H pylori Postive, Very sick after taking medicine. Severe depression and anxiety

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I am 28 years old and I have had stomach pains for 5 years, we did endoscopy in 2015 and nothing was found I kept asking them for stool test and finally found I am H pylori  I lost 4 stones in the matter of 4 years and continued to lose weight. The doctors kept sending me back saying its nothing as endoscopy didnt find Ulcer. after been given Amoxiclllin 500MG taking Two twice a day, Omeprazole 20MG taken One twice a day. Clarithromycin tablet 500mg to be One a day twice a day.

I took Omeprazole 20MG in the morning before food, and ate Oats, and then I had Amoxicllin capsule 500mg one and then spaced the dosage of Clarithromycin space of 2 hours. At night i had Amoxicillin and then Omeprazole I felt very sick and did sick on the second day of having Amoxcillin capsule at 8pm and then omprazole at 9pm... I wanted to ask what diet should I be on at the moment I am only eating small meals of boiled lentils and beans. And has anyone taken these dosages that it didnt make them sick? Thank you very much sad Its been a tough ride with severe depression and axiety sad

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    I had h pilori and I started 2 different kind of antibiotics plus omeprazole for 2 weeks ., after that I feel better but the day I finished the doses I started with irritation of the urinary tract ., no infection . After a year this burning feeling continues .

    I eat super healthy , no junk food and my sympthoms got worst , now it burns my chest and back , I thought it was my heart but all the tests shows nothing ., I feel anxious sometimes and makes the pain even worst ., so first thing , get calm and try to find yourself what Food makes you feel sick ., hopefully the h pilory is gone , you need another test to find out if this bug was got rid off . 

    Some people needs one month antibiotics . 

    In the endoscopy I showed mild gastritis , some they told me stop dairy products, fruit and citrics. 

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon 

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      Hi Jluis im very sorry to hear you had to go through soo much pain sad aww yh did they do H pylori test on you? because I had the same issue with burning feeling?
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      Yes I was tested before treatment and after treatment to make sure no h pilory ., one doctor told me even my wife might have it without manifest the symptoms only transmitting the h pilory ., 
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    at any point you feel pain in stomach stop using the antibiotics. It does make you feel like you are dying. What kind of stomach pain was there which led you to consult doc?
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      Yh, Its a acid refulx feeling, the capsule comes back up... so was sick last night
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      You mean you were suffering from acid reflux from the last five years not stomach pain right? Whatever it is if your endoscopy did not show any inflammation, dont blame hpylori for it then. Its not always hpylori, complete your antibiotics course and if you still have symptoms look else where, it could be pancreatic insufficiency or acid reflux in general. Try using mastic gum after you retest for hpylori. 
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    I don't know what country you are in but I think you need a complete work up with two or three doctors to confer.  If you live in the United States I would go to the Mayo clinic because it seems clear that if you are losing weight, something is wrong.  Good luck because I am going through a difficult time as well from stomach pain, bloating and nausea.

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      Thank you soo much for replying im in UK we only have NHS or privater our private is as useles as the NHS they dont help iv been like this for nearly 5 years


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      Bilal be grateful for nhs im now living in ozz pay nh in my wage

      Plus equivalent of £250 a month private too it ill cost me gap £800

      Ozz nh called medicare you wait as long as nhs

      Private well thats different but would you pay £300 for you and your wife not children just 2 a month. Then have a gap payment out of your own pockets for 100s f pounds average price for a baby £3000

      Im sorry your so bad some people are alergic to certain antibiotics

      Im alergic to amoxycillin i am so nauseas. Go back to gp 😀

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    I have been tested for that - 2 weeks ago - by blood test - I have had a lot of tests and they still don't see anything - I hurt in my right side under rib and sometimes under my left rib - and I have nausea alot.  The last thing the doctor prescribed was Doxepin - I haven't tried it yet - I am so bad with side effects of medicine - but know I need to try it.....I don't know if it will help or not.  I feel for you - it's not good feeling bad all the time!


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      Sorry to hear that Debbir keep persisting and we will all make it here and get well soon. What helped me was a small journal 
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      have you had a scan for gall bladder?

      My gp 2 weeks ago after every test except endoscopey took me off all medicine except for my dual action gaviscon and to be honest i do feel heaps better. Still got ache along tummy and acid but the rest has eased


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      Its now 4 weeks nausea almost gone bppv gone but tummy bad.

      Tight like a belt along my upper abdomen knawing ache ache under right side under the boob area wind its as if theres acid sloshing.

      Everytime i eat it causes aching bloating every day its the same.

      All im taking is Dual action Gaviscon and eating as bland as i can.

      I just flew 3hrs in pain is this it? My life? This tightness is horrible

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