Head pressure, foggy head after flu - sinusitis infection??

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I really need somebody to put my mind at ease at this point. I am a 20 years old guy in Montreal and a couple of weeks ago I went through a really bad cold/flu. I couldn't go to work one day because of how bad I felt. The symptoms I had were mild fevers, extreme fatigue, congested nose of white mucus and the other usual symptoms of a cold. I noticed that cold was more aggressive than the usual colds I've had before. I also noticed my nose was extremely congested, I kept blowing my nose frequently and had lots of white mucus coming out of it. Once the cold began to go away I began experiencing a lot of pressure in my head (sinuses areas and kind of in the back of my head), confusion kind of feelings with dizziness, brain fog and still a congested nose but dry (white mucus always). Together with all of this I have been experiencing anxiety spells because of the frustration of not knowing exactly what to do about it.

It has been a little over a week since all of this started and I believe this could be a sinus infection. I just got a decongestant with saline solution and got some tree tea oil to inhale with boiling water once a day. I have been feeling better very slowly throughout the week but I am TERRIFIED this could be something not related with a sinus infection. I have been googlying my symptoms like crazy and found stories from people experiencing this stuff for years and that scares the sh* out of me. The brain fog has been very frustrating because it has been affecting my concentration and short term memory. That kind of comes and goes but it is very frustrating since I don't have any memories of experiencing this before.

As far as I know, I haven't had any allergies my whole life and I don't think that is the root of the problem because as I said earlier, I had a really bad cold before this. I know colds can cause sinus infections afterwards.

I don't have access to doctors for now because I am an international student about to graduate next month. I don't have a health card or insurance to cover me with medication or doctors. I am hoping the decongestant and the tea tree oil might cure me so I am waiting a week to see how I feel but the anxiety about this has been killing me because I don't really know whats going on. Please anyone that has experienced this before or has any idea of what is this help me out!

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    Hi George, I have had the same symptoms as you for a long time now, at first they caused me no end of anxiety and panic attacks, try useing a small amount of Menthol Crystals in some boiling water you can buy them from behind the counter in most chemists, inhale the through your nose for about 15 mins, this should remove the congestion, good luck, Jo.
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    Sometimes when you get flu your sinuses get infected. One can feel depressed after a bad virus like this and fatigue. Some extra vitamins could help, B12 helps with memory, but a multi vitamin could be helpful. There are some U Tube Sinus massages on there I tried doing. There are points on your face when pressed as described, can help clear, blockages. It can take some weeks, you are experiencing bad fatigue, it will get better. Be good to yourself, drink lots of water the mucous will be thinner and clear easier. 


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    Be patient the brain fog will improve. Some of us bounce back after a virus, less lucky are those like us who take a few weeks to recover. You have probably heard of ME this is sometimes what happens to some of us after a virus. I get this sometimes,  I thought it was something far more serious. Brain fog muscle weekness are symptoms. But the good news is you get over it. I use Echinasea this is comes from a plant and it can improve our Imune system, taken for a couple of weeks some people swear by this, I have used this in the past too.


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      I have had similar episodes. I'm not in Montreal but I know it gets cold there. If you are staying in Canada remember this is something you can get annually at the same time of year. As previous posts suggest, take Echenisea or stuff similar to that 'BEFORE " you get sick. I use a popular brand name product that works for me. I would also recommend always wearing a hat or headband to keep your ears covered, even in the spring and fall. When you are a student you want to look "cool" , (we all did ) but let it go . Dress warm. ! Hope this helps. 
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    George, on its own a sinusitis should go after three weeks. You have described a typical case of sinusitis. Tea tree is not going to cure you. Your body can do it by its own. You can help the sinus to ease with a netty pot, you need to use it constantly. If your symptoms do not ease after 3 weeks you really need to see a doctor who may try with antibiotics. You should consider allergies if the sinusitis keeps coming back. 
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      Thanks Dave. I guess the winter and many other factors made me get this sick. I normally don't get sick except from the usual colds but this time it was much more intense.
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    I hadn't mentioned before, but I have had the fatigue this week after a visit, to my daughters and grandchildren in Norfolk. They live around a hundred miles from where I live, and new they had all had colds and my eldest daughter, was feeling fatigued and had a little brain fog too since the cold. She now looks after her four children, ages from18 - 10. She was when working a certified accountant. She usually plays badminton and cycles, some days a 15 mile cycle. But like me she takes a while to overcome colds. So when you do get ill, put your feet up when you can, visit a local Health shop ask them for recommendations. Your vitamins, I try to make sure there is Iron in it (Ferris Sulphate I use. Obviously not continuous, with Iron) also B12 helps with the nerves and memory. I hope you do well in your studies.

    regards Maureen

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    As another reader said, this is a typical case of sinusitis. If you had access to a doctor, you should have taken an antibiotic asap.

    Right now, calm down, do not exercise, get plenty

    of sleep, drink plenty. Stay away from liquor.

    It dehydraes you. Start using netty pot,

    washing your nose with warm, boiled saline solution. Twice a day is enough. Boil water!

    The worst that could happen is sin. becomes chronic.

    So you have to see a qualified doctor at some point.

    Pay close attention to oral hygiene. Check if you

    have dental caries, especially in the upper jaw. They sometimes cause a sinusitis of frontal cavities.

    Rinse your mouth with salt water often.

    Also, buy good organic honey. Take few teaspoons

    a day, slowly dissolve in the mouth. Helped me.

    If you want more advise, message me directly.

    Good luck

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      Hay I liked your post I'm dealing with sinus infection atm I did have a virus I'm into my 6th week now.

      I still don't feel fully with it but I feel very close to it .

      I think it's the sinus infection that's causing this?? I went to the doctors yesterday she gave me the idea of neilmed sinus stuff I've just used today will use again later.

      I've also been on antibiotics first week of having it .

      I'm a week in or just over now with it.

      When will this end??

      It's so annoying and it's making the back of my head vibrate ? The doctor didn't seem alarmed by it just said it's where its all shaking around in the sinus . Kim x

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      Hey Kim. I hope you will get back to me. You had said "the back of your head vibrat". I am dealing with this right now. My ears are plugged still. Been like this for over 1 week. But this vibrant thing started and I am worried. Is there snything I can do to get rid of this? Please get back to me.

      Thank you. Jules

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      I have had this for a month..sinus, head congestion.I have done everything healthy all of the above. I too have the weird vibrating noise in my ears and head???

      My sinuese sound like a drum when I touch them. So sick of being exhausted

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