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It's been 11days since my bilateral scarf and akin osteotomy (double bunion open) and tomorrow is the grand unveiling. I'm a bit nervous as I'm not sure what to expect but also weirdly excited at the prospect of seeing my feet again and I am planning to take a photo to record the progress.

From what I have read, most of you seem to have gone back to the hospital to have dressings changed but I'm just going to the practice nurse at my GP surgery. 

I assume that I'll have another dressing put on but I'm not sure what happens after that.

I don't see the consultant until 4th September.

Do I continue to wear the special shoes?

Do I try to put more weight on my feet?

Do I still need to elevate?

Has anyone else been given any follow on advice?


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    Hi Angela

    I went today for my grand unveiling....!! I did see the surgeon but only for a few mins the nurse that looked after me was great as I too was very nervous. I got a dressing put on and have to wear a strap on my big toes and yes the shoes have to stay too, I have to do that for the next 4 weeks. As I found it easier to walk in the shoes with no plaster on I over done today so yes I would keep them elevated as much as you can. I gave to go to pysio so maybe you will to but I am sure you have to have some pysio to get you moving again. The nurse did say to me that everybody is different (surgeons) 

    Good luck 🍀

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      Hi Joanne.

      thanks for that.

      It seems to vary quite a bit, what happens and what advice you are given from one hospital to another.

      It would make sense if a leaflet was sent home with you outlining what to expect and what is normal.

      if my shoes are with me for another 4 weeks,, maybe I should customise them!

      Do you still need crutches?

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      My nurse told me it was up to me but info use them when I am out. 

      Yes I agree the advice does vary quite a bit..!!

      My neighbour has offered to bling mine up for me..!!! May just take her up on the offer 😁

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    I think it varies from surgeon to surgeon as they have different techniques in terms of the surgery and this can impact the way you recover and what you can do afterwards. The amount of realignment can also make a difference.  On top of that each patient is different, for example I had both feet done and one has been much quicker to recover than the other.  My right foot has next to no pain now and feels almost normal, my left is still very painful and needs much more elevation.

    I had the dressings removed by a nurse and then spent some time with my consultant, who got me to stand on the floor without shoe and encouraged me to ditch the crutches as soon as i could.  He said it was important to try and walk with correct posture.  He said i needed to wear the shoe until the end of week four and that i should walk as much or as little as i felt compfortable to do.  He said i could put weight on whole foot if it felt compfortable to do so and that the shoe would protect the foot if i did.  I have the flat shoe rather than the one with the funny heal as the physio at the hospital thought the funny heel one was dangerous as it was easier to fall, although she did let me choose.

    At the start of week four I am walking without crutches albeit slowly like a snail and put weight on more of my foot.  I find walking is fine, but my feet really feel tired if I stand still for any amount of time.  After walking I need to elevate and still spend much of my time in this position.  I try to make sure I walk a little once an hour and have been doing that since week 2 as I find it actually seems to relieve my foot as long as i elevate it after.

    Good luck and hope you are pleased with the look of your feet.  I was as they already look smaller than they did before.

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    My turn tomorrow so will be interested to hear  how you go on today I feel nervous & giddy - for you good luck Angela x
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      Good luck for tomorrow! Don't forget to tell us all about it!

      i am steaming in all these bandages and wish I didn't have to wait until Saturday! I am really scared about putting my feet flat on the ground and weight bearing on them, at this stage it's hard to think I will ever be climbing Mts again!, ha ha!

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    Well, I had the dressings changed today.

    It was lovely to have all of the padding taken off. I could feel the breeze on my feet from the open window.

    I wasn't sure what to expect but the length of the wound took me, my husband and the nurse by surprise.

    Luckily , it's all looking ok wound wise. The stitches will dissolve so no problem there. It's pretty black and blue (and various other colours) and a bit swollen but the nurse said it looked fine.

    It's my own fault that the length of the scars took me by surprise because I didn't want too much detail of what was involved before the op. Given what was being done, needing 2 screws and a staple in each foot there had to be enough access for the surgeon to see what was what.

    I took some photos and the main thing is that they did look straight compared to the before pictures.

    They no longer hurt, I don't need any pain releif and I know that  the bruising will heal and the swelling will go down over the next few weeks.

    I will still wear the lovely shoes and elevate my feet as much as I can.

    I'm now going to sit outside in the shade (with my feet up) and watch my husband cut the grass!

    Karen - Good luck for tomorrow. Let me know how it goes.

    Joanne - I've not been offered any physio, so I will ask about that.

    Thanks for all of your replies. They really help! x 

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      Great news! The breeze on your feet sounds good in this lovely hot westher.   Your now on the mend & have a great excuse to sit & watch your husband cut the grass, I'm  watching mine do all the watering - I can only  supervise haha!! Can't wait for tomorrow I'll ket you know my reaction x 
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      Hi Angela! I was a little deflated yesterday but ok today,  I had a 4 lots of stitches taken out on the right foot even underneath that I didn't know about plus 2 lots on the left - the nurse was lovely but it did sting & I was wishing that they were dissolving stitches. I have to carry on wearing the shoes for another 5 weeks with no weight bearing/driving - so I'm a little gutted at stil having no independence - but Iv no choice so I'll just have to get in with it & be patient (not my best asset). On a positive note I have no pain except the shoes seem to rub on the scars, the big toes are nice. & straight with no bunions. It's just these hammer toes that still look ugly. It going be a long road but I'll get there. Thank you for asking, hope you are still doing well keep resting & enjoy the summer weather x x
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    Hiya Angela

    glad all is going well for you smile I am on my 12th day today after my bunion operation (Bilateral 1st Metatarsal+Osteotomy+internal) Was like you and was worried what my feet would look like. Surprisingly there was no swelling and hardly no bruising. Stitches out then went to put my casts on and of course the sexy new shoes they give you. I have the slipper casts.They told me not to rely on my crutches unless going out cause you get too used to them. I am in my casts for 4 1/2 wks. Funny how some surgeons use casts and others don't. I enjoy reading other people's experiences and so far all good here.

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      Hi Jinny

      slipper casts...go around the whole foot and especially around the align it and to keep the big toe from creeping towards the other toes. The cast itself does not quiet go up to the ankle. Is this what you are having too? If feels weird at first but you will get used to it 

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      From what I can feel thru the bandages I already have a mini plaster on around my big toes and when I made my follow up appointment I couldn't have it at the local hospital as they don't have a plaster clinic, this is what I was told and because of this I have made the assumption that I am going to have a cast on both feet and presumably they will be a slipper cast! So thank you, now I know what they are anyway! I can't say I'm looking forward to clumping around in 2 feet full of plaster for long? 4 wks? It had better be worth it in the end!! Thanks for your help!
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      Sounds similar to mine before the slipper casts. The bandages underneath felt quiet hard (but no plaster) and boy was I dying to know what was going on under there. After ten days lol. When I went for my x-Ray they said could I take the bandages off and I said they said I was not allowed too. She said "well we will leave them on then as I don't want to wreck the handy work they have done. Each surgeon is different and some you can take off" 

      found that interesting. My friend at work had her bunions done about six mths plaster and her operation was more drastic. I realise now the casts are a good idea as you can do a lot more and not frightened of damaging the toes when doing day to day stuff. Casts are on for 4 1/2 weeks. Glad I can help and other questions that's good too smile keep me posted on how you go x

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