H Pylori three week treatment

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Hi  its been some time now but today my doctor rang me to confirm I have H Pylori and she also has prescribed a course of Lansoprozole and anti biotics for the next three weeks.

Should I be concerned that it is a course of tablets for three weeks

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    Do it make you think that you are more ill than you are?
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      Thanks Derek I suppose it did really but I am also very aware of those that are really suffering from other causes.

      Having been fit for 60 years of my life becoming ill is a real pain but what can you do !

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      Wait until you are my age. At 82 it is even more of a pain.
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      And I thought I was having a tough time! I'm 70 and H-Pylori has convinced me that my body must be around 80. Took the 14 day treatment and 4 months later , not any better off.

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    My doc had me on H-Pylori treatment for 14 days. Maybe she's just trying to be on the safe side. Sometime it's just not that easy to get rid of. 4 months after treatment I'm still having stomach issues.

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      I had issues for about a year due to the treatment. It is a good idea to take probiotics during and for a while after the treatment.
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      Sorry to read that you are still suffering and thank you for your advice.I

      have down loaded an Ebook on this and I was amazed to readthat you could get it , get rid of it and acquire it again. I also learnt that you can become infected by your partner by kissing or intimacy which is relevant as my wife has also suffered from this.The book basically tells you to adopt a gluten free diet which I will talk to my doctor about.

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    Antibiotics usually are taken in tablet form; so no, I don't think you should be concerned.  Just start the course of medication for the length of time specified and see if you feel better.  Treatment for h pylori takes three weeks to complete.  After this, you can be retested to see if the infection has cleared.

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      Thanks Pippa I recently bought a self testing kit for my wife as we have learntthat even though she has had the same problem she may have it again.
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    I would really consider it before doing it. Many of us had a postive response that we have H Pylori and have the antibiotics route and sometimes the 1st round did not work so we had to do another round and now we are all still feeling sick or feeling worse than before we started the cure. I would talk with a health store or naturpath first before filling the prescription. Just my opinion.
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      I was speaking to a woman at my GP's surgery recently. She told me that she was a naturpath and was offering me her address to go for treatment.

      However she told me that she had demanded antibiotics when she was in danger of losing an arm from an infection after an accident.  

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      Another option is to take plenty of ordinary or probiotic yoghurt aling with the antibiotics.  This helps to counteract antibiotic after effects.
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      Antibiotics are a blessing when used correctly.

      There is no black and white thinking about antibiotics if good or bad, people in former times died a slow death with infections after just scratching their skin or cutting their knee by falling over or having a damaged heart after untreat(able) rheumatic fever (my family is full with those sorry stories).

      We always seem to forget the history of medicine.

      Hence of course if you are plagued by a bacterial infection of a wound of your arm, you need an antibiotic treatment (and if first trial failed due to bac resistence, need another or sensitivity testing)

      and being a naturopath doesn't exclude that at all.

      That's actually talking for the naturopath to be not stupid avoiding antibiotics at all cost and loosing not only her arm, but maybe life (sepsis) in such a situation.

      I don't get it, why western medicine, eastern medicine and naturopaths can't work together and should exclude each other.

      Each 'branch' has its very rightful place and time to be used.

      If my arteries in brain burst, no naturopath will be able to help at that very acute moment. If I have time to fiddle and try around, I can try anything. H.pylori seems one of them to have simply time.

      The trick is to do the right thing with antibiotics, to use them not only correctly, but as indicated and not preventative (like humans do for their mass farming of animals.... or some start a course and stop it prematurely causing heaps of resistencies).

      Having said that, I personally would go for a 3 week treatment in your case as a 1st trial,

      BUT definitely have probiotics in capsule, powder and fortified yoghurt (if you are not intolerant or allergic to milk proteins/milk sugar)

      with it and for months afterwards (I had Lyme disease, giardia..., I was happy to take my antibiotics and had no aftermath whatsoever),

      many months afterwards, if not a year. I still take probiotics.

      Make sure to take the probiotics not just once a day, twice is better or just throughout the day, and away from the antibiotic intake (otherwise they are killed straight away, having said though, even the presence of dead good gut flora helps overgrowth of bad guys, but life and multiplying good bacteria are of course even better)

      There are teas praised for helping the stomach with H.pylori.

      The time is on your side, you can trial and error.

      Each situation and individual is different.

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      Thanks darlene yes just your opinion but worth reading as after a week of taking the tablets I mention in an earlier reply the problem seems to have got worse.

      I can only get relief by chewing gum.

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