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Hi guys, every get one of them days when you just feel like screaming, well today is my day, it started off a good day, had a good nights sleep, went to the docs got some answers to questions i wanted.

Tjen i came home to a empty house yet again, i feel as though im going through this all alone. I asked my doc abput my levels being high at 18.53 he said they are high but he has seen higher. Thats not much help for a newbie. Then he said he was send me for a scan, now thats got my brain ticking, why do i need a scan. All tjese things going round in my head. I feel so low at the moment. I just want a good day, i havent had a good day in 6 months

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    Hello Twinsmum:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse (RN) in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease since 1987

    I am not sure if you are refering to your TSH level at 18.53 or your T4 Thyroxine level. If it is your TSH level, yes it is high and above 0.45 to 4.50.  Above 4.50 you are Hypothyroid or Under active.  The low end means Hyper or over active.

    A scan maybe you mean,  the Ultrasound of the thyroid which I recommed you do.  I have done it and it pickd up 3 nodules under 1 inch on me.

    Doctors like to check the thyroid by doing this.  They can check for nodules or cysts this way and also see the size of the gland to see if it is enlarged.  Some people have nodules and do not know it.  It is a helpful diagnostic tool.

    Feeling depressed is natural and a lot of things coming at you. Please know many of us have been in your shoes an we can understand how you feel.  Stay strong, Thyroid disease is very treatable.

    Any questions just ask,



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      hi shellyThe test result he gave me are as follows

      Free t4 level. 7 pmo1/L. (9.0. - 22.0 )

      TSH. Level. 18.53mu/L. (0.3.35- 5.00 )

      it was my first blood test, i was sent for blood test due to having pitting oedema.

      he said its underactive thyriod, 

      as for the scan, he didnt examine me at all, he just asked if i had been scanned i said no, he said he would get one sorted for me,

      my throat does feel a bit funny, as if something is stuck in there i try to cough it up but nothing comes up, but my throat isnt swollen. 

      thank you for your advice.

      as i said, yesterday, i was just having a bad day, i work nights my hubby works days, the kids where at school, i see no one all day, and no one to talk to when im feeling down. so i had a rant, xx

      chris xxx


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      Hello Chris:

      TSH is high so you will need to be on thyroid replacement hormone and they like to use Levothyroxine.  This will bring down your high TSH and up your T4 thyroxine.

      It can take 6 to 12 weeks to build a proper level and then they will check your blood again.  The medication must be taken 1 hour before food as food can block Levothyroxine.

      I am sure your doctor will have an Ultrasound scan of the thyroid set up for you and that will be helpful to see if you have any nodules which can press on your throat and feel as if something is in it. It does not hurt to have the Ultrasound.

      Swelling in the body (edema) can come from being Hypo. 

      Please keep us posted on how you do,

      XO, Shelly

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      Hi shelly.

      Health wise, apart from the oedema and the headaches i was ok. Since starting on the levothyroxine my health seem worse. i get breathless more, i need to take rest bites, when i bend down and straighten up i get light headed. My arms and legs tingle more

      My skin on my hands looks really old looking.

      Im.lucky to have a work friend with the same illness a underactive thyroid. She has explained that this is my body getting used to the meds. She ssid it will get better. She has had it for 15 years.

      Going through the start of menopause doesnt help either, 6 months in

      Lol. Its all happening at once. And to top it all i will hit the big 50 in september.arggghhhh



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      Chris, I sympathize with you. I know how it feels to want to have the energy but you just dont and most people who dont suffer with this cant relate. Somedays i feel trapped by my body, wanting to do more active things and just not having the energy. I hope you feel better soon.
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      Hello  Chris:

      I am 55 and have had this disease since age 27.  Levo needs good Ferritin Levels and you need it above 70+.  Ferriin is a component of Iron.  It helps make it work.  A simple blood test can tell the level.

      Always take Levo on an empty stomach.  NO food for 1 hour.

      It can take 6 to 12 weeks for a level to build.   If you take vitamins space it 4 hours away from Levo.  We also need good B1 and B12 levels, so consider a good multi-vitamin with Iron, if you can take it. This helps with energy also.  Many of us are low and do not know it.

      Menopause complicates hormone replacement.  Other levels are decreasing albeit slowly.  After a period of time they will check your blood again and  the dose may be changed if needed.

      Keep us posted good  or bad how you do going on.  We care!

      XX  Shelly


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      Hi shelly.

      Im having my bloods done in 2 weeks time, as for iron, i dont do well with the tablets i have tried them in the passed but they alway give me bad side effects, swollen lips and face. Last time my iron levels where low i needed a ieon transfusion. There is a history of spriocytosis in the family. I have the gene, but not the illness yet.

      If i feel run down normally i eat liver for the iron, as i dont like green veg.

      One other quick question. I work nights. is it better to take levo at night or moen, because im more active at nigjt and it would give me that boost wouldnt it.



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      Hello Chris:

      You can take it at night.  I take my med then. I have some other meds that  must take in the day and can't be mixed with thyroid meds.  It takes about 1 hour to get into the blood stream.

      Liver is excellent for Iron.  You may want to look into a health food store and look for items high in iron.  Get all you can from diet.  It is so important.   Kale, kidney beans, spinach, whole wheat breads, all have iron in them and lean meats and liver has a lot of iron.  Every bit helps.

      Levo is T4 (thyroxine) and some people find that it makes them more awake, so if that is the time of day you need to take it, that is okay.

      I hope this helps, any questions just ask.




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