Grrrr my GP telling me Diazepam the world's worst

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I wont go into to much detail but supposedly last September had my first panic attack at 28 years old male and after 2 x chest xray's, 2 x ECG's, blood tests I am supposedly suffering "Anxiety"

Was prescribed Sertraline 50mg but refused to take for several weeks until Dr sat down and gave some diazepam to take with the sertraline to help.... 2mg up to 3 times a day. I was taking 1/2 every day or so and then NYE had my dosage if sertraline upped to 100mg but dr at first refused to give more diazepam and said the withdrawal is worse than heroin. Told him that I won't up dosage without diazepam to help the anxiety surrounding taking the sertraline and ended up compromised on 14 more 2mg diazepam.

11th Jan I go back to my GP as I have noticed a significant weight gain over Xmas and to ask about more diazepam as was running out. Same nonsense again but eventually gave in got another 14 x 2mg diazepam.

I have had a cold/man flu (haha), for the past week but have felt rubbish and have actually being taking the diazepam daily for the past 3 days as have felt on edge and will be going back Monday for more but am expecting to be told no.

Is there anything else I can ask for? I have read others on diazepam for many years and am fully aware the withdrawal if not controlled can be deadly but 1) If I am addicted I shall wean myself off 2) I take no more than 6mg a day and that is rare.

I habe heard 2mg is more a placebo effect ams xanax is alot stronger so dont understand what the problem is.

I start CBT Tuesday for 6 weeks (to start) and my life stresses are still here mainly living in a small 1 bedroom property that was originally suited for my partner and myself (10 years ago we moved here) and now habitats our 3 children (1 of which has behaviour issues) we private rent so cant even get help from the council and since the panic attack haven't worked so am also panicked about finances as they are running out fast which in turn means I cant private rent a bigger property plus where I live we become a city several years ago and house prices aswell as rental have almost doubled.

I am barely sleeping, stressed, anxious, depressed and the way I feel I would rather be on benzos until things ease at home whether that be 1 month or 1 year but not sure where or what else I can do. I have found a website that I can buy diazepam from but they are at a premium (£80 for 30)

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    Hi Tom,

    I understand your desire to take the edge off the initial phase of Sertraline, but I would ask you this.

    Would you rather put up with a few weeks of increased symptoms or end up making your anxiety 10-100 times worse when the Valium stops working and you either start tapering or have to up-dose, making the eventual taper much harder and longer.

    I'm currently tapering from 30mg of Valium and it's sheer hell, my life has shrunk down to nothing and I'm barely able to work - and it will take me a long time to come off (a year or two at least).

    Taking Valium every day is playing with fire and if you have premorbid anxiety Valium will eventually magnify what it initially helped.

    There are a few people who can stay on Valium for a long time and not suffer any side effects, tolerance withdrawal etc, but it's a game of Russian Roulette and there's a good chance it'll make your existing problems much, much worse in the long term.

    Please do your research.


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      Hi Joanna, thankyou for your reply.

      Yes I am fully aware that any benzo addiction can be deadly in fact when withdrawing. My dr actually said it is safer a heroin addict stopping heroin as they can go cold turkey, will experience shakes, sweats, agitation etc but wont die where as if you cold turkey on any benzo seizures and even death are likely. So be very careful as you come off these!

      I havent being able to work for the past 3 months due to being lightheaded, spaced out, being teary and still to this day I dont believe it is anxiety and have days where I struggle breathing for example but all drs and hospital say it is anxiety. I am on the waiting list for a cardiologist appointment if for nothing else peace of mind.

      Sertraline has being upped to 100mg and speak about 150mg which im not happy about either as I am a 29 year old lad and being on anti-depressants means theres things you cant/shouldn't do such as going out with my son when he is 18/if I get married have a few drinks. Now I got "flu" I have to watch what cough medicicine I take as certain ones will and cause serotonin overdose. On top of this I have put over 20lbs on since starting the Sertraline aswell as night sweats and ulcers in the mouth. The doctor says weight gain is a rare side effect and it "should" balance itself out and had reffered me for weight management, night sweats are very common, ulcers are also a side effect that could be from the Sertraline. On top of this I have the concern of many on this forum and others off "generic" brands causing more harm than good compared to Lustral.

      I appreciate what you say but from my position in my mind until my issues are dealt with I would like something to take the edge off, if not a benzo then what else could I take when I asked my DR this I got told "Sertraline is all I need"

      If you dont mind me asking how long have you being on valium/diazepam? 30mg a day is quite a dose, since Sept/Oct time when I started the sertraline and diazepam I have prob had no more than 100 x 2mg tablets which is less than a weeks dose from what you was on.

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    HI TOM... I've been there ...hear ya loud and clear.... i am not a professional and have had the life pressures from family home finances as well as panic attacks anxiety and serious sleep problems. its a real journey to find ways to find peace and calming techniques rather than klonopin, anti anxiety drugs. they alter the brain. and very hard to tapper off. its tough to sort it all thru especially if you have a child with behavioral issues. that child will need a lot of attention and patience. for the child a daily schedule written down all daily activities are structured to allow you the time for yourself. small breaks of time when you can take a few minutes to calm your thoughts by music exercise to raise adrenalin levels for calming and stay away from caffine that can excite the metabalism. daily routines for time slots designed for structure and teaching self control is the goal. this in turn can lesson the daily stress.

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      Thankyou for replying, up until this supposed panic attack lastlast year I wouldnt even take paracetamol for a headache. I really dont want to be on either the sertraline or diazepam in a perfect world and prior to taking/accepting the sertraline I tried Bach Flower Remedies, Chamomile tea, CBD, kalms, kalms night and then still to this day take these supplements - magnesium, cod liver oil, allicin, coq10, black seed oil (vit b + vit d every other day) and latest addition is turmeric.

      I have headspace app and alsoalso found a 30 day meditation program but just dont/cant get into it. I looked into hypnotherapy and acupuncture but 1) these are costly and 2) it isnt official if these work (hypnotherapy isn't regulated eithet when I delved into it)

      I have toyed with the idea of also trying chinese medicines but am unsure if they will help.

      I havent touched caffeine or alcohol other than a couple glassed of wine to see the new year in and christmas. Dont drink tea or coffee anymore as read that increases anxiety. Exercise I try to walk my neighbours dog but since starting sertraline have gained substantial amount of weight which I am also going weight management for once a week. And since the "panic attack" I was pretty much house bound thinking I was going to faint, felt so spaced out amd this is why I have CBT starting on Tuesday.

      I have admitted that it "may" be anxiety and/or depressiom but my current situation I believe to be the cause and until this changes im in a bit of a bad place and feel like I tried non pharmaceutical methods bit cant grasp it and the diazepam helps (maybe it is placebo I really dont know)

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    Your GP is informed about benzodiazepines and Valium and you need to be informed also. I will add a link to the Ashton Manual at the end of this post. Valium IS bad and benzodiazepines in general have ruined the lives of many, thousands of people because they are addictive, alter the GABA receptors in the brain and in the gut and lead to a host of physical symptoms that take a long time to recover from. Please watch some YouTube videos where people describe what they are going through in very graphic detain - they are NOT exaggerating. I have been through withdrawal and it IS hell on earth!

    There are loads of ways that you can learn to control your anxiety that are much more life affirming - CBT is a start but there is also Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), yoga and Tai Chi - all of which you can access through you tube - a practitioner would be better but it looks like you can't afford that. A clean food additive free diet will also help you and your children.

    Your living conditions sound tough - maybe you can do some of the things I mention when the children are sleeping. You have a family that needs you - drugs are not the solution, they are the beginning of a much bigger problem. You can also teach your children to use EFT to help them with their behavioural issues.

    I hope that you decide to change your approach and listen to the other people who have replied to you.

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      I am not debating they are bad, actually most pharmaceuticals in some way are bad. I have read alsorts from ADHD medication being a molecule away from illicit drugs to even a amalgam filling causing mercury poisoning.

      I dont want to be on neither the diazepam (benzo) or sertraline (ssri) both change chemical make up within the body but alot of people ignore the ssri yet this effects me more as you cant even have cough medicine for example. And the same as alot of medications that have serious withdrawals in some cases needing rehab such as tramadol, zopiclone etc they can be deadly.

      But there are also thousands who have used benzos for when needed and providing they taper off slowly continue to live a good life I dont want them long term (to be honest I dont know If I can live another 6 months feeling the way I been the last 2/3 months)

      I have tried meditation but cant zone into it, yoga is something that requires also alot of breathing techniques aswell as exercises/stretches on top of ideally having someone you can be at peace which I dont have. I will look at EFT as i have never heard of it.

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    Diazepam is not a placebo, even on low doses. It's one the strongest drugs you can take.

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      It is one of the weakest benzos as far as I am aware. I read/heard Xanax 1mg is equivalent to about 7mg Diazepam.

      Im not so sure about it one of the strongest drugs as they use the likes of morphine with patients who are dying (palatable care I believe it is called

      The benzo family yes are very addictive and if come off them after long term use are deadly I understand that. But what else is out there that does the same job (actually works within the hour for example) and isn't as severe?

      I would use marijuana but 1) I was a user for many years and it may even be contributing to what my problem is now.... 2) it is illegal in the UK and I have already being in trouble for growing and possesinng it in 2012 so that would be a step backwards.

      Like I said above I have tried "herbal" and still to this day use supplements but am hitting a brick wall now. Literally turned 29 last Sunday I shouldn't feel like this for sure. I have had this conversation with my doctor and I dont know where or what to turn to other than black market/deep web for diazepam or a benzo of some description or the likes of alcohol. But whats worse? My understanding is if I was an alcoholic they give diazepam for the withdrawal

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    Yes Xanax is 20 times stronger by mg and Valium is the weakest of the Benzos, but that's like saying that Mercury is the smallest of the planets, it's still very large.

    All Benzos are tremendously strong drugs and bring dependant on a low dose of valium for sometime with premorbid anxiety could make it incredibly hard to come off and taken daily it will soon lose its effect and you will need to updose to get the same results - that's the trap.

    Morphine and Diazepam are given to terminal patients on their last legs in combination, so don't underestimate this class of drugs.

    The only way to safely take it is occasionally.

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      I totally understand that any benzopaine is addictive and has its faults but like I pointed out even the sertraline/zoloft can cause life threatening issues even with cough medicine.

      I understand the addiction and the tolerance levek increase which is why I have asked what else can be used? I have changed/ing my diet to include more fruits and vegetables aswell as the supplements I mentioned (which I have also researched and each one is meant to have its own benefits)

      Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation is near on impossible in my current situation due to 1) anxiety not allowing me to go into a state of sub conciousness/relaxation if that's what is called. 2) I literally don/ have anywhere to do it due to living in a 1 bedroom maisonette with 3 children varying in ages from 1 year to 7 years old.

      I have looked into hypnotherapy and accpuncture but these arent regualted neither are they guaranteed to work but they are expensive

      I start telephone CBT this coming tuesday for exposure therapy.

      In my eyes/mind I am doing all i can but have reached a point where I dont know what else can be done, I dont want to be any pharmaceutical tablet benzo or ssri, if they are all that "seem" work what can i do?

      There are reasons why anyone even yourself needed the benzos in the first place and I know what I believe to be my reasons but I cant do nothing about it.

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    Well as you guys concerned me I have being back to see my GP and asked outright about the addiction side of things

    Turns out had my first prescription 1st November and have had a total of 98 prescribed since (15 of which are here) meaning I have taken 83 in 84 days an average of 1 a day. Was told if I was taking it daily and my tolerance had gone up then concerns would be raised but as I am using it as and when even 4 x 2mg in one day on Saturday just gone is fine aslong as I am not using every day religiously. Epileptics take 20/30mg when they feel a fit coming on.

    Thanks guys for your advice

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