Has anyone had success with Mirtazapine?

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Hi all, have any of you had success managing Anxiety and Poor sleep with Mirtazapine 15mg ?

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    Hi Zen,

    If you want a great nights sleep without feeling as if you were recovering from jet lag, give GABA a try it is amino based product and you will just relax and the garbage truck will leave your mind. Also even after a few weeks you can stop without going through utter hell. What do they say on all anti depressant medications, "THIS MEDICATION IS NOT ADDICTIVE" If this is the case, why do I see thousands attempting to quit? GABA Powder is best and go for the pharmaceutical grade. When we die the priest says, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" We are all natural like rock, sand, soil, air, water and not some test tube created pill. Is it little wonder we are all getting sick, when the same chemicals are used in farming.


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      Not my words copied gamma-Aminobutyric acid


      gamma-Aminobutyric acid, or γ-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. Its principal role is reducing neuronal excitability throughout the nervous system. In humans, GABA is also directly responsible for the regulation of muscle tone. Wikipedia

      Molar mass: 103.12 g/mol

      Formula: C4H9NO2

      IUPAC ID: 4-aminobutanoic acid

      Melting point: 203.7 °C

      Boiling point: 247.9 °C

      Density: 1.11 g/cm³

      Look up GABA on the web you will lots of information. Honestly I have told many people about it and they are so pleased that I did.

      Bill I also use The words like natural ways to cure anxiety, depression and you will be surprised what you find. There is more to nutrition than medics actually understand.


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    Everyone has their own response to medication. As to mirtazapine, I started at 15mg and found it great for sleep but not much help for anxiety (GAD). Upped to 30mg and pretty much the same so added 10 mg escitalopram (Lexapro) and had a somewhat better experience. On this cocktail for a little over a year.

    I'm thinking of dropping the Lexapro and see what happens.

    There are many horror stories on here concerning Mirtazapine but I think there are many more success stories that you don't hear about.

    It's up to you.

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      i started on 15mg but didnt help at all. went on 30mg and helped my anxiety only slightly but still didnt sleep. im now on 45mg mirtazepine and it relaxes me and sends me off to sleep. I wake up refreshed in mornings but everyone is different i just thought id tell you my experience with themxx

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    yes it works pretty quick. on it 7 months and was a Life saver for me. Could not eat or sleep due to bereavement. It rectified all that. It calms u down and sleep well. may feel groggy first few weeks of talking it but this wears off. If 15 mg too much then try half a tablet, 7.5 mg. this is the dose used for insomnia as lower dose more sedating. Tapered off it slowly when i was feeling better. Been off four months. feel fine now.

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    I'll just put this here. Please think long and hard before you put this in your body, it could be a mistake that you'll regret for many many years. Ask yourself if you want to play russian roulette with your health and life.


    1. RECEPTORS - It alters an unprecedented number of histamine receptors (24), a few of those major receptors are located in our brain, heart and stomach.

    2. ADRENALS - It lowers cortisol (adrenals) which in turn can effect several important subsystems, which are (a - d):

    a. Blood Sugar - Causes blood sugar to fluctuate resulting in carb and sugar cravings resulting in weight gain.

    b. Stomach Acid Production - On a cellular level, lowers our normal stomach acid production significantly slowing our metabolism which results in weight gain.

    c. Heart - Effects our heart causing things like palpatations and other heart disturbances.

    d. Lungs - Effects our breathing causing shortness of breath (SOB).

    1. ANTIHISTAMINES - It saturates our organs and subsystems with it's two very strong antihistamines.

    • When we taper and/or withdraw, all the above subsystems struggle to normalize again (homeostasis). Many of them causing severe side effects both physical and psychological.

    • The three major components responsible for the acute w/d effects are the altering of our adrenals, the introduction of antihistamines and the altering of our receptors.

    • Although mirtazapine is classed as a Tetracyclic, it is not a true tetracyclic. They arbitrarily placed it in that class because it shares only a couple similar properties as other tetracyclics.

    • Mirtazapine is a rogue and unpredictable drug unlike any other. Because mirtazapine alters the adrenal glands function from day one taking it, it is thought that immediate effect is also responsible for its very quick dependency (addiction) upon the human body.

    • Its withdrawal and discontinuance profile is like none other, and for a large percentage of people it requires a slow careful taper to discontinue it safely, years.

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      what rubbish. yeah it can do what you say but not to that extreme. Everyone and i mean everyone reacts differently to this medication. You had a bad time with it. I had no problems. little bit shaky on withdrawal as are any meds taken long term. Let the individual decide . It has bad reviews, yeah like any other medication you type into Google. It also has thousands of positive reviews as well. It saved my life. i would not be here without it.

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      Why do the GPS prescribe these mostly mirtazapine 15mg then up it to 30mg then a few months later to 45mg, as I don't understand why you're knowledge says stay away from these and GP prescribed the above instead of Prozac and others then please.

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      Not rubbish at all. The truth.

      You "may" have been in the percentage of people in the lucky group who does not experience "acute lengthy" withdrawal or it's acute SEs in simply taking it. So I understand your defense of it in only knowing your single experience.

      I've been researching mirrtazapine for 4 years. Belong to several groups (thousands & thousands of people) and do research for a living.

      Taking mirtazapine is a roll of the dice. It is not by any stretch of the imagination your typical AD.

      ZEN deserves to know the full truth from both sides so he/she can make an informed decision. Unlike the thousands who were not given the truth by their providers.

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      15 mg is the therapeutic dose for most people. Other people need a higher or lower dose to help with there individual symptoms and circumstances. i was originally put on 30 mg and it sent me loopy. I was great on 15 mg. its finding what's right for you. If it works take it. if not try something else.

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      I agree. Its helped me hell of a lot but might not for some. my doc treat me through trial and error to get where i am today which is coping with a lot of personal and family stuff as well as going through a couple of serious medical problems myself. I was tried on a few different antidepressants over 3 years and finally mirtazepin 45mg work! im sleeping better and I wake up refreshed not drowsy and although i still have bad days with depression they are only now and again so work for me bigtimexx

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