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Anyone else have gastroparesis? And even better--anyone else managing it without medication? Reglan didn't do a thing for me, and nothing else helped either. I've been trying to manage it diet-wise etc. but it's really slow going, especially as I'm extremely poor. rolleyes

I can't eat lots of fiber things at all, even eating frozen veggies or whole-wheat bread can make me feel absolutely horrible, and it sucks when I'm supposed to be "eating healthy" because I can't do a lot of regular "eat healthy" diet tips!

Anyone else have the same problem?

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    Sorry to hear you are struggling. I find eating small amounts throughout the day and chewing really well and slowly does help. I sometimes take chloride which seems to help break down the food. I get bad nausea and vomitting so struggle to eat at all in the mornings.  Thouroughly cooking and peeling vegetables seems to make them more digestible. And not overcooking meat as it becomes harder to digest if it dries too much. Drinking plenty of water helps too. Hope this helps.
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      Uhggg - I know the nausea! I could describe the bouts of nausea I have been through over the past two years. lol .. terrible indeed.  It's funny (sad) how we learn to "accept" and live with "maladies."  I currently take ondansetron and promethazine for the bouts of nausea.  Admitedly, I probably take it too much - but I hate the nausea.

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    Just to mention another tip, I avoid all sugar as it seems to increase bloating and nausea. Also ground/minced meats in small quantities are easier to digest than chunks of meat. Capsule probiotics are helpful, although fermented vegetables which are a good source of probiotics don't go down well with me. Controvertially, I do find avoiding bread/gluten and dairy also helps. I think you just have to try what suits you best.

    Also the main thing is to take it easy as any physical stress seems to make it worse.

    Good luck.

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      I like your mention of eliminating sugar.  I found I had been sucking on tons of hard candy because I can't eat much volume of food.  For some reason, for me, simple carbohydrates "seem" to process through my gut easier.  BUT, I know sugar and simple carbs are terrible for gastric emptying processes - so thank you.  I will elimate all sugars!!!!  Will see if this helps! :-)
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    Hi, some other natural care self help tips I find useful are castor oil packs on belly, epsom salts in bath, gentle self massage on tummy and accupressure on wrists for nausea. Chammomile tea is good for relaxing the tummy although ginger doesn't do the trick any more for nausea. I keep some rehydration salts for sipping very slowly if possible after a vomitting bout. Walking a bit after a meal not before is good. Also breathing excercises also help.
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      Breathing exercises!  Because of the motility issues I have - I've had to learn to try and "breath through my stomach."  I get these terrible asthma-like attacks (they suck!), wherein upon every episode shortly thereafter I will throw-up.  So, I've deduced that these epsiodes are precipitated by "eating."

      These "episodes" are pretty darned frightening - and it hurts too! lol .. I'm a pretty strong guy but they knock me on my butt.  Basically, my lungs restrict so badly - I can't breath.  On many occasions I almost black out, near panic ... but have to try and relax and breath through tummy.  No fun at all! ;-)

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      lol .. one more thing ... they are frightening "episodes."  So much so .. it makes me read my bible more, pray lots, and behave more in general!  :-)
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    Hi Faelyn,

    I feel your pain my friend.  I have Barretts, gastroparesis, hiatal hernia, motility issues in both esophagus and small intestine, etc.  Experience, nausea, regurgitation, severe asthma-like chest/lung restriction epsiodes, severe bloating, never hungry, ... it's to the point I just dont want to eat anymore.  And I love eating.

    Please stay away from Reglan! Bad stuff! Like you I can't eat veggies.  Also can't eat any meat .. only fish (Tilapia!). I'm trying to eat only very, very small meals (it's so hard because I love to workout.)  Example: One peice of tilapia and small amount of long grain rice or small baked potato (plain). I only drink water.  Lot's of it - 4 liters daily. Cut out ALL sugars, no coffee, alcohol, greasy fried foods, breads, etc. 

    I agree - it sucks!!  Life isn't much fun throwing up constantly, the nausea, etc. The last two years of my life have been pretty damn miserable in this area. The doctors haven't a darn clue!  Racked up tons of medical bills with all of the tests they have run. 

    But we keep on fighting my friend!!!

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      Yes of course I forgot to mention the most obvious, reducing fatty foods. Even naturally fatty foods like avocado can be a bit much.  Also I need to be careful with changes in weather especially when it gets hot.

      I'm now seeing a medical herbalist who specialises in gastro problems. It's not cheap but so far I do think the herbal treatments are helping.

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      I have a hiatal hernia in the oesophagus.To pull down the hernia I tried using gravity, drinking quickly 3 glasses of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach and then jump for a few minutes from a step or just raising on your toes and falling on your heels. It does seem to make the hernia smaller and feels better.
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      Id be very interested in what herbs are being recommended to you! 
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      The medically trained herbalist with a special interest in gastro issues first took 3 tests, a urine test for yeast/fungus, a breath methane test for SIBO, and a urine peg test for gut permeability. She said that I won the jackpot as she had never had a patient that scored so highly in the first test. Not the sort of jackpot you'd want.

      I am taking an adrenal mix which includes: Hypericum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Cynara, and Withania somnifera. Also L-Glutamine, a food supplement called Kapparest, and alternating between two anti fungal-bacterials, Pau D'Arco capsules and oregano  tablets. She also recommends fish oil, vitamin D and iodine, these I had already been taking. I also take digestive enzymes with chloride although she did not prescribe this she said it was ok to take them.

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    My advice goes similar as above friends. If decreasing the meal size and increasing the number of “meals” does not work, the next step is to switch over to more liquid type calories. Liquids are better tolerated than solids. Liquids empty the stomach in a different way than solids do. Pureed foods mixed with saliva and stomach juices are more tolerated.

    Finally, learn to listen to your body. If you notice your stomach is staying full longer than expected, take a walk and don’t eat anything solid for the next meal. Have a bland soup and yogurt and perhaps some saltines.

    Hope this helps. I wish you best of health.


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      I spend days at a time only eating blended/pureed food, often just hot watery savory drinks. A 'soup and water fast' does give the stomach a real rest. 

      Please let me know any tips especially for nausea I am trying those wrist bands next.

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      A soup only fast is not easy to maintain especially on the second or third day if you manage that far. I would recommend you start when you are least busy so that you can rest as much as you need too. Also avoid soups with legumes, lentils etc. Chicken stock, bone stock is great.

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