Gastroscopy tomorrow... Ahhhh

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So a gastroscopy I should be having in April has been brought forward to tomorrow, due to a cancellation. Don't get me wrong I'm glad as finally I'll find out what's wrong and can get on the mend. But anyone who knows me knows I HATE hospitals! Anything to do with them, the canula alone freaks me out! And now I'm sat in bed, terrified. I know I won't sleep tonight worrying (which isn't doing my anxiety any good) I'm just wondering would you recommend having the sedation or just the throat spray?

Please only positive comment experiences, I'm terrified enough as it is without someone telling me they would rather die than go through it again lol.

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    I know it seems daunting however I've had quite a few of these done now and honestly, you will say to youtself'what was the worry all about'. Honestly you are going to be fine and at least it's been brought forward so that can only be a good thing, good luck. Xxxx
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    ★2 laura29342

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    Gastroscopy... No sedation. Positive stories please

    Posted about 4 hours ago

    So in about 2 hours I'm going for my first Gastroscopy, I'm absolutely bricking it!

    I'm opting for no sedation so I can come home straight after and not feel groggy for the rest of the day.

    Any advice for making it easier?

    Also a few positive no sedation stories would really help now.

    Please no negatives, I'm worried enough without people saying they would rather die neutral


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    abbie34168 ★3

    abbie34168 laura29342 about 4 hours ago

    I'm a nightmare when it comes to anything like this and I had to have one last year.. I'm not going to say it's pleasent but it's not as bad as I thought. You're genuinely only in there for 5 minutes. Stay as calm as you can, don't struggle when they put the camera down and focus on your breathing through your nose. It's not painful and you'll have nurses in there to help you the whole way through. I had sedation but to be honest I was wide awake the whole way through it didn't make a difference. The camera won't be in for any longer than 3-5 minutes, good luck you'll be absolutely fine! X

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    ginette1977 ★2

    ginette1977 laura29342 about 4 hours ago

    Hi Laura I just had the throat spray it's not that bad a bit uncomfortable at first it only takes 5 mins don't worry about it cause it will make u more worried hope it goes ok.

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    Barretts ★6

    Barretts laura29342 about 4 hours ago

    I can't take sedation so always have it without - and have had many over the last 22 years.

    I just try to stay really calm by imagining myself in a tranquill place where I have good memories. I concentrate on my breathing and may count my breaths, slowly. But it's all over fairly quickly.

    The worst bit is as they extract it, you really think you're going to vomit but it's just the tube coming out and that bit's over in seconds.

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    bettybetter ★3

    bettybetter laura29342 about 3 hours ago

    I had it without sedation in Oct last year. It was my first medical procedure and I was scared. I didn't take sedation because I hate needles and I was scared of what sedation would feel like. The spray is nothing at all to be concerned about, just a little unpleasant taste and then it will quickly feel a little numb.

    The key thing to remember is that this will be over so quickly- it's just a few minutes of discomfort (and it is discomfort, not pain) and you'll be done. I spent so much longer in the waiting room and recovery area than in the actual treatment room. It is a bit unconfortable having a tube insterted into your throat (it's never going to be enjoyable is it?!!) but the nurses and doctor keep you ok. I started to gag a little and I felt like I didn't have any control over it but the nurse just got me to focus on my breathing and it all calmed down within seconds. Once it's down, then it's fine, I felt it a little weird moving inside me but it just felt like gas- again, no pain at all. I had biopsies done and I felt the little tug when they took them, which was really odd. The overall experience is nothing to be scared of.

    A little tip for you...before my procedure, I read that if you make a fist in your left hand and squeeze your left thumb it reduces your gag reflex. I really do think it works!

    Good luck. Just remember how quickly it will all be over and how well you'll sleep tonight!

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    trisha87499 ★2

    trisha87499 laura29342 8 minutes ago

    Try not to worry I've had at least 4 and didn't take sedation for the same reasons as you, honestly they take so much good care of you, you'll wonder what all the fuss was, good luck and let us all know how you get on xxxxxx

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    laura29342 ★2

    laura29342 about a minute ago

    Just to let you all know, I had my Gastroscopy with no sedation - just throat spray and had absolutely NO trouble whatsoever, had 1 heave when it went in but that was all, honestly don't know what I was worrying about now. So for anyone going for one, honestly don't worry it took 2-3 minutes tops! I'd strongly advise against sedation too - I was in and out the hospital in 15 minutes X

    Thanks for all your help.

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