Has anyone experienced abdominal pains after having their appendix removed?

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I had my appendix removed November 2012, and ever since then I've experienced abdominal pains, more often than not as bad as the pain was before surgery.

I'd never had abdominal pains before and it came in really quickly. I was experiencing pain for about a week before it got so bad I couldn't eat, sleep, and hardly walk. I went to a&e, the doctor seemed as though he was doubting the amount of pain I was in, until he pressed on the right side of my stomach and I burst into tears. I had surgery the next day, and spent 3 days in hospital after (only because I couldn't pass urine/bowel movement, apparently they can't let you out until you do).

After recovering from surgery, I used to only get pain every now and then. But over the past 6 months, the pain has been getting a lot worse and constant.

I've been to see my doctor, who thinks I now have IBS. They haven't done any tests at the moment to rule anything else out, they've just tried me on tables that are to treat IBS, with no effect.

I'm going to demand some tests are done just to make sure there isn't an underlying cause.

The thing that really makes me think if it's something to do with my appendix, is when I'm lead down, the right side of my stomach hurts like someone is pushing down as far as they can go.

I just want to know if anyone else has experienced similar pain after having their appendix removed and if so, have you found the cause?

My friend had the same surgery a few weeks before me, and has been diagnosed with IBS (they have rules everything else out). I don't know if this is a common thing in patients after this surgery.

Thanks for any help!

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    Ring the NHS helpline and discuss your condition,symptoms,history of problem.I`m only guessing but I would have thought that you were entitled to an ultrasound scan as your problem may be linked to the surgery you refer to.

    Call me old-fashioned,but personally I would prefer investigation before drugs smile

    Certainly hope that it not to be the case but swabs etc are occasionally left in.Then there is the chance of peritoneum becoming infected.

    You described your stomach as hurting...this J shaped organ is actually a lot higher placed in the body than many non medics realise......whilst the area from which your apendix was removed is much lower down, below your small intestines attached to the caecum,which leads to the ascending colon...the reason some people rub their guts with a circular motion when having trouble with constipation,in an attempt to move faecal matter up,along and down the large intestine.That`s why it`s important to drink sufficient quality water daily.Constipation is usually thought of as hard stools but that is not always the case.You mention IBS and that could be a case in point.

    Exercise and a healthy diet are necessary for the the 8m+ of intestines to be able to function well...they are designed for an action called peristolsis.....think how a catapillar arches its back to move forward,or how a snake uses its muscles to swallow prey.....a very rough analogy of how your food moves along whist being processed .

    Remember that your General Practitioner is there to refer you to an expert who specialises in that particular area of your body,and before that you may need some tests by other specialists,eg an ultrasound technician.

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    Thanks, yeah will ring them and see what they say. Usually get shipped back to my doctors though who then proceed to do nothing or just stick me on more tablets.

    It's like 2 different types of pain, like the all over abdominal pain comes in sharp, painful waves but between waves it's like a cramping feeling. Sometimes I get back pain when it's really sore. I get nauseous and unfortunately get diarrhea. This is what's leading the doctor to think it's IBS, but not doing any tests to rule anything else out.

    And then there's the pain where my appendix used to be, usually feel it the most when led down. That's the pain that feels like someone is pushing down. I don't know whether the two re connected or if it's connected to my surgery.

    Thank you

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    Have you any good herbalists or nutritionists in your area?
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    Not that I know of, but shouldn't be hard to find one somewhere nearby.

    What would you suggest?

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    I used herbal and homeopathy remedies for a couple problems. Your symptoms sound to complicated for a herbalist who are not really skilled in medical conditions/anatomy. With homeopathy many of the practitioners are doctors and GP's who practice under both codes. I went to an NHS doctor who practised homeopathy privately as it is very time consuming. I went with stomach and digestive problems that the hospital had not solved for me.He gave me the most thorough examination I have ever had followed by a long question session. Much of homeopathy is treating the person as well as the disease.

    It was successful for me and it was about seven years before the problem re-occurred.

    I take it from the attitude of your doctors that you are in the UK

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    Hi Derek,

    Yes I am in the UK. My doctors have been pretty useless really, all been giving me tablets for something they haven't diagnosed me with. And they've not worked. At the moment I'm trying Peppermint oil tablets, but I'm still having no change.

    Been trying to get back to them this week with no luck.

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    I've tried peppermint capsules but I had more success with Buscopan (antispasmodic) Relieves cramps and IBS. I think that there is also a non prescription version.
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    Oh yeah, I've tried that, didn't do anything for me.

    Tried something called Spasmanol too which didn't do anything as well.

    Just gonna have to go back and see if they will run tests, but their so useless.

    Thanks though, appreciate any info

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    You may have to do a bit of searching in your area to find a healthcare professional who will investigate your issues to your satisfaction.The old type family doctor is a very rare find nowadays.

    In my area I have many herbalists,two being qualified doctors,and others have a knowledge of anatomy that far surpases that of the average GP.None dole out drugs that lead to other symtoms,then requiring further drugs

    Ask yourself if you believe that your problems are a defficiency in a particular pharmaceutical....or due to stress/lifestyle/diet etc.

    First have checks to verify the last op was done correctly and that there are no isues relating to that.Get the surgeon`s name and check his track record.He may have a very good one,which would put your mind at rest to some degree.

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    Problem with herbs is that they are not an exact measured dose for medicinal purposes as plants vary in strength according to their maturity and time of the year picked. I took one for bronchitis and it pushed my BP up alarmingly others can have a blood thinning effect. Many medicines warn people not to take St Johns Wort for example with prescribed drugs.
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    Thank you, will definitely try what you've said.

    Going back to my doctor next week (a new one at the practice who might listen)

    I don't think it's related to any medicines, I'm not taking anything apart from the peppermint oil and occasional pain killers when needed.

    I think it's been brought on worse by stress because I've had another problem with migraines for the past year, and been having various tests to find the cause of that again to no diagnosis.

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    Hi guys i did a appendix surgery, is there anything i shouldnt do?
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    Hi becky I'm glad I've found this I had my appendix removed in March and I'm in pain but I feel like I have a lump like I've pulled something and I keep getting sharp pains in the area also  my right side of my stomach is swollen but I'm sick of moaning about pain it's ok as long as I'm sitting but when I stand up it feels like a pulling pain... have  you got anything similar?? Thanks x 
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      No sorry, my pain is different, it's more like pressure on the area, like someone is pushing on it. And it's whether I'm stood up or sat down. I can't feel a lump.

      I'd suggest going to your doctor though. Yours isn't that long after surgery and they are more likely to look into what's causing the pain. You could have a small infection or something. I doubt it's anything to worry about.

      Hope you find the problem soon, keep me informed with what comes about when you do smile

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      Hi thanks for the reply I think I maybe went back to work too soon as I'm a support worker for people with disabilitys which involves lifting so maybe I've pulled something thanks again I will go the docs and let you know..hope you get your pain sorted thanks again xxlol
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      Ooo possibly. How quickly did you go back? I was told to stay off work (work in a pub) and even uni for a month before goin back, and even then I was still taking it easy for a few more weeks and finding I was still in pain.

      i think it's likely you've pulled something, but yeah definitely go back just to have it checked. Just in case maybe you've pulled the stitches inside or anything.

      Thanks smile think I'm being referred to a specialist for my problem. Doctor still thinks I've got IBS, but because I've got 2 different types of pain (one like IBS, and then one similar to appendicitis) she's a hit confused aha xx


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      I went back to work after just before 3wks but no worky no money have you tried taking buscapan chick might help with the pain xx
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      Yeah I know what you mean rolleyes

      and yep tried that and 5 other tablets for IBS with no change so my GP is out of options x

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      No, she hasn't been running any tests. Just said she's out of options and referring me to a specialist now.

      Apparently GPs are more restricted on what they can do lately, another one told me they aren't allowed to send people for scans or something because it's got to be for through a specialist at the hospital. But god knows. Probably just an excuse aha x

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      Yeah defo a fob off wheeler abouts do you live?? I would be asking for a scan x
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      Continue to bug them lol ha ha I'm in blackpool on Monday coming to see Derren brown I love blackpool and me and the hubby love studying in Lytham xx
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      Aha well make sure you bring your coats, we haven't had nice weather this weekend! Hope you enjoy the show smile xx
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      No that is the situation in England.

      I have what I call the 15 second appointmentevery two years when the consultant refers me for the next scan on my aortic aneurysm.

      In Scotland I just used to remind my GP and he passed the request on to a community hospital.

      This time the appointment for the scan did not arrive so I phoned the consultans secretary yesterday. She said that she would speak to radiology.. This morning the appoint arrived in the post for 2pm on a Sunday. They must be playing catch up. 

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      I had an appendectomy 11 years ago.  20 months ago I started getting pain in the same area.  I had various investigations and a gynae op and nothing was found (jsut be glad you are not a female as they will think it is a female issue!).  I was then referred to a colorectal surgeon and had a CT that showed nothing then a MRI that showed lesions on the appendectomy stump that I now need removed with another op.  Keep going.  I started to think I was making it all up, but the pain has been excruciating at times.  I'm glad at last that it is getting sorted.
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      Oh god, I'm glad your finally getting it sorted! I hope everything goes well and your back to normal soon.

      Can I ask, did they ever say it was most likely something like IBS before the scan showed the problem? Or try you on any medication first? That's all I ever keep hearing, and doctors are showing reluctance to refer me for scans etc, no matter how much I ask. I've tried about 6 antispasmodic drugs with no affect.

      Wishing you the best

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      Hi, yes they did say may be IBS and was put on mebeverine then fybogel, but of course without success! All they did was give me constipation. I hope you get listened too soon. I can't believe I'm getting it sorted at last!
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      Hi Shel76, I know this post was a few months ago BUT what was the outcome. I am experiencing exactly what you explained here. I had my appendix out 10 days ago and am really struggling. If  you could send any advice I would really appreciate it.


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      Shel, I can totally relate. I am 18 years old and I play college soccer. Ever since I got the surgery, when ever I partake in any type of exercise that require my abdomen I always get that cramp. When I get up it feels like Im pulling it. My solution to it, is to always shake and stretch my waist in a circular motion. I always do stretches that involve my stomach before taking part in any type of exercise. It is very painful once that cramp arrives.
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      Hi :-)..I wanted to ask you what was your pain like? Because, I had appendix removal in 2001 and a month ago I was in ER, fainted couple of times, severe pain where my appendix was, they did an ultrasound which showed nothing, CT which showed small inflamation where my apendix was sad and after that only one examination..kolonoscopy, which showed nothing, villus attrophy and a low level of inflamation (unknown). I still have pain and even lost my period for few days and it never happen before :-(...

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      Hi Bojan.  

      Sorry to hear you are suffering pain long after your opp!

      My pain before removal of appendix and asending bowel in 2008 was minor compared to the pain I'm feeling now? It can be intence and stabbling which makes me double up and stops me in my tracks until it passes. Before my first opp I had a untrasound scan revealing nothing, Gladly they decided to operate anyway, which revealed peritonitis. 

      Untrasound scans do not show up problems like ulcers and adhesions.

      Truthfully speaking another opp to remove adhesions will probably only add to the problem.

      Best of good wishes. Pat


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      Thank you for your answer :-). Maybe you know something more about peritonitis..they didn't even mention that I could have that and I was in the hospital for almost 10 days..they were like "It is Chron's desease." but the kolonoscopy said it wasn't. Then they said it might be an inflamation of adhesions but they didn't do any other examination. I don't know what to do next, they just sent me home, I lost two babies already and I really think that is because of that pain in my stomach. I am now eating healthy, I don't eat sweets, coffee or any kind of bread and somedays the pain gets little better I think. So what I wanted to ask is do you maybe know whether it can be solved (peritonitis) with this kind of diet or should I go back and insist on further examination. :-( So sorry for bothering you.

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      Hi Bojan.

      Chin up you can do this.....

      To be honest with you, it sounds like they don't really know what is going on.

      I don't think you have peritonitis which is a perferated bowel. If you had it, it will leak into the abdomen. You would suffer sickness (vomiting) temperature it could be very dangerous if not treated straight away. I was in ICU for sometime..

      Adhesions can be a painful problem. Doctors think by operating to remove them can cause more pain and problems, so they try not to operate???

      There is an old saying "You are what you eat"  and you have to listen to your body!!!! You are very likely to be intolerant to one of more of some foods like gluton, wheat, dairy (Lactose) ! These can have an untold effect on your bowels. Have you tried giving up Gluton?( make a start there) There is a lot of gluton free food stuffs about to try (MS or Waitrose, but watch out for  lots of added fats and sugers in it) Gluton, Wheat is a problem for so many people and milk too. Try Almond Milk it is so much better. Stick to Chicken, fish or some meats  and veg and eat lots of healthy salads. Look for quality food and not processed food. Alternate your foods like something differant every day. Definatly keep away from sugar especially sugar free sweets that contains "sugar alcohol"   if eaten lots of it  can cause explosive diarrhoea, it can be very bad. (I know through experiance) sad....

      Most of all Drink Lots of Warm/Hot Water or Chamomile Tea, Lemon tea  or Green Tea but keep away from Caffiene and booze.

       Try Homemade Kefir, this is a Multi Billion Probiotic Make from Cows milk or Almond Milk. Start small then build  up to one full glass a day, (it's good stuff

      tastes like yeast. I love it...It's all about trial and error bojan..

      If you are not feeling any better in two weeks time... go back and demand

      a second opinion!

      Hope this helps

      Best wishes Pat


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      hi there,

      hav you found the answer concerning this problem because i have similar problem like yours!

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      Same thing with me. I went to doctor 3 times and no results.decided to go to emergency where they did a scan and found my appendix very inflamed. I had surgery.

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      Google "stump appendicitis".

      This might be u and it's serious

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      im glad i read your post as it described my symptoms

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