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Twiddd Twiddd

Hammer toe fusion surgery

Had 2345 toes fused on thursday...pins in all toes...currently in a heel shoe there anyone who has had similar and how have you gone on...theyre gonna take stitches out in 2 week....pins out in 6 week..two storey house so stairs are quite tricky...

Any info appreciated...tina

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  • karen150 karen150 Twiddd

    Hiya Tina

    I had 2 and 3 fused 5 weeks ago, K wires come out 6th July, my scars are good, second op on sames toes in 2 years, I can't really give you any advise but am interested to know how you go, no pain now, so that's all good but the toes are very low, my other 3 now appear to be in the air and if I was to try and put my foot flat only my heal and the 2 toes would touch the floor, are yours very straight? consultant came to see them when they removed the stitches and put his hands on his hips and said 'oh dear' I'm worried how it will be when wires come out, he's written to me and said they are a little to low but hopes they will adjust once wires are out, I would like to follow your story if you don't mind to see how we both go, I have a rare disease called Freibergs, first op was fine for about 9 months then they hammered, now they have removed the knuckles and fused them but I'm on the fence as to whether it's been a success....... I live in a bungalow fortunately, but I did stay at my daughters for a few days post op, I managed the stairs sideways, just take your time, and make sure you follow the advice, there is no quick heal it really does take a long time. Regards Karen

    • Twiddd Twiddd karen150

      Hi moment im still bandaged.. only 5 days pre op......i got to have the same on left done...depending on how this one pans out...glad to hear your pain is good now...although your heart must have sank when the doctor said that...did it hurt to get stitches out ? Im a proper coward.. not too long now for your pins to come out...

    • karen150 karen150 Twiddd

      Hiya, Not to bad at all having stitches out, honestly xx plus the nurse said that was going to be more painful than having the wires pulled, so fingers crossed and I'll let you know about the wires too. For me I think the anticipation was worse than the deed lol. Take it easy a couple more weeks and your pain should subside. Pity we can't share a pic, I've looked at pics online with pins in and mine are definitely very low sad still hopeful though smile 

      You take care xxx

    • Twiddd Twiddd karen150

      Just received my follow up for re dressing a week after surgery...thats this thursday...other for 7aug which will be pin god knows over stitches...maybe theyre disolvable...a girl can hope...

    • karen150 karen150 Twiddd

      My stitches were in 18 days. I queried it and they said my surgeon likes stitches at least 16 days. When you have your dressings changed make sure you ask just in case you've been overlooked. I'm sure you haven't though and they'll confirm a date with you xxx

    • Twiddd Twiddd karen150

      Hi hun...1 week on now...just had dressing change...they said my stitches will dissolve so no need fo apt until pin removal...toe 4 looks totally out of line and stuck up so a bit worried over that....hoping its gonna go down when it heals...nurse didnt seem are you pain is easing daily but blumin hurts if im on it a bit...back to rest and elevation🙂

  • Caitydoc Caitydoc Twiddd

    I had the 2,3,4 toe on left foot and the 2 and 3 toe on tight foot done all with pins 4 days ago, getting dressing change in 2 days ! Wearing two heel boots and crutches! Dunno if getting both done was such a great idea but the pain I’m in there is no way I would have gone back to get it done again! Are yous very painful

    • karen150 karen150 Caitydoc

      It was painful yes however within 3 weeks there was barely any pain the wires don't hurt at all just tender from the cuts really. Very brave of you to have both feet done at the same time I must say. I'm sure you'll soon notice a drop in the pain keep on top of it with painkillers, and elevated as much as possible. I still keep mine bandaged as I have to have wadding under my toes to stop them touching the floor it does help a lot and may be worth you trying. Good luck and let me know how you're doing

    • Twiddd Twiddd Caitydoc

      Hi hun...made my eyes water just thinking of both feet doing.. had mine done on must have been similar...first 3 days for me were blumin painful to say the least...hubby was home luckily...hope youve got someone home with you also due dressing change at end of this week...then i think stitches the following week...will be good to keep in touch to see if theres much difference in healing etc...need 2345 all doing in my other foot least you got at all over and done with...are you in england? Im in Leeds...hope your pain is bearable...keep on top of painkillers seems to be the advise for us both...tina xx

    • Caitydoc Caitydoc Twiddd

      I had mine done on 20june! I’m in Dubai so getting access to pain relief is the nightmare! Have no pain at all for last 2 days and had dressings changed yesterday, very little swelling and no bruising at all I was very surprised! I go back next Thursday for stitches out and wires out in 2/3 weeks! I just find it dead awkward walking as I hate the feeling of the wires moving ! I’m usually running around like a crazy thing so this go slow is killing me! Back at work next week which will be interesting ! Hope you guys are all doing well! Definatley a better plan to g t both done as there is no way I would  go back again!!

    • Twiddd Twiddd Caitydoc

      You sound like your doing ok whilst im resting but after moving..going to loo or downstairs...small things in super not fit so i suppose that will make it harder...i go tomorrow for dressing change which im pleased about cause its all moved underneath...cant say that i even feel the pins so not aware if theyre moving....not removing my pins until 7 august...think you did right getting them both done.. jury is definately out on whether my other foot will be getting done....take care tina...

    • Twiddd Twiddd

      Had my dressings taken off yesterday...part had stuck so hurt a little...foot was bruised and slightly swollen but not too bad...whats worrying me is that my toe next to the little one is raised up and doesnt look in line to the other daughter who came in with me asked nurse about it...she didnt seem really hoping it settles down...i know its early days but it looks a mess...stitches will disolve by theirselves so no appointments now until 7 august...did she re wrap your foot? I chose to have another dressing on but it could have been left open...pain not too bad but i certainly know about it if i over do things...hope alls going well at your end ...tina

  • deb60675 deb60675 Twiddd

    I had tendon release surgery (tenotomy) to relieve hammertoes on two toes of my left foot 4 weeks ago. There are pins in the toes. This was actually a secondary surgery I had while getting surgery on the same foot—having bones in my midfoot fused together. I’ve had pain in the foot for quite some time and it affected my ability to walk and to stand for any length of time. The bone fusion requires me to stay off that foot completely for 8 weeks.  I live in a 2 story house and as well, there are stairs to get out at both entrances. I can’t manage crutches very well (understatement), but I have a knee walker that is absolutely wonderful. For the first two weeks, I couldn’t figure out how to get upstairs. I could scoot up or crawl up, but once I got to the top, I couldn’t get up using one leg without a tremendous amount of help (and a lot of anxiety). I found a video online of a guy showing how to use a plastic stepstool at the top of the stairs (and on each landing) to get up. It was a huge relief to me to finally figure out how to get up off the floor at the top, safely, and without help! 

    The toes have been the biggest “pain”, much worse than the other surgery. The swelling was intense. I wouldn’t call it pain, I guess, but a huge amount of pressure, tightness, tingling and fairly intense discomfort. And it feels like I have a huge rock under my toes while wearing the aircast boot, because of the swelling.

    I’ve had the stitches out, but one incision wasn’t healed so steristrips were put over it. I get the wires out next week. Nurse told me there are no pain receptors in bone, so that part won’t hurt, but it will hurt as they come out through the skin at the tips. But not a lot, she said. HA! I am sure it will. People who had pins removed from toes—did it hurt? A lot? 

    Also, I’m depressed, tired and I feel trapped. I’m 61 and I feel like this is a dress rehearsal for my 80s! I hate the lack of independence and being housebound and incredibly lonely! And it’s summer—and I’m missing out! And I’m in Canada, so summer is a big deal!! 

    I figure being tired is because I’m depressed. I’m also very anxious and afraid I’m going to fall, and falling could lead to injury of the repaired foot and maybe keep me off it even longer. Do most people feel this way? And I also did not realize how hard this would be! My lack of independence, and mobility is  Killer! 

    • Twiddd Twiddd deb60675

      You have my every sympathy...i couldnt begin to imagine how hard it is not to weight bare at all. Think you need to be relatively fit for in england so we dont have knee rollers but ive seen them and they look great...two week on thursday for me and today its been a little hoping its just a slow process...i too have read that pins in bones cant hurt...but then ive also read stories of it hurting like definately rubbish with pain...i start crying like a baby...its amazing how much you cant do...little things you take for granted..

      I got to have my other foot done...four toes this moment i wont be rushing for third toe is stuck up so am hoping it will go down...keep in touch and let me know how you get on with your pins....take care

    • karen150 karen150 deb60675

      Sounds like a real ordeal for you. You have my sympathies too.

      I'm having my pins removed tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous but I also can't wait. I'll let you know how it goes.

      I'm not happy with my toes nor was the surgeon so big day for me when he decides what happens next.

      Mine have been in 7 weeks and it feels like forever.

      I hope you guys are all going on ok and I'll pop in here tomorrow and let you know.... 😊

    • Twiddd Twiddd Caitydoc

      Oh my lord....this makes me feel a little better...thank you so much for letting us know...was feeling fed up...had to go hosp yesterday having bother with the toe that was stuck up...theyve taped it down...then get a letter today to postpone my pin now the pins will be removed 8 week after surgery...glad your walking well...tina


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