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Hi folks

Just joined this group, I;ve have just spent the last week not taking citalapram getting ready to start 15mg of mirt. I am getting myself worked up about this as I do not want to put on weight I am over weight as it is according to their charts. I'm afraid I am treating myself to some alcohol this evening as a last drink. My psychaitrist seems to think that this will help me especially to sleep without the dreams. Do you get any side effects of sucicidal thoughts or self harming with this drug? as i still an't get rid of these thoughts for lomg.Thanks.

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    Hi Tina,

    The drug works. Weight can be maintained. I've been on it for 4 months now. I put 2 kgs on in the first 2 weeks. I started at 86 and went to 88kgs. Through diet and exercise I am now down to 82kgs. You need to regulate your diet and exercise in order to avoid weight gain. It can be done. I feel very fit and healthy. gige yourself fitness goals and only eat when your hungry. The drug slows your metabolism and increases your appetite. Go for a walk first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism. Take the drug last thing at night to avoid the appetite increase.

    I repeat the drug is great for your mood.

    I hope you get well soon.


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      Thanks for your reply, my eating habits at present are not good, can't br bothered to cook anything eating rubbish food due to very low esteem, don't see the point in cooking for one. I attend local health centre 3 times a week and try to go for a 20 mins walk at lunch times. I finds it very difficult to control the sugar rushes. I just keep thinking if I put on weight I will just not eat I know that isn't good but the medical people seem to thiink this is going to help me. I'm dreading it...


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      Eating is important Tina. The gods honest truth is my eating habits inproved greatly in the last 4 months. I've learned simple tricks that help with the battle of the bulge. Wheatgrass first thing in the morning followed by a pint of warm lemon nice water is great for metabolism and cleaning out toxins. Porridge with some fruit for breakfast. It's important to eat. But eat right. You will pick up good habits like I've done as I too feared putting on lots of weight. I've enjoyed the challenge. You will too.

      Your sleep will improve on the drug too.

      I really hope it works for you. Keep up the walks at lunch time. I entered a few 5k runs that I've focussed my training on. That might work for you too!

      Take care my friend


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      I'm a very fussy eater, not very motivated as don't see the point anymore, i try so hard exercising but the eating I find difficult but the powers to be seem to think this is the drug ofr me even though i keep telling them I do not want to put on weight as it will just add something else.

      But I suppose you have to take thier advice.

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      You sound like I did 4 months ago. I went through a similar thing to you as I saw from your other comments posted here. This drug will work for you.

      Please ask away any questions regarding your diet you may have. Or exercise plans. I would love to help you.

      Stay positive x

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      i just feel so scared of going through yet more side effects I've forgotten what it feels to be like me anymore. I know i've got to stay positive but I've been telling myself for years and it's run out. Sorry for putting a downer on things. does this drug really help with depression? or just make you sleep and zombiefied (not sure if thats a proper word)
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      It definitely helps. Let the drug work. Your positivity will return. Be kind to yourself. Don't beat yourself up so much. You will feel like you again soon. smile
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      Tina ...Hitman/Nick is focussed and makes great points. His advice is sound. That said, Rome wasn't built in a Day ...anyone would do well to take onboard what he's said (I'm gonna try some of his suggestions!) ...just start with little easy changes that YOU can do. For example if like me you have a sweet tooth and are a night eater and tend to comfort eat and can't be bothered to cook complicated meals for one ...then consider swapping say chocolate bars for fruit or healthier low fat and calorie cereal bars. In the mornings don't slip breakfast but start the day with a banana, the hot lemon water drink Hitman/Nick mentioned or your own version and bowl of bran or a yoghurt etc.

      Point is ..Expect some weight increase ..Plan ahead ...Make simple but effective changes that suit YOU not anyone else. No one else walks in your shoes so create an achievable plan that suits YOU! And remember no inevis perfect and so if after being on Mirtazapine you do put a little more unwanted weight on ...it doesn't mean life's over ...I'm off Mirtazapine now ..feel better ..and now that my once very very low self esteem is improving I am steadily losing the weight I put on now!


      Much peace and sleep well!

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      Thank you all so much, shopping for me tomorrow then and tey and face this head on. Sounds good at the moment.... Night all. x  
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      Thanks Karl. I also agree with all your points you made in your posts. Fair play on the advice - you seem to understand what it's like and I can relate to everything you said. Especially the point you correctly made about looking back once you feel better and realise how bad you did feel. It seems like a lifetime ago for me even though it was only 4 months ago. It passes Tina like Karl said. You are stronger than you know.

      Stay strong and feel free to vent your frustration on here. Once the initial few days of adoption to the drug passes you will feel better.

      Take care my dear friend x

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      .."It seems like a lifetime ago for me even though it was only 4 months ago. It passes"...

      Words of pure inspiration & encouragement ..even for the most downhearted!

      Keep posting and helping others Hitman/Nick..

      Much peace and continued strength

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    hi tina, i found it helps with sleep but for me that was at a max of 15 mg.  once it was increased, i could not sleep.. but apparently i am one of the few.  no suicidal thoughts for me but unfortunately i am getting anxiety. may i ask why u are coming off the citilapram?
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      I haven't had a really good sleep for years except when i drink too much which isn't agood idea either I know. 

      The psychaiatrist decided citalapram wasn;t really working I was still feeling very suicidal, self harming and having 4 -5 dreams a night waking during these. I had been on it since september. I was put through the mental health system after attempting suicide end of January. I just feel as if I've had enough and just so tierd. I will just have to see if its does me any good I suppose and try not too eat too much.

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      well if you feel better, eating won't be as big a problem.  i am sorry to hear about your pain. 
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    Hello Tina...

    Firstly, you are likely to gain some comfort from being on here. Why? Often even family, close friends, well meaning friends ..even doctors CANNOT truly understand what having poor mental health is like. How debilitating and life destroying it can be and how challenging it can be to have even one happy thought/feeling amidst a landscape of despair. BUT on here you should/will sense you are not alone; there are others that can relate to your struggle and pain.


    Secondly, reading through your post I feel for you and can well relate to the issue of Mirtazapine and likely weight increase. Thing is you've done well already to have pre-empted things ..and knowledge being power so to speak you are in s good position to put into place a diet/healthy eating plan (e.g. have fruit lying around the house instead of sweet items to satisfy any increased cravings etc). Point is most people who put weight on with Mirtazapine tend only to notice they have after the have if you get my meaning. So just accept you may have say cravings and/or become less active as the sedative effect of Mitazapine kicks in, and then put into place counter measures.


    Thirdly, I've had periods when dark thoughts take a grip on my life and I've been left feeling life wasn't worth it. BUT REMEMBER these are passing thoughts and they will subside. Just accept this and allow them to pass ..stay focussed come what may on the fact when these thoughts attack or consume you ...its because you are unwell and your mind is vulnerable. After like me and many others you'll look back and think ..wow its hard to believe I felt that low.


    Fourthly, even though some weight gan MAY be a real possibility, as lethargy/tiredness for example MIGHT be too ..its hard to say with certainty what effect Mirtazapine will or will not have on YOU as an individual (some report good experiences whilst others like me report not so good experiences) ..but READ and RESEARCH as much as you can on here. There are many people who have shared their experiences. Two things you SHOULD do is liaise closely with your clinical practitioner AND keep a daily diary in which you can record exactly how your feeling morning/afternoon/evening. This log will help monitor and evaluate any and all negative and/or positive effects the drug is having on you. It will also be a great historical account of your personal experiences whilst on Mirtazspine to share with other members here as well as for you to look back upon when you are feeling well again.

    ((((KEEP FIGHTING TINA!!!)))

    Finally Tina ...try ( I mean REALLY TRY) to stay as positive as you can. Its not easy I and others on here know that, but dig deep ...remember any dark thoughts that may come upon you are JUST THOUGHTS ...they come and go like the tide. Keep focussed on the day you'll feel well again. Use this site to offload, distract you for a while during the day/night, and to ask questions and to help others who might draw strength from you!

    Wishing you all the best ..and more and more peace each day and the strength to ride the difficult periods!



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      Thanks for your in depth reply. I have been struggling for months doing all the things supposedly right things I don;t feel that much different. My backgound is I lost my husband last July following him being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, his brother was a 10 -10 match for a bone marrow transplant but due to other illnesses and heart bypass he was not fit enough. he died around 9 months after diagnosis. I had been caring for him, working full time and just running full on for years. it has now all come crashing down. I find it veryhard to deal with emotions etc. I try so hard to be positive but things just catch up with me and I hit rock bottom. I have found this site life saving at really bad times and alot of people are wonderful on here. Thanks again


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      [..”I lost my husband last July following him being diagnosed with bone marrow cancer'..]

      Tons Tina Tina ...hmmm, seems to me that you are being a little hard on yourself.

      Losing someone (someone that obviously loved and was close too) is MAJOR..

      You are grieving STILL most likely + Spent emotionally, mentally etc

      You MUST allow yourself to heal ...to grieve!

      Its like you are in a big deep hole (one I used to be in). From inside you can't see what others can see ...all you see is darkness, hopelessness, why botherness and pain.

      BUT I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE YOU ...that as you slowly emerge from that deep miserable painful dark hole ...you will see what others see. Right now you can't or don't want to believe what others are saying ...you are too blue/depressed right now to believe or understand ..life is just so dark and empty. BUT TINA my dear ...you won't be in that hole forever. You will slowly emerge and feel much better and sense peace.

      Right now your biggest enemy is your poorly mind which is in need of TLC and time and support to heal.

      It will ..and so will YOU!

      RIP your beloved husband ...I'd like to believe although he's gone ..he's cheering you on and wants his Tina well! So be well Tina.

      I care ...Hitman/Nick, Suzie clearly care and others too (not all post but trust me many read and understand ..some even in a deeper hole) ..so keep going Tina!

      Goodnight and best wishes

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      Thank you all for the advice and such kind words, I'm sitting here crying people on here are so thoughtful and understanding I just don't know how I would of coped without these kind words. Well tonight will be the start. What is the best time in the evening to take these. I was taking citalopram at around 9pm

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