Headache won’t go away & respond to meds

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My headache started in Dec 11 but I assumed it was stress headaches because it was finals week plus I get them all the time! 

By December 22, finals were over my head still hurts but then again I assumed it was the stress from school, lack of sleep, too much caffeine & anxiety from school. 

By December 24 it was still hurting to I took 2 500mg Tylenol at the same time (I do it all the time when I’m hungover) but it didn’t work. 

Few more days has passed by my headache is still there not responding to Tylenol so I figured maybe I’ll try Advil 600mg in Dec 26. No change. 

December 29 I decided I go to the clinic and I said that my head’s been hurting for a week now, it doesn’t respond to over-the-counter meds, I get 7-8 hrs sleep every night, not extremely stressed out as finals are over, it hurts more when I lay down, & it hurts mostly on the left side. He suggested I have a migraine so he prescribed me with rizatriptan. I took 2 (hours apart) no change. 

The next day Dec 30 I went back to the clinic but different doctor I told him everything and he prescribed me with Dicloflenac Sodium. Again, it didn’t work. 

Now Jan 1, my head still hurts. 

I am booking appointments for eye, dental, and massage (maybe my neck is just sore) trying to rule everything out. 

Is anyone in the same situation as I am?? I’ve never had migraines before! Could it be bad?? How come the medicine are not working?? They just make me feel drowsy!! I am a 21 year old female, very physically active, no medical history of any kind. Please help! 

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    This headache hasn't went away at all? You go to bed with it and wake up with it?

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      I would have your GP do an MRI as well just to be sure there is no underlying cause and then maybe do medication that may help with the headaches. I have headaches on the side of my head as well but they have been easing up a bit. I had dizziness and ear problem for weeks but mine started getting better when I went to the chiropractor. I stopped going because I started having g other issues but I would definitely try it out after you get it checked by your GP.
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    Hi Cristina,

    Well, it certainly sounds like a migraine or as its just on the right hand side it could be whats known as a cluster headache.  Do you get severe eye pain on that side and slight tearing due to muscles being squeezed?

    I would suggest that you try Sumatriptan, its still a Triptan but in my experience, its works better.

    You need a preventative meds as well and there are many to choose from.  Massage is good and very soothing.

    Good luck Cristina and take care

    Always here for support.

    Best wishes

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    I am newly diagnosed with migraines. I take 200 mg B2 and 400 mg magnesium every day as well as 20mg amitriptylinefor preventative. I take 50 mg sumatriptan when I get a bad migraine and it always seems to work
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      Well I personally got diagnosed with them by my paediatrician consultant because they went away (mostly) when I tried Propranolol. I guess it is also a case of ruling out anything sinister and checking if there is a family history of them. Hope this helps smile
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    Yes, these do sound like migraine, but best to get checked just to rule out other causes. Like you, I went to dentists, Optometrists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors, ENT and 3 Neurologists looking for answers. I had MRI, MRA, CT of sinuses and brain, plus a lot of testing of my eyes as I also have that cloudy vision you speak of. All the tests found nothing and I am otherwise healthy. I haven’t had migraines before either, though both my sisters get them so it is very hereditary. I have had my symptoms for 9 months now and many have them for years. I always have left eye pain, cloudy vision, lightheadedness and heavy head to varied extents all the time. Because I always thought migraines came and went and were more episodic I found my diagnosis hard to believe, but reading many people’s stories I have since found out that they can become chronic which is what mine is. I am reading a great book called Heal your Headaches by David Buchholz, which I had to order from the US, I am in Australia. I am on 45mg Nortriptyline, magnesium, B2, BioQ10, feverfew, lipoic acid and a multi vitamin. This combination seems to be helping, so fingers crossed. I also work at a computer all day, which does not help. Best of luck with your diagnosis. There are lots of people, particularly women, who have similar medical symptoms to you. 

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    Hi cristina85175! Im 18 years old and about 4 months ago i started getting the same symptomsand gradually my headaches kept getting worse and worse and now i have them almost daily like 6 out of 7 days

    Paracetamol, ibuprofen and codeine dont work atall

    My memory is absolute s**t recently i went to my local bus station amd parked my car in the same spot i always park but a few hours later when i returned i couldnt for the life of me find my car! I spent 10 minutes looking and a phone call crying to my bf and he is the only who told me where my car was

    I get the same pain in the left side of the head (very rarely does it move to the right) i always seem to feel dizzy, im extra clumsy, and it's just absolute s**t!

    I have been for an mri and blood tests and my results came back all fine

    Let me know if you find anything that comes back or any meds that help you

    It seems like whatever it is we have very similar issues nd i dying to find out how to fix it

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