    I have never in my life thought that gastritis is this painful, I always thought gastritis meant burning sensation and acid reflux. My symptom is pain ( but a severe one) and lack of appetite only. I dont know whether it will ever go away I never liked taking any med and wondering if these severe symptoms would ever go away without ppi or meds.

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      HelloHumanBeing , i wish you are fine and feel better now ! I actually have the same symptoms since three months strat with abdomninal pain and feeling fullness also lump on my throat and dry mouth and throat , i have been dignosed with gasteritis as well. i took pantoprazole and emprazole for some weeks but i prefer to stop it as i felt i have low acid on my stomach, my doctor said that i must eat probaiotics as antibiotics kill all my good bacteria , i also have watery diahrrea sometimes
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    Hi everyone.

    I too have been diagnosed with gastritis. It began quite suddenly with me. Where I work is quite physical and I do a bit of running also often take antinflammatories if I injure my back in work or when I'm running.

    I ignored the simple message on a box of Nurofen stating do not take longer than 3 days...and I took the tablets for 6 days (pulled an intercostal muscle between my ribs) This caused my gastritis. 23/12/17 it came on me. I self diagnosed myself and got a box of nexium from the pharmacy which eased my symptoms (constant hunger and burning sensation) after Christmas I went to the doctor and I was prescribed lansoprazole for 1 month. unfortunately it didn't clear the gastritis for me although I am a lot better.

    I'm now on the same tablets for 3 months and I'm currently being tested for H Pylori I'll know when they have my results I don't think I have this bacteria as I know it was from antinflammatories.

    I feel a lot better I can still run I do have to be careful what I eat now but the flare ups usually come and go maybe lasting an hour. it's horrible reading horror stories it makes you feel helpless I cried when I first was told 😂 but...its manageable it just takes time. I'm not healed yet but I'm thinking positive about it. my sister is a nurse she works in the endoscopy unit and sees vases of gastritis daily. be careful what medicines you take is my advice. I hope this helps...i know how it feels!!

    Please god the tablets clear it up for me this time.

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      Hi riribb18

      I also got gastritive (erosive) and also have H.Pylori 6 month ago.

      Got black stool and heartburn every morning.

      Doctor gave me ppi for a month with antibiotic combination for the h.pylori for 2 weeks.

      After the the treatment i go back to the doctor and another test and says h.pylory still exist. He plan to give another antibiotic but i reject it. I dont't like to eat ton of pills every day.

      Then I started my own medication using Astaxanthin(4mg) and curcumin(200mg) 2 times daily. Both natural. And It help me so much.

      I never test again since and now i'm starting able to drink coffe, a little bit of spicy and my heartburn symtom rarely occure.

      I started to jogging again, 1-2 miles every day.

      Hopefully this helps.

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      sorry leon78429 im only seeing this message now. (went into my spam emails).

      I agree I don't like taking tablets either especially now after it's what has caused this I obviously have erosive gastritis myself but I did get my results back and as I thought, I was negative for h. pylori.

      Where can you get astaxanthin and curcumin I'm sorry if this is a silly question just I have never heard of it and I really do want to heal without more tablets.

      I had a very bad 10 days shortly after I wrote on this forum and now, I'm great again about 2 weeks but I don't want to praise it incase it happens again 😔😔 thank you for replying.

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    Hi guys.

    I also had gastritive erosive with H.pylory.

    Try Astaxanthin and Curcumin it help me alot. This is natural treatment and need time to recover you, but it did and did it very well.

    I use Astaxanthin 4mg and curcumin 200mg twice a day for 4 month already and my gastritis symtom never came back.

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