Hard to see this is anxiety/stress/ ibs now :( still got this bowel cancer fear I can't push it away

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Ok so I haven't posted in a while about this but this is 3 months going on 4 and it's still here! I'm petrified and i highly doubt anxiety, stress/ ibs can do this for this long.

Ok so first of all the weird feeling i posted about before I'd say has nearly gone however in the day now this is what happens usually. I get up in the morning have breakfast and coffee then go to the toilet then when i go the first bit normally comes out fine looks like a torpedo the normal then that's it it sort of cuts off and unless i strain really hard which i don't do btw there's more left in there that just won't come out leaving me incomplete. 

Like yesterday i did a bit felt incomplete pushed a little and a bit broke off but today I went this morning did the usual felt incomplete but I'm not sure if there is still stool left there now sad but what I'm dealing with atm is like a pressure in my rectum sad I did go again after and there was 3 harder sheep pellets that came out so do you reckon they've been there for some time? 

Anyway the bit that's terrifying me if i do empty I sometimes get an urge later on and pass bits of yellow mucus! on it's own no stool. So on Friday i came back from work went to the toilet got a fair bit out and felt pretty empty later on the night had some wet wind and when i got home i wiped and there was some yellow mucus. Now this is where I've got incredibly, incredibly scared I had like a really bad urge on friday like i need to go but couldn't. I did some googling when I know i shouldn't but it said tenesmus it's a symptom of bowel cancer! freaked out again

It also said if you try and go more often this may need and investigation in hospital! so i freaked out again.

Does this sound like a change in bowel habit or am i just obsessing at this point? 

And is what i described tenesmus, is tenesmus like a painful and voilent urge to go like you've got to run or what? It's not like that just a little pressure and sometimes feel like there's trapped wind in there. 

I just can't win I either get incomplete evac or sometimes the mucus if i do empty a bit sad and I'm terrified sad do these sound concerning or what. Also two weeks friday I went on the night with a little urge and passed some yellow mucus with a tiny spot of bright red in it. It was barely visible and this is gross I know but i had to go through it with my hands sad and saw it. 

I've had issues on and off for years, i was actually shocked when it was normal once a day perfect for the last 9 months or so last year. But i can't remember having this bit of pressure before sad 

Since I've spoke on here last, I've seen two doctors both said the same stress, anxiety maybe ibs and I've also started cbt and done 2 sessions but it's not helping with these issues. And if it is that i doubt it's gonna go because I just can't calm down at all I just keep freaking out thinking it's a mass in my rectum or something.

I have been constipated the last week on and off started drinking allot more now during the day I used to just drink coffee and tea all day. 

Does this sound concerning? 


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    HIya Jack

    I am sorry to hear you are having issues. I wouldn't panic just yet though. It sounds like it may be IBS/ Chron's. Since you have been constipated (hence the feeling of not evacuating your bowels fully when you go to the toilet) it would be wise to increase your fibre intake (You can buy sachets of firbre from the chemists that you mix with water and drink, they can be very useful) and ensure you are drinking plenty of water. 

    It would also be sensible to reduce your coffee intake. Caffeine is a stimulant and can cause intestinal issues. 

    Mucus is actually all over our bodies, and there is a fair bit in the intestines to help lubricate them so food can pass down them easily. It is not uncommon to have some come out of your rectum, particularly if you have a condition that is inflaming the intestines such as IBS or Chron's. 

    As for the CBT... it isn't a quick fix. You won't see an immediate improvement after just two sessions, it is something you need to continue with. 

    The pressure you are feeling is likely just the constipation, if you have even a little poo left over in your rectum it can feel very uncomfortable. If the problem persiss after you have been on a high fibre diet for a week, then it may be worth trying a stool softener like Lactulose... you can buy it over the counter. 

    Tenemus is described as this: painful spasm of the anal sphincter along with an urgent desire to defecate without the significant production of feces; associated with irritable bowel syndrome[color=#656565].

    This doesn't quite fit what you have described, but if you do have it, it isn't anything to worry about, it cn be a sign of IBS though. I will post links to the NHS pages on IBS and Chron's soon so you can see if any of the symptoms fit you. 

    I have IBS and get very painful cramps, I get constipation and diarrhea regularly and sometimes I can be constipated in the mornings and have diarrhea in the afternoon. I also find I can have painful gas that I need to get rid of.

    Since you are clearly worried, it might be wise to keep going to the doctors. If you have the mucus again, try and get a sample to give to the doctors. You can usually ask at the reception desk for containers for it. 

    What you have described doesn't sound too serious, and it is very unlikely to be cancer. IBS seems the most likely issue. Most people that get bowel cancer are over 60.

    Also, you do not have blood in your stool, which is a good sign. It is when you have blood that is very dark brown/ black that is more concerning. That tiny spec of red blood you found is nothing to worry about. Since it was bright red that means it was very fresh, so it most likely came from a tiny tear in your rectum caused by the hard poo's you are having.

    All I can suggest for now is to keep going back to your GP, keep going with the CBT, cut down on the coffee and introduce lots of fibre into your diet. 

    Best of luck![/color]


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    Here is the link to the page on IBS: http://patient.info/health/irritable-bowel-syndrome-leaflet

    And Chron's Disease: http://patient.info/health/crohns-disease-leaflet

    And I will add the page on bowel cancer too just to reassure you that it would be very unlikely for you to panic: http://patient.info/health/bowel-colorectal-cancer

    Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the given links with links to the equivalent articles on our site.

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    I feel what you are saying. Years ago, I thought something was wrong with me because all of the sudden I was constipated and had lots of pressure in my rectum area.

    ?I did enemas. Went to the urgent care - they took x-rays and they said everything was normal. Well, when you haven't had a BM in a month, I was concerned. I did laxitives and such. Drinking more water, etc.

    ?I realized I had IBS with constipation. Went to the doctors again and they pretty much confirmed it when I told them the what my BMs looked like. The doctor even mentioned mucus along with it.

    ?I had a examination where they went up inside me - not colonoscopy, I just can't remember the name. Everything was normal.

    ?I started taking flaxseed, stool softner, fish oil, probiotic, multivitamin, lots of water and Miralax. My Bms are still inconsistent but I also have been drinking chamomile tea which seems to help. I try, which I'm not good at, eating salads, raw veggies and fruit. It's almost like a dance, if I skip a beat then I'm constipated again. I occasionaly take a lax for emergency purposes only. DOn't want my body to get use to it.

    ?Stress, anxiety and medications can do havic on our bodies. Stress ans anxiety especially.

    ?Don't force your self to go. Pushing can cause hemrhoids and can cause the bleeding you taking about. Before I use to force the BM out which isn't a pretty picture to describe.

    ?Keep going to therapy and talking to your doctors. I'm sure you are fine and it's just constipation. At a time, and sometimes still, think there's something wrong with my intestines.

    ?I defintely understand where you are coming from. The only advice I can give you is remain calm and be proactive. Maybe try some of the I suggested.

    ?Keep on posting. Get out this negative thinking. I'm sending you positive vibes and wish you well. Take care.

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    Thanks yes it's hard, I thought tenesmus was a sign of bowel cancer. I don't know it it could be hemmies my anus does feel irritated every now and then sometimes getting a bit of itching aswell. And earlier got like a sharp quick pain up there had that on and off for years though.

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      As I said Id say ive had constipation and stomach cramps on and off for 8 years. My anxiety started with health anxiety in year 7 at school my friend had appendicitus and ever since then my stomachs been on and off.

      Every ache I had I kept thinking I had appendictis so maybe it could be ibs I doubt chrohns as I never get diahrrhea.

      Also you reckon after 3 and a half months it would've got way worse?

      And does a change in bowel habit mean like loose or constipation that never goes?

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      I have known lots of people, myself and my sister included, that get incredibly painful shooting pains around the anus. They only last 30 seconds or so, and I have never been able to find out why it happens. I don't think that is likely to cause any issues though. 

      What do you mean by Hemmies? I have not heard of that word before and the dictionary came up with no results lol. 

      As for your anxiety, that is no doubt making things worse. The CBT will help you with that but it may be worth asking the doc if you can get a prescription to help with the anxiety. I have found pregabalin and propranolol both work wonders for my anxiety. xx

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      A change in bowel habits mean anything that isn't normal for you. If you often have constipation, then this would be normal for you. If this is the first time you have had constipation and eating lots of fibre doesn't help, then you should see the doctor. 

      I have GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) so I really can understand your worries about your health. The thing is, anxiety can make your IBS worse, and the worsening IBS makes your anxiety worse. It is a horrible cycle that can be hard to get out of.. but it isn't impossible. This is where the CBT could really help you. xx

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    The doctors you have seen are they gastroenterologists or just doctors outside the field. A gastro specialist will give you this stuff to drink (a ton of it) that would empty a horse but they do that to clean out it all and then go in with a tube and a camera and take a look. Its a colonoscopy. That would give you all your answers with no guesswork. For the upper bowel they do an endoscopy. That i have had many. But thats for different stuff.

     If thats not the route you want to take id say start drinking a lot of water and get some fiber chews and a stool softner. Everyday when you wake the very first thing you do is drink down a big tall glass of water, not coffee. Then before every meal you eat a big tall glass of water. You want to consume half your body weight in ounces. You want to have the proper amount of fiber..follow the directions on the bottle and a stool softner so you do not need to strain. Work can mess up bowels because of time constraints, that happens so maybe wake a bit earlier if the mornings what work for you. Also move around more. Daily thirty minute workout is good, a 45 minute a walk a day is good. Things get sluggish in us when we dont  move about and dont properly hydrate. Stress can make a mess out of everything, it just does. Tea with caffeine is dehydrating so you will end up with little pellets. You need fiber, lots of water and a stool softner.  In terms  of your cancer fears and the mucous thats for a gastroenterologist to handle. The cbt is for the anxiety this is a more physical fix in its nature.

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    Hi Jack , sorry about what you have been going through. I was wondering if the health concerns you have been experiencing are your only GI symptoms ? Do you also have any upper GI issues like acid reflux or any of the above ? I'm curious because I too have been having these issues lately and have severe anxiety and I always jump to the worst senerio also . It gets very overwhelming having health concerns such as this I know that all too well . I hope you can figure out what is going on and you can be a little less stressed and worried ??.

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    I don't have reflux or anything no, also might try the water idea i need to get out of bed earlier aswell I think I wake up deoressed at times and dont get up till 12 in the afternoon I get about 10 hours sleep which isn't good. Ideally I feel better getting up about 10 ish which I can't do at the minute as its so hard.

    Also I need to get out more I think aswell I don't do much outside.

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    So I went this morning come out a bit brighter than normal like a light brown sad or lighter and it come out ok, then after that that incomplete evac again pushed a bit out that was smaller harder with a little bit of mucus on it. do you reckon these have been in there a while.

    Also when it says loose does that mean like watery Becuase it has been a little bit softer than usual nearly every bm which I'm freaking out about again. Then before i had my shower I've had like an itching, burning sensation ever since more of an annoyance than anything.

    But thinking back I've had similar happen before with this weird feeling but I can't remember it lasting this long. 

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      Before you give yourself some nice sized hemmoroids are you following what i even wrote earlier? Keep the area clean, after you use the bathroom if possible jump into the shower and rinse your bum off. I have a very strong feeling as you noted burning and itching your pushing and straining has cause a tiny little fissure, which will heal so dont fret but follow what i said and give it five days. You will see it works. Dont study your poop, dont care about color, shape or anything. Poop is poop it will be the product of what you eat and drink. The only two times you should ever care is if its is chalk white completely or jet black. Other then that its all okay. Doing nothing will change nothing.
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