H-Pylori, Gastritis & PPI

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Alright, here's the deal.  I'm being test for h-pylori for a second time since my doctor wants to make 100% sure that it is indeed negative.  Was tested a month ago via stool test and then tested via biospy, both negative. Both times I was on a PPI, so now he wants me off the PPI and get retested.

My first question, the EGD showed a pretty nasty case of gastritis, but been on a PPI over a year.  However, I didn't change my diet AT ALL.  Can gastritis heal if you don't change your diet or do you have to change it?  

Second question, I know being a PPI long-term has some side effects, so if I'm able to successfully come off the PPI, is a PPI necessary to heal gastritis or can you accomplish that through a very clean diet?  Doctor gave me some samples of Dexilant because my current PPI (Protonix) has become ineffective.  Started having problems with it every since I tried to lower my dosage and changing the medication to Prevacid. Could never get it to work like it once did before again.  

Third question, after these two weeks are up and I get tested for h-pylori, should I consider taking the Dexilant and try to get this gastritis healed?  Most cases of gastritis heal within a couple of months, but mine may take some time.  I'm worried by not taking a PPI it may take even longer. If I'm able to get off my current PPI, I should be able to get off Dexilant without too many problems. 

Final question, the first few days being off the PPI were alright, a little heartburn.  But the past few days and I've experienced a lot of burning in my stomach, but it seems to peak at the same time every night. Looking back, it happens when I normally would eat my heaviest and fattiest meal of the day. After doing some research, the theory I came across is that over time being on the PPI (one year), my body became accustomed to having to work extra hard to produce the necessary stomach acid to digest that large meal.  Now that I'm off the PPI and eating very strict (fruits & vegatables & lean meats) my stomach still thinks it needs to produce that extra acid to digest the big meal that's soon about to come.  But since I'm eating lightly and stomach friendly food, the acid doesn't have anywhere to go and ends up sitting in my stomach irritating my gastritis.  Is that theory possible?  I've found that Carafate and Gaviscon helps very much, but I'm trying to stay away from the antacids as much as I can until after my h-pylori test.


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    Gastritis does heal better if you avoid gastritis irritants.  Come off PPIs for your h pylori test and then reintroduce them afterwards to protect your stomach lining from excess acid.  If some PPIs have stopped working, your stomach may have become used to them and you may need to ask your doctor for a stronger dose or a diffferent medication.
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      That's the plan at the moment, however, today was pretty solid.  Very limited burning stomach, did increase the carafate in order to protect my stomach.  Much safer than a PPI. Had some mild heartburn, but Gaviscon took care of that.  I'll see how things go.  Would like to stay off PPI's completely if possible. 

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      Do you think an H2 blocker like Zantac will be okay to take when necessary?  Can't take them until after my h-pylori test, though. 

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    Out of curiosity you've never had the h pylori? I was tested back in April with blood, breath test and biopsy all negative. I did get 95 percent better, but after taking antibiotics 6 weeks ago triggered gastritis and has been dealing with it ever since.

    Could it be a chance that this time it could be h-pylori?

    Ive made several dr.'s visit but never they never agreed to test for it. I've gone to ER and the dr. Said since I had test a few months ago she doesn't think I would have to do it again.

    But as Pippa mentioned changing the diet helps rid the gastritis. The first time my diet was restricter in which is why I believe i got 95 percent better. But I did lose alot of weight. This time I think im trying not to lose so much weight, my diet is ok but nothing like the first flare...could be the diet prolonging it ?

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    Don't take ppi's they weakened my immunity so much I now get ill very often and was worse than this when I first took them. I weaned myself off them, I couldn't take them any more.

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    Recently the burning stomach has gotten better, very mild now.  However, I've been experiencing a new symptom I've never had before, it's a burning sesenation I'm assuming in my lower abdomen.  The burning starts from both sides of my hip bones all the way across my waist area.  Basically it's the area where my belt is.  Should I contribute this sensation to me stopping my PPI and just being excessive stomach acid passing through the intestintes?   

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      Chunky I've experienced the same thing this week. At first it was the whole stomach burning then it went away and moved to the bottom. The same area you mention. I can't say mine is caused from the PPI because i don't take them regular. But I did use dexilant twice in the past few days so it could be...,🙄the burning is minor compared to the whole stomach burning. I'm seeing much improvement on the gastritis when i started taking zinc carnosine...OMG what a difference it has made along with the other remedies.

      Oh I want to add that mine seem to burn at bottom when my bowels aren't moved regular..Maybe something you may want to start tracking.

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      I've completed changed my diet.  I was eating processed foods, sugar, carbs, etc.  Now my diet consists of nothing but fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats.  It's possible my system isn't used to it? Not sure.  I'm going to give it a few more days, if it continues, I'm may consider calling my doctor and ask what it may be. 

      Keep me updated on your situation as well.  Just checked out those Zinc Carnosine capsules and decided to buy them and give them a go.  Can't hurt really.  When do you take yours.  I'm thinking maybe either before bed or after breakfast. 

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      Hi Chucky

      Just wondering how are you doing with the burning in the low stomach? Mine has been burning in the lower stomach for a couple of days now..dont know what's going on. But it is so annoying..

      Don't know if it's the stomach causing it or the intestines.. I'm hoping it's an effect from the stomach.

      With the zinc carnosine, I take it in the morning with breakfast and bedtime. I was doing so well until this burning in the lower stomach started. I'm thinking it could have been something i ate or took. But why the burning in that location?

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      Your stomach is your small intestine.  Your bowel is your large intestine.  If you are having stomach trouble, this is intestinal.
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      No burning yesterday or today.  Coincidentally, it stops after I quit with the fresh veggies.  Just sticking with things I know are gentle on my stomach like sandwiches and cereal.  Still dealing with the mild burning in the stomach, though.  Did my h-pylori test today, so I started taking 150mg of Zantac.  Plan to take one tablet, twice daily.  Hopefully that will cut down on the burning.  If it continues, I may have to make a decision to take the dexilant.  Planning to start the Zinc Carnosine capsiles tomorrow.  

      Anything different you're doing?  Diet? Supplements? 

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      It's great that you are doing better! At least you can eat bread and cereal. My diet is very restricted. I can't tolerant wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc. Oh how I missed eating what I want. I am still burning at the bottom of stomach but it is minor. But today I made a hugh mistake by taking apple cider vinegar ( diluted with water) this morning and wow! It burned like crazy practically all day. Everything I ate burned and water. I will never do that again. I was following my chiropractor suggestion for t

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      Wasn't done typing..somehow I pressed reply button by accident.

      My chiropractor told me to do that in the morning for the acid instead of the meds.

      My body is so sensitive to many things. I tried taking nexium last night and it made me weaker with muscle aches this morning. I tried before so I was trying to give it another try. The Ppis makes me feel so bad and completely takes my appetite.

      I was on dexilant 60 mg. the first time , it helped with the gastritis a whole lot. I would say that I got 99 percent better. But I suffered the effects. This time I was prescribed to take 30 mg. But I am so scared to take it. I know how It made me feel before.

      I'm taking slippery elm, marshmallow root, DGL licorice, assimilaid, zinc carnosine, chamomile, im thinking i may have to take dexilant because it's been 6 weeks now dealing with this.

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      So the lower burning in abdomen is still the stomach? I'm just trying to make sure the problem is related to the gastritis and not something else.

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      Your abdomen is your belly which contains your stomach, (small intestine) bowel (large intestine) gallbladder, liver,  spleen, pancreas etc. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining which can cause hearburn. See your doctor for tests for confirmation or try a food diary to see if any foids are causing burning.
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      Chiropractors are not doctors and their treatments are unsafe and unatural.  Vinegar of any kind is acidic.  Antacids will help heartburn.
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      I know you mean, I'm dying for some Chinese food, but hopefully maybe within a few months I'll be able to eat some again.  

      But yeah, apple cider vinegar is a big no no for someone with gastritis.  It's good for GERD, but not gastritis.  Any bit of acid will irritate the stomach lining, which is why doctors like to prescribe PPI's since they eliminate almost all stomach acid.  But like you, I have weird reactions with PPI's.  Which is why I'm sticking with H2 blockers. However, Zantac, while it works, destroyed by colon last night.  Spent most of the night going to the bathroom.  So now I'm left with Tagamet.  If this doesn't work, then I'll have to take the Dexilant. Hoping that won't happen.  It's been a few hours since I took the Tagamet and so far so good.  Only slight heartburn, but tolerable.  Push comes to shove, I'll take a little Gaviscon.

      Was planning to start the zinc capsules today, but since I'm trying a new medication, I'll wait until tomorrow.  Don't want to take too many new things at once.  If I end up having a reaction, I won't know what caused it.

      How are you feeling today? 

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      I so regret taking the acv. I was doing so well now it's like I'm starting all over. I'm taking zantac also and how ironic for you to mentioned that it destroyed your colon

      I have been having bowel movements alot and stomach rumbling also. I was wondering what could be causing it. I'm thinking it has to be the zantac. That's the only thing I am doing differently.

      My stomach has been doing some minor to moderate burning today and tends to radiate to my back. But I'm noticing if I get stressful it usually start burning.

      .then I'm having anxiety with it.

      I have a double wamby..going through menopause and dealing with gastritis. I tell you it is no fun!!

      What are your views on dexilant? Did you have side effects with it?

      I discovered today that pepto bismot helped with my naseau .

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      I sent you a private message..previous one didn't post

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