Guilty of not exercising

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I am five months TKR and still have pain when walking. Everytme I tried to do more exercises at the gym my pain increased and knee swelled even more. 

So...I laid off the exercising and just did basic leg stretches and knee bends at home.

I live in a bungalow and I am seventy seven, not a youngster anymore.

I am getting depressed as I thought I should be practically pain free by now but I'm not. Today I am getting a sickening bone pain from my knee down my shin bone and pain at the back of my leg.

Quite a few people I have met who have had TKR tell me I should be pain free now as they were.  

My question is....should I go back to the gym and get on the bike? 

I get no advice from the doctor and I don't see any physio.I am just left to my own devices.I feel as though this is it and I will never enjoy my walks in the country and walks by the sea again.

Any advice at this stage would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Saralice,

    Get back to the gymn and keep on the bike. It will help you so much. Good luck. I had both knees replaced a few months ago. The bike and swimming pool have been a game changer for me. Take care!

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    Everyone is different. I never did anything at the gym, no bicycle, no physiotherapy apart from the exercises I was told to do by the hospital . . I did go to a lovely warm shallow swimming pool and do a lot of exercises there . . I found that the day after  the swimming pool exercise it was always worse, considerably,  but a couple of days later it was improved, so decided that although short term there was often more pain, long term it seemed to be doing good. .I'm 72 . . o verweight (not massively) and were it not for my bad ankles would be able to walk pain free.  the knee is now no problem.  I hope that comes for you too, as painful walking takes so much of the fun out of life. . .

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    By the way, five months is not a long time when talking about a TKR . . and there are always those who will tell of their friend who skipped out of hospital on day three with no problem . . but do persevere with some exercises to strengthen muscles,  as weakness in the muscles could perhaps be part of your problem
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    Hi Saralice:

    I agree with Martin Arvelo.  I am 9 months post TKR and still have discomfort at times walking upstairs.  I am 75 and doing my best to work out on bike, arc trainer and walking.  I am doing well, still feel stiffness around the patella.  My ortho did say that the day after exercise you will feel more discomfort.  When I was at five months I was experiencing the same.  Walking outdoors uphill was a bit challenging, but as time goes on, it will get better.  A long recovery I understand.  Good luck and hope you continue to get better each day.


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    Thank you for your help. The support on here is fantastic, I dont know what I would have done without you.

    I will get back on the bike even if it hurts the day after.Its just that the support post TKR is sadly lacking once you are home. I am always frightened of doing the wrong thing and making it worse.

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      I understand totally. l felt the same way - I even went back to doctor this past summer because of pain after working out on the eliptical.  I was swollen the next day and thought I damaged the knee.  They took x-rays and was told to rest and ice most of the day.  Everything on x-rays was fine.  Did what doctor suggested and I was fine.  Everything is moving in the right direction.
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      Sara, hi. Just returned to the gym after 4 weeks off. Urk, it was hard but try to pedal the low bike backwards and do some small squats. My trainer has had his knees replaced so helps with good advice. Pool walking is good too. Do not stop trying. Of course if the pain persists and it's really uncomfortable you need to see your GP. I am expecting discomfort until Mar 21 (my 12 month anniversary of bilateral replacements). After then, I am going to make sure I do not miss out on a thing! We gotta move! Keep moving, even if it is a bit of a slow walk on grass in the park. We were made to move and we forget this. xx

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    Wow, I am 7 weeks post TKR and have seen a vein specialist because I have either fluid from swelling or pooling blood from surgery located in my calf. No blood clot but very painful and difficult to walk without pain.Any suggestions?
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    "I thought I should be practically pain free by now..."  Really?

    You know the rule that you NEVER compare your recovery to anyone else's.  So stop doing that.  You have to focus on and OWN your recovery.  No deperession.  Focus on what you have to do to get well.

    I thought I was done at 8 months...WRONG!!!  Thought I could shortcut the rest of the work.  WRONG!!!

    You just have to do the work and recover.  This will take a year...period.  Buckle up...

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    Hi Sara

    I am 9 months post tkr and still have some pain ( but not a lot) behind and to the side of my knee. Getting out the car and coming down stairs are the worst. I've given up on a lot of physio exercises. They increased the swelling and heat. I did ride a battery assisted bike every day during the summer and that was good to get my knee going. Ignore anybody who tells you that you should be pain free by now. That's rubbish. I think I can see gradual improvement but don't expect to be 100% for quite some time, possibly another 6 months on. But as I understand it that is normal. Don't feel you have to exercise if it's too painful. Keep moving as best you can and do any exercises which you can cope with. Best wishes

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      Totally correct.  This takes a year or more...period.  Swelling means you've pushed the knee too far that day.  Recognize what you did, back off and increase activity gradually.  I'm at 10 months and, just like Jennie, car and stairs are still problematic...but getting better.  I'm now able to do 11,000+ steps in a day (over 5 miles) on my FitBit with no swelling.  But it takes time and effort to get there.  I still have a lack of strength in my quads plus my balance is still waaaay off.  Lots more work to do.  Remember...everyone is different...never compare your journey to anyone else's.  Never get down on yourself for thinking you "should be" somewhere you're not.  Be Zen: "I'll be better when I'm better."

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    saralice, Chico Marx gives great advice! He's a good one to listen to in these posts. Hope things get better for you.

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    Thanks Chico and others. You really boost me up. I have just treated myself to a Fitbit(yesterday)..apparently I'd walked 88 steps before I'd even got out of bed this morning!!!  I've not used it for a full day yet .

    Tomorrow I have to have eyelid surgery on both eyes.I'll hopefully be able to keep up the basic exercises for my knee.'s back to the gym.( probably with two black eyes)

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    See if you can find or get into a pain manageme t Dr or clinic. That pain of which you speak is one that has bothered me for years, especially after my last 4 or 5 surgeries. I think it comes out of your very lowest part of the spine and is a bear to control. Pain meds don't touch it when it flares up much massage will often times help. Elevate your leg and stretch to see if it helps

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    No one can tell you when you should be pain free.  I'm 3.5 months out, and legs hurt if I walk TOO much or after PT strums my tendons.  Still icing and doing PT 3Xweek as well as exercises at home and using floor bike.  I feel I will never be pain free, but am resigned to that fact.  Extension almost at zero, but very stubborn.  I've been in Pain MGMT for years.  If I ever do become pain free, it means I'm dead.

    good luck to you

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