Globus and me !

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A few months ago i'd nver heard of this horrible condition.

I developed it mid January this year after approx 6 months of anxiety and then an emotional shock.

I am stuck with a feeling of something like mucous at the base of my throat that no matter how many times i swallow wont go away.

The only real respite i et is when eating or drinking.

​I am addressig the issue of anxiety with Sertraline and had an appointment with ENT to look down my throat via my nose.

He discovered i ad acid reflux which i assume is silent as i didn't experience a burning sensation.

He prescribed Pantoprazole to reduce acid.

Symptoms no better 6 weeks later.

​Just had a follow up with ENT and he has reiterated that i need to treat the root cause ( anxiety ) , he sais he's gonig to look down my oesophagus under a GA, i guess to reassure me further.There is a 3-4 month waiting list so i'm trying not to stress,lol

​I have found it helpful reading about other peoples Globus and hope that i in turn can help other people.

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    You have a long road ahead of you, but I've learned the tricks to win!

    Let me explain, or tell you what it is. How to treat it.

    It's caused by the foods you eat. Think of you being a gas tank, it can only hold a certain amount of toxins and then go crazy.

    Sugar and carbohydrates you need to stop! Yes, you can have something one day and nothing, the next you are having symptoms. This is going to sound stupid and crazy. But let's say you can consume a hamburger, soda, ice cream. Lots of toxins there! But now at night you grab an ice tea with sugar, bam your throat feels like you can't swallow/ something stuck/ lump in the throat. Then you panic and it gets even worse!

    Food gives panic attacks/ anxiety. Sugar/ carbohydrates/ fruits are very dangerous! Pure sugar. Sugar is sugar.....


    Here is the cure, you need to stop anxiety and the symptoms from the future. No sugar!

    Acid reflux/ gerd/ heartburn fix.

    Take a tablespoon of unrefined pure honey when you crawl into bed! Not before dinner/ after dinner. As you climb into bed for the night. It will heal your throat. Honey needs to be bought directly from a beekeeper. Look for a farmer's market or food festival near you.

    Bad bacteria fix. Fixing you gut and detoxing.

    Unrefined coconut oil, tablespoon before you eat in the morning and night. This will get the good bacteria and bad bacteria back to normal.

    Room temperature glass of water right when you wakeup, with only a fresh squeezed lemon in it. (Big lemon half/ small you can squeeze it all)

    This will get your ph back to normal. If it tastes like sugar you are healthy ph, if it's sour than the lemon will fix it. Every morning, right when you wake-up!

    Cut down on food, skip a day helps, lots of water too. Only one or two small meals a day. We overeat and that's what keeps us sick! Our bodies have no time to heal within, too busy with digestion. We can live months without food, but only days without water!!! 5-7 meals a day so they say keeps you sick! Plus makes you buy toxic protein bars and shakes.

    You will feel results in 3 to 4 days. Lose weight even. Energy, depression, anxiety will decrease. Your body is healing!

    So fresh lemons, virgin unrefined coconut oil, and natural honey. Three of the most drugs in the world. Sun and water are number 1! That's why they add toxins such as flouride to the water, and tell you to wear sunglasses/ sunscreen to keep you away from being healthy. Sun does not give you skin cancer, sunscreen does! Poor countries that can't afford sun block have no skin cancer! Flouride is a huge toxin, look at a toothpaste warning!

    Anyway, this will cure heartburn, anxiety, panic attacks, and closing off of your throat.

    Or you can take meds, keep eating carbohydrates/ sugars and end up in the ER when you can't swallow your own spit! (I've been there twice for that! CT scans and all) Imagine feeling like something went down the wrong pipe, and or stuck feeling for 3 - 7 hours straight!

    Hope this helped you! It saved my life!

    PS. Coconut oil might make you poop. Cut back to a teaspoon and work your way up if needed.

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      If you say to cut out all sugar, then how does honey fit in??

      I bought some raw honey & it's so sweet, it's revolting to eat a tablespoon of it. No beekeepers where I live, I got it from a health food store.

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      You would be surprised of beekeepers in your area! Store bought honey is not real honey! Don't be fooled. Needs to be raw unfiltered, unpasteurized! From a bee keeper!

      True, sugar is a sugar. No question there.

      However, raw honey has so many amazing properties! Bears use it to heal themselves from cuts and sickness! Winnie the pooh!

      One of the most powerful drugs on the market except water. It will heal Gerd/ acid reflux in just 3 or 4 applications! Store bought is 100% pure man-made sugar! There is honey called Manuka that's curing everything! They are already altering and making fake for the customer. Let's see $15 honey that lasts 3 months and heals permanent in days. Or Nexium for hundreds of dollars a month and never heals! Nexium was 80my, then 40mg, now it's 20mg. (22)

      Heartburn is from being dehydrated! Lack of fluoride free water. Why do you think medicine says take with a glass of water! It's the water that makes you feel better, not the placebo/ oops drug.... When you are sick, you go to the hospital. They give you what? IV.... water! In 20 minutes you start feeling better while waiting three hours for the doctor. You just want to go home after water.

      Cancer is being dehydrated and ph unbalanced! Anywho....

      Yes honey is sugar, but a tablespoon every night will not hurt you. But heal your body and throat! But must be raw not store bought. You can even order it from beekeepers. The flower that the bee users makes the type of honey which has even more healing powers! I got rid of GERD of almost having 10 years in 3 nights! Using honey. And yes I bought store honey first and it did nothing.

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      By saying honey is revolting your not using real honey or your ph level is very toxic! A lemon should taste sweet, your ph level is good.

      Yet people drink couch syrup that's wicked, smoke, drink beer, etc. And think those taste good. You are very toxic, and your body is giving you all the warning signs. So go ahead, pop a tums/ rolled and keep going. You'll be on the list for having CT scans, tybes/ cameras down your throat, and drugs.

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      Well maybe the honey I bought is just not raw and loaded with extra sugar!!

      It tells me that it is organic raw honey, but I did Google Beekeepers in my area and as it turns out there's 2 of them. So I have sent one an email & got their numbers (because its early in the morning & too early to call yet)

      You're final paragraph assumes that I do all the things you have listed & you assume that I am a candidate for all that you have mentioned - most of which I have had done in the past year and are all clear (by the way, I dont know what 'pop a tums/rolled' is, I am from Australia and we dont use that term here). Were you doing these things before you got rid of GERD?, which by the way my ENT tells me I do not have, I have Globus Sensation, not reflux - I have had an Endoscopy, a Laryngoscopy, a sleep study, I took a course of medication for reflux, stuff for post nasal drip & Gaviscon for 8 weeks, everything else went except the lump sensation. He told me that it could only be 3 things.

      GERD, which is wasnt because the medication would have cleared it up, Cancer, which was ruled out, or GS - which I have.

      So, all I am left with is to eat clean & look after myself as best as I can and try what you have listed, because I have done everything else medically possible.  

      Can you tell me where you found your information?

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      Auto correct

      Pop a Tums or Rolaid! Just like Gaviscon.

      Unfortunately, gerd doesn't clear up with meds. Just helps with the symptoms.

      Gerd can form with post nasal drip too. It's just a more severe case of acid reflux. Globus is what you eat and anxiety.

      Where did I find my info. Hmmm, wow.

      I started this when I was 25, and now 41.

      Went to see every doctor, every med, x-rays, mri, CT scan, tubes down my throat, two trips to the ER! And said, nobody knows and says it's nothing! Yet I can't swallow my own saliva at times. So I started my own research for years! And finally found what helps, but what cures it! Over eating, sugars/ carbohydrates, dehydration is the basic. I needed a plan. Stop these feelings. (Change diet/ quantity of food) and then how to get rid of what I have naturally. Water, lemon, honey, coconut. Coconut I use for moisturizer, cooking, hair/ scalp, toxin pulling, Amazing stuff.... lemon I do every morning. Only drink flouride free water and more than usual. Honey at night, I rarely use it anymore because it healed me. Everything is natural and cheap.

      Now I cheat, but I skip a day of eating once a week. Two small meals a day. No coffee/ just always water. My favorite old foods don't taste as good as they use too. And sometimes as I'm cheating, it makes sick as I'm eating eat. (Bathroom)

      I had a sharp pain on my left side, brought me to my knees. Went to a doctor who was retired but working a few hours. I had diverticulitis! He said I have two choices, 1. Go to the ER and have surgery to remove part of your intestine because you are really bad or 2. Drink a gallon of water for 4 days and it will be gone. So I picked 2.... and it was gone on the third day. Diverticulitis is being dehydrated! That's when I realized doctors aren't there to help, but get you on drugs. So it was up to me to start researching......

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      Just reading and re reading, I am so happy you have said all these things.  Just a few questions, I can't seem to get it myself.  Up until this started, which I have no idea what brought it on about 3 weeks ago, and even until last Tuesday when the Dr (ENT) gave me augmentin and some PPI stuff, but anyway, never had a problem with spicy foods, nothing.  Anyway, please tell me will I be able to ever eat my favorite foods again?  I make everything ok, I mean we use ground turkey for pretty much everything we eat.  I eat healthy, just I love hot sauce, peppers, garlic, you name it.  But, anyway, I haven't tried any of that, I have had salad, which doesn't help either way.  But, again, I was wondering, if I do all you say, will I be able to start that again?  Its all healthy, even my fruits and all, but I haven't tried spicy.  I do however, have so much stress and anxiety and panic over this, and in general as it is, I have to take extra anxitey meds to calm myself down from thinking of it, day and night.  Please help if you do read this.  I just want this feeling to go away.  Im leaving on Monday for a 10 day trip and just want it gone.  

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      He is doing the laryngoscopy today in an hour actually.  That is the one where they stick the thing up your nose and down your throat I assume?  They did a catscan and all they found there was some extra bilatteral lymph nodes?  When he did the thing up my nose and down my throat, he said there was nothing there.  However, he gave ma an antibiotic and a PPI (propreprasol 40mg) I dont know if I spelled that right, but I have and never had problems with like reflux, except for like 21 years ago when I got an ulcer from to much Ibprofen and lots of stress.  But then I was in pain in my stomach.  This time I never had pain, just the lump in my throat?  So why the PPI and antibiotic I have not clue.  I took the first pill of the PPi and then later that night I took it again before bed and let me tell you, by 2am I was in pain ALL over my body.  Stomach and just all my muscles, EVERYWHERE!  At 4am I was ready for the ER, if My son wasn't asleep and his dad dind't hae to work early I would have gone.  I fought through the pain and just cried it out.  I went to the ENT and told them, and he said stop the PPI and keep taking the antibiotic.  I finished the round of the 10 day antibiotic I think last maybe Friday?  And I still have the feeling in my throat?  The only time it feels good is when I am eating and drinking.  The funny thing is, I have had a fever of 100.2 or so for a month, and I told them and it didn't seem to matter to them.  I have really crappy dr's so I guess I will see when I get done in a few hours from now.  And the other thing is, the whole time I was away I had an earache at night time and also a sore throat?  While I was on the anitbiotic?  I will let you know when I get back later.  This makes no sense to me.  I also asked my primary to do blood work and he told me no because I had it done in April and it was all fine then?  I told you these people (dr's) stink.  Sorry for the long reply, just figured I would tell it all.  Let you know in a few hours.  

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      I have been having these similar symptoms and I aslo been having health anxiety plus I do have acid reflux but never been diagnosed with this but was wondering would it be ok to try this I'm not allergic to any so I'm thinking it doesn't hurt to try right

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      I really don’t know how a blog works. I’ve never done this before, so I apologize before I makes mistakes. Anyhow, I see this was posted 2 years ago!  How are you doing now?
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      Please update your situation. Everyone tells of their frustrations but I can find no blog on their continuous solutions!  If they are feeling better, if their doctor finally helped them etc......  I’m tired of suffering and getting no answers. I’m so frustrated. 
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    thanks for the replies Helper1
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